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Hi, I'm Ricky, it's Monday morning and this is Newsround, coming up...


We find out if there was any foul play in this chicken race.


The first 2017 contestant has been announced and it's...


The first person we can announce dancing on Strictly Come Dancing,


codenamed Cleo, real name Mollie King!


Yes, it's Mollie King from The Saturdays.


She's been announced on Nick Grimshaws morning show


The other contestants will be announced over the next few weeks.


The Netherlands are European champions after winning


Hosts the Netherlands won the competition with a thrilling 4-2


The tournament is being called the most successful


Let's get you a round-up of the action at the World Athletics


Let's start with the boos - American sprinter Justin Gatlin,


who shocked a lot of people when he beat Usain Bolt in the 100m


men's final, was booed again after picking up gold.


Gatlin's been in trouble before for taking banned drugs.


Better news for Jessica Ennis Hill - the retired athlete didn't have


to work up a sweat to pick up this gold.


She got the top prize after Russian drug cheat Tatyana Chernova


was stripped of her 2011 World Athletics Champion


So an upgrade from silver to gold for Jess.


Do you think men should always be the ones to put out the bins


Well, the people who make adverts have been told to be more careful


about how they show the roles of boys and girls.


Grown-up like mummy, and strong like daddy.


That's nothing compared to Captain Awesome's day.


I don't really watch this type of thing.


Well, if you watch closely, there's an issue that some people


That's with the way they seem to show how girls should be


This is known as gender stereotyping.


Ads that paint a picture that it's, for example, the woman's role


to tidy up after her family, who've trashed the house.


Similarly, ads that mock men for being hopeless at performing


straightforward parental or household tasks, just


Now that the kids know what to look for, has it changed


The way they are putting it is just, like, girls are weak and pretty


but boys are strong, and that's not always


I actually know quite a few boys who quite like dolls,


but I know about ten girls who hates dolls.


I think you should get a boy and a few girls


The Munch Bunch is all right because it has girls in and boys in.


If I was in charge of the adverts, I would try to make it more modern


Just try and close the sexist gap and try and get an equal number


Next, it's time to tell you about our latest Newsround special.


This one tells the story of 10-year-old Sumayyah,


11-year-old Shubhashukla and 9-year-old Kamolpriya.


They're all are on a mission of a lifetime to find out


what happened to their families during Indian partition


They travel from the UK to India and Bangladesh to re-create


the journey that their families made so many years ago.


I want you to go to India and find out what you can


I have some letters, you go to Bangladesh


Once we find it we will tell you all about it.


We're wondering if you could help us find an old house?


This was one of the posh houses in this area.


I've found a piece of the puzzle of my family's history and I'm


willing to find out the rest of this puzzle.


It's unlike anything I've ever seen in my life!


We believe that this is your ancestral home.


The thing that I'll probably remember about this whole trip


It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing!


I just think she must have been such a strong woman


And I'm really proud that I could uncover my


Finally, check out the annual World Hen Racing Championships.


Every year about 30 to 40 of the fastest hens battle it out


in the Peak District in the North of England.


My favourite TV show is The Dumping Ground,


because all of them are always up to mischief.