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You're watching Newsround - Ricky in the studio this Tuesday.


Scientists take a closer look at Jupiter's red spot.


The cheeky monkeys causing a problem in Gibraltar.


And why these whales and dolphins are splashing around.


Tennis first and former champion Novak Djokovic


is through to the men's quarter finals at Wimbledon after winning


He went through easily, with a straight sets win,


despite having a problem with his shoulder.


He'll play Tomas Berdych in the next round.


He's been around for many years, Tomas is


He understands and knows exactly the occasion


of playing big matches, the big courts.


Matches are getting tougher and tougher, and there are no clear


I'm just going to try to give my best.


And British No 1 Johanna Konta has started her match


against Simona Halep on Centre court.


These are live pictures. I wonder if she has any good pre-match rituals?


Go online to see some of the strange superstitions of top sports stars.


Next, to the planet Jupiter, like you've never seen it before!


For the first time ever, NASA has been able to look at the planet's


They sent a spacecraft to get pictures of this giant storm,


which has been going on for at least 350 years!


They're hoping to learn more about it and what makes it so special.


The cheeky wild monkeys of Gibraltar, on Spain's south


coast, are having a bit of a row with the people living there.


Now, a charity is trying to keep the peace.


Look at these lot, hanging about, being cute, monkeying around.


The Barbary macaques are the only wild monkey left in Europe.


Tourists love them, but the people who live here, not so much.


They know how to open your car door, they know when you wander down


in town and you've left the kitchen window open.


They know what a refrigerator is, they know how to pull the handle


I would be devo'd if they stole my chocolate.


These monkeys might be troublesome, but they're also rare.


There are only 225 of them in Europe, and...


They're the last free ranging primates in the whole of Europe.


And they are on the endangered species list, and if we're not


careful, they will disappear off the face of the earth.


So, to keep the peace, a charity have set up special


feeding stations away from homes, where the monkeys


Let's hope they can all live together in perfect harmony.


Tackling a fire isn't just a job for firefighters -


fire dogs play an important role too!


This is Scrappy, he helps the fire teams in the North East of England.


But he's now putting his paws up and retiring.


So who will get his job, and what does it take to be


Meet Scrappy, County Durham and Darlington Fire Services


He puts his fire protection boots on and then he's off,


In fact, he's so good at his job he's been given a special award


He can detect material we're looking for as evidence a metre deep and up


to 21 days after the fire, which is really really good.


He's brilliant at his job, but it's time for Scrappy to retire


and the team are looking for his replacement.


We like having cockers because they're easy to train


and very intelligent and good with kids.


And he's lightweight, we can boost him up all over


Quite happy climbing a ladder with me.


And he'll lay the platform as well which allows us high access


if we need to get into blocks of flats and that sort of thing.


Well, the hunt is on, but it's not going to be easy,


finding a dog that can fill Scrappy's fire boots.


Next up, these guys are feeling in the pink because of


These flamingo chicks have just hatched out at Chester Zoo.


They are not pink like their parents, though,


as the birds get their colour from things they eat.


They'll stay greyish white for about six months


And finally, you wouldn't normally expect to see a whale and a pod


But this orca and these dolphins have been caught


on camera swimming around - and it looks like having


The video was taken with a drone off the coast of Western Australia.


That's all from me, Newsround's back in the morning from 0740.


We just wanted to say we love The Next Step


My favourite character is Riley and West.


My favourite character is Michelle and West.


My name's Isobel, and my favourite shows are Operation Ouch