07/09/2017 Newsround

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First up, rescue teams are flying into the parts of the Caribbean


to help people who have been seriously affected by storm Irma -


especially on the islands of San Martine and Barbuda.


These French firemen are flying in later today.


Irma is the strongest Hurricane ever to hit land and the wind and rain


Lots of people have lost their homes and will need shelter and food.


In nearby Florida people are evacuating, in case


This week has been a time of celebration for people


The Queensferry Crossing has finally opened and some school kids have had


The Queensferry Crossing cost ?1.35 million to build. 1.7 miles long.


Connecting Edinburgh with Fife, and will carry 24 million vehicles a


year. Pretty important bridge. To open this week with a very important


guest. The Queen. Celebrations happening all week. 10,000 kids from


schools nearby have been invited to be some of the first people to walk


across the bridge. I went with them. I am excited about going over the


bridge. Looking out your window and seeing the bridge there, thinking I


remember what this was like when this bridge was not there. Pretty


amazing. My Nan and Papa live on the top of the hill, they have a window.


They can watch it being built. They have watched every step of it. Off


we go. Just a short drive to the bridge. We are going on the big


bridge. Excited?. Seems like it will be so boring. But then it is so


exciting. About halfway across the brand-new Queensferry Bridge. As you


can see, nice Scottish weather. That does not matter these guys are quite


excited. We met the Queen yesterday. It was awesome. What was it like


being on the bridge? It was cool, I liked it. Nice to have the


experience of the bridge opening now, I'm young, can remember this


forever and ever. They were excited. Prince George has been


having his first day at school. Here's the Royal four


year old arriving at the Thomas's Battersey School


in South London. He was dropped off by his


Dad, Prince William. But his Mum missed it


as she's not very well! Wonder if they made him take


the dreaded first-day-at-school It's not just kids in the UK back


at school, children around the world Here's one school in Pakistan


that's a little different. Kids in Karachi, Pakistan. Getting


on with their lessons. This is not a regular kind of school. It has been


made right over a flyover, next to some busy roads. It might seem basic


and noisy to working. Without it, these kids would not have anywhere


else to go to school. That is because while most kids in the UK


have lessons, these children used to have to work to earn money, to help


their families make ends meet. TRANSLATION: I used to have this


week, mock and asked other people's houses. My dad died, my mum said I


needed to work. TRANSLATION: At first my mum would not let me come.


I said I wanted to study. She said, no, I need to work. Since I learned


to read and write my mum is very happy. As well as a free education,


pupils get free lunch and school uniform. They get paid to attend. To


make up for the money they would have earned if they were working


instead. It is hoped schools like this will allow the poorest children


in Pakistan to get an education, hopefully getting better jobs when


they give up. Just time to show you a few


of the craziest Guinness world Meet Cygnus, he's the record


holder for the cat with the longest tail -


Purrrfect! Here's Benny Harlem,


the man with the tallest hair - it takes two hours to brush it,


make sure it's looking good Benny! And this is Alistair Moffat breaking


the record for driving a car though That's all from me,


Newsround's back at 7.20. Woody? What? All the kids are


going back to school soon. Good.