10/07/2017 Newsround

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Good morning, Jenny here with all the news you need


First, it was a bit of a bumpy weekend at the Tour de France.


Britain's Chris Froome still leads the pack,


cycling but will have to race the rest of the tour


without team-mate Geraint Thomas, who broke his collarbone,


after a collision with another rider, on stage 9 yesterday.


And it's a big day for the Brits at Wimbledon -


with Andy Murray and Johanna Konta both in action to try and win


If they win it will be the first time a British man and woman have


Konta plays France's Caroline Garcia at one this afternoon.


Andy Murray is up against Frenchman Benoit Paire


Record goalscorer, Wayne Rooney is leaving Manchester United,


after 13 years to return to Everton where he played as a teenager.


And he's just admitted that even though he's been wearing


the United's red shirt in the day, he's been wearing Everton


Six time Paralympic gold medallist, David Weir, has ended his career


on the athletics track with victory, at the London Anniversary Games


David says he's going to concentrate on road racing,


and his next challenge - finding the athletic


Small asteroids hit Earth almost every day,


and are completely harmless, breaking up in the atmosphere,


but US space agency, NASA have been thinking


about what they'd do if a bigger one came along.


, and asteroid hurtling towards Earth and you have to come up with a


plan to stop it. How about crashing a spacecraft into the asteroid to


not get out of the way? It might sound a bit crazy but that's


actually the plan from NASA. The asteroid NASA want to hit will be


approaching Earth in October 2022. And then again in 20 24th. It's made


up of two different parts, ... But they only need to target the small


asteroid to stop is being hit. It's the first ever mission to change the


direction of an asteroid called the double asteroid redirection test or


if you want to be quicker... Bart. Plans for the spacecraft got the


thumbs up and they are about to start designing it. So how would


this all work? It's expected to be about the size of a fridge. The


spacecraft will shoot itself at the asteroid literally crashing into it


at 50 times the speed of a racing car. The force of the crash would


physically knock the asteroid off in a different direction. It could be a


space tackier moment in history! Thank you.


Next, It's times tables, but not as you might know it.


Students from more than 50 schools across the North East of England


have been battling it out to be crowned regional champion.


I've been practising for seven months, waiting for this


competition. I've been practising the table is the same time as having


fun. It pushes me to get quicker and quicker. Error guitar, rock star


photo shoots and times tables? Something you don't usually put


together but at this event in Leeds, it seems to be a winning formula.


They are fighting it out in a series of head-to-head rounds to become


crowned the supreme ultimate rock hero. Meet Baz winter otherwise


known as maths teacher Mr Reddy who created times table Rock stars used


in 5000 schools across the UK. I was bad at maths in year five but now


I've really improved. The rock thing, that helps as well? Yes. Why


is that? It creates inspiration. Then it was time for the grand


final. Gave it up for Nadal! How do you feel? Excellent. My family is


going to be proud. His prize? A helicopter ride above Leeds. How do


they have to inspire you guys? I hope his amazing performance today


inspires children in his school and this region to be incredible


mathematicians. More rock and roll for you now.


Coldplay fan who went to the band's concert in Dublin got a little more


than he had been expecting. Rob had been crowd-surfing in his


wheelchair, when he was spotted by Coldplay's Chris Martin,


and invited on stage. The crowd seemed pretty happy too,


and gave him huge cheers