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Hi, I'm Ayshah, it's finally Friday and here's what's


We've got some good news for dolphins...


And the staircase making lives easier in China.


First up, hospitals are really busy at the moment, and lots of people


So what does it mean for children who have to go to hospital?


It's the middle of winter, which means it's a very


busy time of the year for the National Health Service,


People are worried it's now getting too busy


and overcrowded in hospitals, and this means they're having


to wait a really long time to be seen by a doctor.


I've come to Sheffield Children's Hospital to meet a doctor who works


in the emergency department to find out what's going on.


Is it true, are hospitals getting busier, and especially


Yes, they are getting busier, and year on year we see


bigger numbers coming, but there is also an increase


in the winter, which is part of the winter pressures,


but we are prepared for those, we know they're coming.


If you're seriously injured, will you still get seen?


Of course, we have a system called triage, which basically means


sorting, so when you come through the door you're put


into a category depending on how severe the nurse or doctor


If you were to come to our department tomorrow


and you were seriously ill or injured, you'd be


If you came with a less urgent problem you might wait a while,


OK, yes, hospitals are definitely getting busier, but that doesn't


So what's it actually like having to come into hospital?


Jake had to come into hospital when he thought


And Lily came in after getting bitten by a dog.


What's it like coming to the hospital?


Well, when I came there weren't too many people there,


there were a few seats taken but generally it was quite quick.


Within ten minutes I was into the x-ray room


It was quite a different experience for you, though, Lily.


I got bitten by a dog out of a car window.


It took quite a long time to get here, then it was quite busy.


There were a lot of people there because it was on the weekend


and it took quite a long time to get seen, but I eventually did get seen.


Well, the Government have been criticised by doctors,


who argue that part of the problem is that patients who are well enough


to leave hospital can't because they're not being given


The Government say they know that hospitals are very


busy at the moment but, despite this, the hospitals


It's the second round of Six Nations matches this weekend -


Ireland take on Italy, while the Scots have a tricky


game away game in Paris against the French.


But the big game of the weekend will be England vs Wales.


The game is being played at the Millennium Stadium


and the Welsh team had asked for the roof to be closed,


but England coach Eddie Jones has asked for it to be kept open.


The decision went England's way as they


Next, imagine if you had to climb 800 metres to get to your home


That's what these kids have to do, but a giant staircase


Seems like a peaceful place to live, right?


It's in the Sichuan province of China, but it's got a bit


of an awkward problem - how do you get to


People used to have to climb 800 metres up the cliff,


with only these rickety ladders to help them.


But things are on the way up, quite literally.


Steel staircases have been built all the way to the village.


Villagers say it's a big help, much safer, and they hope tourists


will come and pay them a visit, too.


Some very good news for dolphins now.


Big numbers of them have been spotted off


Conservationists have been been tracking the animals as part


of a survey to learn more about them.


The Hebrides are home to nearly 70% of Europe's dolphin,


An Austrian man has broken his own downhill speed record...


He's called Markus Stokl, and he managed to reach a speed


of just over 104 miles an hour - that's faster than a car is allowed


That's all from me, Newsround's back right here in about half-an-hour.


How many Blue Peter presenters does it take to change a light bulb?