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I'm Jenny and you're live with CBBC this Monday, coming right up...


The granny rap star who's a lyrical gangsta...


And from a rapper to Rooney - the football star's big secret.


Wildfires are raging across the US state of California


as a record-breaking heat wave sends temperatures above 40-degrees


More than 2000 firefighters are attempting to contain nearly 20


large blazes which have forced hundreds of people to


Officials are warning that the weather conditions are set


But first - did you know that small asteroids


hit our planet nearly every day, but by the time they reach us


But US space agency, NASA have hatched a plan in the rare


event a bigger one should come our way...


Imagine an asteroid hurtling towards Earth


and you have to come up with a


How about crashing a spacecraft into the asteroid to


It might sound a bit crazy but that's


The asteroid NASA want to hit will be


It's made up of two different parts...


But they only need to target the small


It's the first ever mission to change the


direction of an asteroid called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test


Plans for the spacecraft got the thumbs up and they are about to


It's expected to be about the size of a fridge.


The spacecraft will shoot itself at the


asteroid literally crashing into it at 50 times the speed of a racing


The force of the crash would physically knock


the asteroid off in


It could be a space-tacular moment in history!


It was a collision course this weekend at the Tour de France.


Britain's Chris Froome still leads the pack,


but will have to race the rest of the tour without team-mate


Geraint Thomas, who has injured his collarbone in a crash


with another rider, on stage 9 yesterday.


And it's a big day for the Brits at Wimbledon -


with Andy Murray and Johanna Konta both in action to try and win


If they win it will be the first time a British man and woman have


Konta plays France's Caroline Garcia at one this afternoon.


Now, big footie news - Wayne Rooney


after 13 years and returning to Everton where he


But the record goalscorer has a confession to United fans...


To be honest I've kept it quiet! For the last 13 years but I actually


where Everton pyjamas at home with my kids. I had to keep that a bit


quiet! And he's not the only footy star


who's returned to his first club, get to Newsround online to see


the others in our photo gallery. Next to multiplication


with a school of rock twist. Students from more than 50 schools


across the North East of England have been fighting it out


at a musical maths battle. I've been practising for seven


months, waiting for this I've been practising the tables


at the same time as having It pushes me to get


quicker and quicker. Air guitar, rock star photo


shoots and times tables? Something you don't usually put


together but at this event in Leeds, They are fighting it out in a series


of head-to-head rounds to become crowned the supreme


ultimate rock hero. Meet Baz Winter otherwise known


as maths teacher Mr Reddy who created Times Table Rock Stars used


in 5000 schools across the UK. I was bad at maths


in Year Five but now Then it was time


for the grand final. How do they help to


inspire you guys? I hope his amazing performance today


inspires children in his school and this region to be


incredible mathematicians. A Coldplay fan, who went


to the band's concert in Dublin, got a little more involved than he'd


been expecting. Rob had been crowd-surfing in his


wheelchair, when he was spotted by Coldplay's Chris Martin,


and invited on stage. The crowd seemed pretty happy too


and gave him huge cheers Check out this granny who has gone


viral! Maryam might not look


like the typical rapper, but this granny has been taking


the internet by storm He filmed his 78-year-old grandma


making up a rap about what she spends her pension


money on, and posted it online. They live in Russia,


but the video has been getting That's it for now. We are back at


4:20pm. Roy is turning into the Incredible


Sulk in Little Roy coming up next.