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Morning, guys - Martin here with your Monday Newsround.


Red pandas check out snow for the first time.


You're back at school, which means lessons, assembly,


hanging out with your friends at break-time, and,


But some people don't think students in primary school


Jenny has been looking into the homework debate.


Homework, it's given out in most of the primary schools in the UK,


but for more than 100 years experts have been trying to decide


whether or not it's a good thing for you to do.


Some people think homework puts too much pressure on kids.


They say research suggests homework in primary school isn't


helpful for students, and because of this some heads


and teachers want homework to be banned completely.


But others say homework is an important part of you learning


how to work on your own, and gives you the chance


to practice what you've learnt in the classroom,


like reading, writing, spelling and times tables.


At this school, the students are given written and number


Homework is a good thing because it might help children


who are struggling or just need a bit more information to help them,


and I think all children should be doing it.


I don't like homework because I feel after school I should relax.


I think it's beneficial because you're recapping


Sometimes I get really stressed when I don't have it all done.


It's really, like, it puts you under pressure.


The Government says headteachers can make their own decision


about whether or not to set homework, so why does this


school, like many others, think it's important?


Basically we give them homework because we want them to reaffirm


what they've learned that week and enjoy what they're learning,


and we also want them to be ready for when they go to secondary


school, that they will be getting homework on a regular basis


I would like homework to be a bit more varied,


and I'd like there to be history projects and science things,


If homework was taken away, I'd feel glad but also sad


because the homework helps me know what I'm doing and makes me more


confident, but I'd be happy as well because I've got more time to spend


Now there's loads more about the great homework debate over


Check out our guide to the arguments for and against it.


Should you get more, less or none at all?


OK, time for a quick round-up of some of the big


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is being criticised after he picked


the youngest Liverpool side ever for their 0-0 draw with


The Reds couldn't get a goal, even when Sturridge,


Firmino and Lallana came on, and will now face a replay.


No such problems for Chelsea, who beat League One Petersborough 4-1.


Willian and youngster Michy Batshuayi bagged the others,


but John Terry got sent off on his first start since October.


The draw for the next round of the Cup is made tonight at 7pm.


And away from the footy, Johanna Konta is nicely building up


for the Australian Open next week with a win at the warm-up


Sydney International tournament - she's now through to the second


Now, it's pretty chilly outside, and icy too, and it's pretty easy


But, fear not, we might have found a solution to help you move around


without slipping over, and it comes from a familiar


It is freezing outside, but it's OK, I've got my gloves,


I've got my coat, I am ready to go, so...


Oh, there has got to be a better way.


Doctors in Germany are advising people to try walking like penguins


Some penguins live in cold places like Antarctica,


and are well known for their unusual walk, which helps them


By taking small steps or shuffling, and leaning forward to change


their centre of gravity, penguins reduce their


So, Jenny, try channelling your inner penguin.


Point your feet outwards, raise your arms for balance,


Well, she might not be slipping over, but she does


You never know, though, it might just catch on.


Pretty sure Jenny walks like that all the time!


Now, if you think it's chilly here in the UK,


just look at what it's like for the rest of Europe,


The cold weather has caused big problems for roads and trains -


And snow has even been recorded as far south as holiday resorts


And sticking with the snow - check out these cute red panda cubs


seeing snow for the first time at their Cincinnati Zoo in America.


Harriet and Hazel can be seen here playing around,


They obviously don't get bothered by the cold!


That's all from me, Newsround's back at 4.20pm.


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