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It's coming up to 4:20 this Thursday afternoon.


Loads to tell you about today including, on the slopes,


a day in the life of a top British snowboarder and, up the cliff,


how a staircase is helping one village in China.


There's been an investigation into the safety issues that forced


17 schools in Edinburgh to close temporarily last year.


It started after a wall at this primary school


Now a report's been released, it says there should have been


The city council says it's learned lessons from what happened,


which affected more than 7,000 students.


Also today, the torch for next year's Winter Olympics has been


unveiled, as it's exactly 365 days until the Games kick


Thousands of sports stars from around the world will be


Like the Summer Olympics, the winter Olympics take place every four


years. In 2018, athletes will compete in seven sports. Triathlon,


Bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, louche, skipping and skiing. 102


gold medals are up for grabs and as many as 100 countries are expected


to take part, including Team GB. Let's not forget the mascots. The


White Tiger and if there. Excited yet? See you there.


Well, it's not just excitement, there's a lot of hard work involved


One of them is 19-year-old snowboarder, Katie Ormerod,


who sent us this video diary from her training camp in Austria.


My knee is Kiki Ormerod and I am a freestyle snowboarder. I am going to


take you through a day in the life of how I live and what I do as a


professional snowboarder. We have found days, so I will show you going


to the gym. I hope you enjoy it. Hello. This is Kitty. Still in bed.


I got involved with freestyle snowboarding when I was about five


years old. I love the fact you can travel the world with your best


friends. It has been a dream to get the Olympic gold. It is a bit windy.


Where are the afternoon? The gym. If I tried hard, it hurts a little bit,


so I am keeping it strong and healthy by having physio now and


again. My training has been going really well and I have gotten really


good results this season, so I am excited and hope you enjoyed my day


in the life. Well, this next story


could be an extreme sport, imagine if you had to climb 800


metres to get to your home That's what these kids have to do,


but a new giant staircase Seems like a peaceful


place to live, right? It's in the Sichuan province


of China, but it's had a bit How do you get to


the cliff top village? people used to have to climb 800


metres up the cliffs with only these But things are on the way


up, quite literally. Brand new steel staircases have been


built all the way to the village. Villagers say it's a big help,


much safer and they hope tourists No thanks - I'd rather go


visit these orangutans! Scientists who have been studying


how apes communicate with each other, believe it's help them


understand how human That's the sound


of orangutans talking. But researchers believe the apes


combine these clicks, squeaks and kiss noises to basically


'talk', and that this could be the same as how


human language started. That's all from me and the team


today, I'll be back Don't forget to check out


the website for all the rest