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Loads of you have been getting in touch today


We've been asking if primary schools should be doing any at all.


One half times by one quarter equals one eighth.


Homework - it's given out in most of the primary


schools in the UK but, for more than 100 years,


experts have been trying to decide whether or not it's a good thing


Some people think homework puts too much pressure on kids.


They say research suggests homework in primary school isn't


And, because of this, some teachers and heads want it


But others say homework is an important part of you learning


how to work on your own and gives you the chance to practise what


you've learnt in the classroom - like times tables, reading,


At this school, the students are given written and number


Homework is a good thing because it might help children


who are struggling or just need a bit more information to help them,


and I think all children should be doing it.


I don't like homework because I feel, after


I think it's beneficial because you are re-capping


and you are revising what you've just done.


Sometimes, I get really stressed when I don't have it all done.


The government says head teachers can make their own decision


about whether or not to set homework.


So why does this school, like many others, think it's important?


Basically, we give them homework because we want them to reaffirm


what they've learnt that week and enjoy what they are learning.


And we also want them to be ready for when they go


They will be getting homework on a regular basis


I would like homework to be a bit more varied and I'd like there to be


If homework was taken away, I'd feel glad but also sad


because homework helps me know what I'm doing and makes


But I would be happy as well because I would have more time to spend with


my family. Over at Newsround online


today, you've been busy Amelie, who's eight,


thinks homework is good as it helps you to remember what you've


learnt in class. But nine-year-old Edward says,


sometimes, when you're doing your homework,


you can get very stressed. But Callum loves homework,


saying he likes learning and, if you use a laptop or read,


then you are practising Thanks for getting in touch with us,


and there's still time There'll be more on this


on tomorrow's Newsround, when we'll hear from the school that


scrapped maths and English homework I fit my entire body into a piece of


a fourth paper. I designed my own board game. I made a cake from


scratch. Next, the Prime Minister,


Theresa May, says she wants more help in schools for children


who are having mental She says she'll give extra training


to teachers as well as look at new services for young people


who might need help. This starts with ensuring that


children and teenagers get the help and support they need and deserve.


In 2014, one in ten young people said they had experienced cyber


bullying. So first, we will introduce a package of measures to


inform the way we respond to mental illness from young people.


There's loads of help and advice about mental health issues


at Newsround online, where you can find our guides to


To sport and Fifa, the group in charge of international football,


will vote tonight on making the World Cup bigger than ever


It COULD mean a much greater chance of Wales, Scotland,


Northern Ireland and England all playing at the


Some of Hollywood's biggest names got together for the first film


ceremony of the year, the Golden Globes,


which gives awards out to the year's best movies.


In the animated category, it was Zootopia, who came out on top.


We are in a really big hurry. I am on a break.


They beat the other big Disney movie, Moana.