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The highs and lows of being a Winter Olympic star.


And uncovering the mystery of the UK's first robot.


There's exactly one year to go until the Winter Olympics officially


kick off in the Asian country of South Korea.


Thousands of athletes from around the world will be


We're meeting two Team GB stars in a moment,


but first here's Ayshah with what you need to know!


The Winter Olympics will happen in Pyeong Chang in South Korea.


Like the summer Olympics they take place every four


In 2018 athletes will compete in seven sports...


102 gold medals are up for grabs and as many as 100


countries are expected to take part including Team GB and let's not


forget the mascots, Soohorang, the white tiger


Well, joining me now are snowboarder Jenny Jones - who won bronze


at the last Winter Olympics - and skier Rowan Cheshire.


But before we have a chat, let's take a look at you both in action.


Breathtaking stuff! It Jenny, do were the first Briton to win a medal


on the snow in the Winter Olympics. What was that like? It was amazing,


slopes to, it was the first time I'd been in the Olympics for


snowboarding so to go there and represent my country at something


was amazing. As we saw, it's incredible, I don't know how you do


it but it can be quite dangerous. You've both sustained injuries, four


years ago, you were supposed to be at the Olympics in Russia but you


had an injury. I did one of my side flips and I misjudged the landing,


it happens, took a pretty big blow to the head which knocked me out and


cause some facial damage, I was unable to compete. How long did it


take to recover? Quite a while, I sustained another two concussions


after that so it's taken me three years to get over that. But now I am


100%. Jenny I know he retired last year but you are looking after some


of the younger guys on the team, what are our hopes for 2018? We've


got some great athletes coming through, we have the snowboarders


coming through, Katie and Billy, we had a World Cup first recently and


the new event... It's literally one John, it's huge, they get three hits


of the jump and its the best two tricks that you can do. I like the


sound of that. We don't have much snow in this country, are we always


had a disadvantage? I think not, sometimes, anyway, yes, when we go


away to training I feel like we take advantage because we know we have


limited time but if people live there they kind of don't make the


most of it. And we have the dry slopes, the snow domes. Great stuff,


thank you both for coming in. Away from the snow, Leicester City


are through to the FA Cup fifth round, after beating Derby County


in a replay. But it went down to two


goals in extra time. The final score was 3-1


to the Foxes thanks The manager Claudio Ranieri says the


next focus is the next match. We want to do best for Wii play, we


want to go forward in the FA Cup, the Premier League is not so good


but we have to stay in the Premier League and the focus is on Sunday.


Now this guy isn't the latest Premier League signing.


He's a robot called Eric and he's pretty special as robots go,


He's a copy of the UK's first ever robot.


The original Eric was built in 1928 and worked using gears and


However after touring the world Eric went missing, and was


That is until the Science Museum launched a project to


build a copy of him to share his story with the world.


Now Eric is packing a brand-new aluminium body


containing wires and motors and has gone on display as part of a big


Rust in peace Eric number one, there's a


Well there may be two of Eric but there's only one Drake -


the Canadian rapper and singer has been named the biggest


His song, One Dance, was top of the UK singles chart


The next three best selling acts were all British -


That's all from me, Newsround's back on CBBC


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