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Find out why these bears are taking over a village in Romania.


First up, we're weeks away from the start


of Strictly Come Dancing 2017, and the first of 15 celebrities


battling it out for the glitter ball trophy has been announced.


It's Mollie King, from pop group, The Saturdays!


The singer said she's "so excited" to take part,


and that she's going to give it "her all".


We asked last year's winner, Ore Oduba, what his advice


for all of the Strictly contestants would be.


Head online to see what he has to say.


Moving on, do you think men should always put out the bins,


while women should always do the dishes?


Well, the people who make adverts have been told to be more careful


about how they show the roles of boys and girls.


VOICEOVER: Grown-up like Mummy and strong like Daddy.


That's nothing compared to Captain Awesome today.


Well, if you watch closely, there's an issue that some people


That's with the way they seem to show how girls should be


This is known as gender stereotyping.


Ads that paint a picture that, for example, it's the woman's role


to tidy up after her family who've trashed the house,


Similarly, ads that mock men for being hopeless at performing


straightforward parental or household tasks


Now that the kids know what to look for,


has it changed what they think of the ads?


The way they're putting it, it's just like girls


are weak and pretty, but boys are strong.


And that's not always the way it works.


I actually know quite a few boys who quite like dolls.


But I know about ten girls who hate dolls.


I hate dolls. I've never, ever played with dolls.


Exactly, so I think we should get a boy and...a few


girls and about two boys on it as well.


The Munch Bunch is all right, because it has boys in and girls in.


If I was in charge of the adverts, I would try to make it more modern


Just try and close the sexist gap and try and get an equal number


Moving on to animal news now, and the fight against illegal


The British Army are helping park rangers in Gabon, in Africa,


to protect elephants there from poachers,


who are hunting them for their ivory tusks.


These forest elephants are under threat, all because of their tusks.


They live in Gabon, a country on the coast of Africa.


Most of Gabon is covered in rainforest, stretching


for thousands of miles, and most of Africa's forest


But poachers want their tusks, which are made of ivory,


so that they can sell them for lots of money.


It's thought 30,000 elephants have been poached in the last ten


years, more than half of the elephants in Gabon.


Even though there's a worldwide ban on the sale of ivory,


there's still an illegal trade and poachers can make a lot


But the British Army hopes it can help to tackle the problem.


Gabon has got a really high density of forest elephants.


That's why it has a poaching problem.


Out here, training the Gabonese National Parks Agency to combat that


means that the British Army can make a difference in that fight


They're training park rangers in how to find poachers hiding


in the forest and help get the evidence they need to get


Poaching is a huge problem here, but it's hoped that the training


the British Army are giving can make a big difference.


Now to the bears causing a bit of a shock to people


The animals, who usually stay higher up in the mountains,


One brown bear entered someone's home, and even ate


The bears are looking for something to eat


because of a shortage of grub in their natural habitat.


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