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Hello, I'm Ayshah with Friday morning's stories.


Storm Irma, one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded,


is carrying on its path across the Caribbean,


Overnight, the British Islands of Turks and Caicos have suffered


from the wind and rain the storm has brought.


The UK has promised ?32 million in help and, along with France


and the Netherlands, are sending rescue teams


and emergency supplies to help the one million people experts think


Now, most of you are back in school, and while that can be


really exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking.


Most of you will be looking forward to the year,


but some of you will be worrying about other things, like bullying.


We met up with one boy who's experienced both sides of school


Hi, my name's Alexander, I'm 11 years old and I enjoy acting,


playing my music, playing tennis and rugby.


I'm really looking forward to going back to school, and I cannot wait.


Unfortunately a few years ago I was bullied,


and I was called very rude names, and rumours were being


And this made me feel really sad, and it made me feel worried


about what was going to happen the next day.


Then I was so fed up with what was happening,


I decided to enter a competition where I would write


a letter to the bully, telling them how I felt.


After I wrote the letter, I felt like I'd got something off my chest,


because I hadn't spoken completely outright about how


Now I feel that I've come out a much more confident person,


and I think the issues I've had have helped to shape my independence.


And now that I'm an anti-bullying ambassador, I can help people,


and if someone comes up to me and says they feel someone's


being mean to them, I'd know how they feel.


Remember to tell someone you trust about what's going on.


It really helps that someone else knows.


Remember that it's not your fault that someone's being mean to you.


This year I'm looking forward to our school play


and our school competitions, because they are really crazy


And if bullying is something you are worried about,


remember to talk to an adult, and there's loads of help and advice


It's not just kids in the UK back at school -


children around the world are cracking on with their lessons.


Here's one school in Pakistan that's a little different...


Meet kids in Karachi in Pakistan getting on with their lessons.


But this isn't a regular kind of school in the city.


It's been made right under a flyover and next to some busy roads.


It might seem basic and noisy to work in, but without it these


kids wouldn't have anywhere else to go to school.


That's because, while most kids in the UK are in lessons,


these children used to have to work and earn money to help


TRANSLATION: I used to have to sweep, to mop and dust


My dad died, so my mum said I needed to work.


TRANSLATION: At first, my mum wouldn't let me come.


I said I wanted to study, but she said no, I need to work.


But since I've learned to read and write, my mum is really happy.


As well as a free education, pupils get a free lunch


and free school uniform, and they get paid to attend to make


up for the money they would have earned if they were working instead.


It's hoped schools like this will allow the poorest of children


in Pakistan to get an education, and hopefully get better


That's all from me, I'm back in about half-an-hour.


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