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Good morning, everyone, it's Ricky here with your Thursday Newsround.


First - there's been an important step towards the UK leaving


the club of countries called the European Union.


Late last night there was big vote in parliament.


Most British MP's gave their final backing to a new law that allows


the prime minister to start working on quitting the European Union.


The plan now needs to be given the go-ahead by a group called


the House of Lords before it's officially law.


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and you can watch my video about what all the different words -


There's exactly one year to go until the Winter Olympics officially


kick off in the Asian country of South Korea.


Thousands of sports stars from around the world will be


We'll be hearing from one of Team GB's brightest hopefuls in a moment,


but first here's Ayshah with what you need to know!


The Winter Olympics will happen in Pyeong Chang in south korea


Like the summer Olympics they take place every four


In 2018 athletes will compete in seven sports...


102 gold medals are up for grabs and as many as 100


countries are expected to take part including Team GB and let's not


forget the mascots, Soohorang, the white tiger


Well, it's not just excitement - there's a lot of hard work involved


One of them is 19-year-old snowboarder, Katie Ormerod,


who sent us this video diary from her training camp in Austria.


Hi, my name is Katie Ormerod and I'm a freestyle snowboarder for bigger


and slopestyle and I'm going to


take you through a day in the life of how


I live and what I do as a


We also have down days so I'll show you


about going to the gym and I hope you enjoy it.


This is Katie Summerhayes and Madi Rowlands.


I got involved with freestyle snowboarding


when I was about five years old, I love the fact that you can travel


It's been my dream to get the Olympic gold.


If I ride hard it hurts a little bit so I'm just


keeping it strong and healthy by having physio every now and


My training is going really well and I've already got really


good results this season so I'm really excited and I hope you


Away from the snow, Leicester City are through to the FA Cup fifth


round, after beating Derby County in a replay.


But it went down to two goals in extra time.


The final score was 3-1 to the Foxes thanks


Something I'm not sure I'd like to face is a herd of bison!


Millions of them once roamed North America but they were nearly


Now 16 of have moved into Canada's oldest national park -


but moving day for animals this big isn't easy, as Ayshah's


It's moving day for these bison. They live in Alberta Canada and are


heading to Banff National Park, the oldest national park in the country.


Bison having roamed here for more than 100 years, that's all about to


change. All aboard! These shipping containers have been especially made


for moving bison. Settle down for a long ride. A 250 mile journey


overnight by truck then it's time to take to the skies with a ride and on


to the National park they go. Time to run around and check out the new


pad. They've got until next summer to settle and then if all goes well


will get even more space in the park to make their own. Happy


house-warming! That's all from me,


Newsround's back in half an hour when I'll be joined in the studio


by two Team GB Winter Olympic stars. The show that puts you in


the driving seat to transform your boring and broken family car


into the ride of your dreams.