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Hello, Team Newsround, I'm Jenny and you are live with CBBC.


The Brits storming through to the next round of Wimbledon.


Scientists take a closer look at Jupiter's red spot.


And the puppy who bit off more than he could chew!


First to tennis, and a massive day for the Brits at Wimbledon


yesterday, with two players through to the quarter finals,


Two time champ Andy Murray reached the quarter-finals


for the tenth year in a row, thanks to a win over Benoit Paire.


After some injury worries before the tournament,


Two weeks ago I was resting, so, you know, I was a little concerned.


When you are having issues just a few


days before a big event, it is frustrating, but I managed it


well and I think I've played some good stuff.


Today, like I said, was the best I've played so far in the


And, yes, I'm doing well, so hopefully keep it up.


And the last British woman to win Wimbledon


She's already the first British woman through to the quarter


finals for 33 years, after a really tough three-set win


over Caroleen Garcia from France yesterday.


She takes on Simona Halep this afternoon.


It's those positions, those situations that you, well,


that I dream of, dreamt of when I was little girl.


that I dream of, dreamt of when I was a little girl.


Even now, to be a part of those battles, on big


stages, so I think that's really what it's about to be


News about some of the other favourites.


Roger Federer is through - but Rafael Nadal is out.


Gilles Muller beat the two-time champion in an epic five-setter.


It was 15-13 in the decider and the pair were on court


for nearly five hours - meaning Novak Djokovic's match


It is famous for a few things; tennis, strawberries and cream


and err, something else, I've forgotten.


Brass glass and law grass. -- grass, crass and more grass. Every morning,


a special team knows, mops and repaint the lines on every call. You


look after all the grass in Wimbledon, it's a tough job. You


have the world's Best app is running on it for eight hours a day, so it


takes a lot of punishment. The roof, why is it closing? We will shut it


to keep centre court in shade. We had extremely hot weather. The


something the courts and used to, it's a precautionary measure to make


sure the grass doesn't stress out too much, we have played still left.


Nobody plays on this court other than the two weeks of the


championships, and I love it, keeps a special, it is an honour to play


on centre court. What happens to the grass after Wimbledon? It is a


members club, they will play on it until September. Centre court and


number one, we take off straightaway. We do renovation,


which means we shave off every blade of grass to soil and regrow it. We


do it every court. What does your garden look like? Pretty good, but


not so good. The last thing I want to do is work on my garden. Now I've


got loads of top tips for my garden and deep respect for Wimbledon


grass. Next, to the planet Jupiter,


like you've never seen it before! For the first time ever, Nasa have


been able to look at the planet's They sent a spacecraft to get


pictures of this giant storm, which has been going


on for at least 350 years! They're hoping to learn more about


it and what makes it so special. The cheeky wild monkeys on Gibraltar


are having a bit of a row with the people living there,


but now a charity has come along Look at these lot, hanging about,


being cute, monkeying around. The Barbary macaques are the only


wild monkey left in Europe. Tourists love them, but the people


who live here, not so much. They know how to open


your car door, they know when you wander down in town


and you've left the kitchen They know what a refrigerator


is, they know how to pull the handle open


and help themselves. I would be devo'd if


they stole my chocolate. These monkeys might


be troublesome, but There are only 225 of


them in Europe, and... They're the last free


ranging primates in the And they are on the endangered


species list, and if we're not careful, they will


disappear off the face of the earth. So, to keep the peace,


a charity have set up special feeding stations away from homes,


where the monkeys can Let's hope they can all live


together in perfect If you have a puppy


at home, you will know how But this poor puppy definitely bit


off more than he could chew! This is Dougie, he somehow


managed to swallow three dog leads while playing


with his brother and sister. Unsurprisingly, they didn't


go down very well, Although he had to have emergency


surgery to take them out, That's all from the team for now,


Newsround's back at 4.20 with Ricky. We're moments away from brand-new


Little Roy. I got you, didn't I?