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Afternoon all - Ricky here with your daily dose of Newsround.


And O to the A to the P - the granny that raps


But it's straight to Wimbledon on what's known as Manic Monday.


It's one of the busiest days of the competition with the last 16


men and women playing on the same day.


Great news for British women's number one Joanna Konta,


who is safety through to the quarter finals!


She beat Caroline Garcia from France in three sets.


And two times champion Andy Murray is playing Frenchman Benoit Paire


He's currently in the lead, after winning the tie-break


Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer all play later on.


Wimbledon is famous for a few things; tennis,


strawberries and cream and err, something else.


Grass, grasslands... More grass. There are 40 courts, 18 used in


matches, and 22 used in practice. Every day, a special team mows the


grass and repaint the lines on every court. You look after all the grass


- it's a pretty tough job. You have the world's best athletes running


around on it for about nine hours a day, so it takes a lot of


punishment. It is a lot for the court to take. Why is the roof


closing? We will keep Centre Court in the shade. We have had extremely


hot weather in the last few days, and the courts aren't used to it, so


it just a precaution to make sure the grass doesn't get too stressed


out. Nobody plays on this court other than the two weeks of the


championships. I love that, because it keeps it special and it is an


honour to play on Centre Court. What happens to the grass after Wimbledon


finishes? It is a tennis club, so they will play on the outer courts.


On centre court, we shave off every blade of grass and we regrow the


court. We do that on every court. What is your garden like Adam? Not


as good, but pretty good. Now I have top tips for my own garden, and a


deep respect for the Wimbledon grass.


Next, good news for a fan of US tennis player Jack Sock.


Last week 14-year-old Peter asked for Jack's towel


after a match at Wimbledon, but it was pinched


Loads of people, including Andy Murray's mum Judy,


But now Peter been given a replacement towel.


He's heading back to his old club - Everton -


But the record goalscorer has a confession for United fans.


I've kept it quiet, to be honest. For the last 13 years. I have been


wearing Everton pyjamas at home with my kids. I had to keep that a bit


quiet. We asked kids in Liverpool


at Wayne's old school! He used to play for them as a


teenager and then he went to Manchester United. I don't think


he's too old, he's just not as good as he used to be. I think it is good


he came to our school. He can really shine for us now.


It's somewhere you might have visited on holiday,


now the Lake District, in the north of England has been


It's the 31st place in the UK to be given this title, and joins


the likes of the Grand Canyon in the US, Taj Mahal in India


and the Great Wall of China, in getting one of the highest


But what does it take for a place to get this very special title?


Head to Newsround online for our guide.


Next, to the rapping granny who's gone viral!


Maryam raps with her grandson about what its like to be


old and what she spends her pension on.


She lives in Kazakhstan but the video has been getting


Newsround's back tomorrow morning at 7.40 with Jenny.


and my favourite TV programme on CBBC is So Awkward.


And my favourite character is Lily