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It's finally Friday, Ricky here with your top


Warnings of winter storms bringing strong winds, snow and flooding.


What happened after this boy's kitchen nightmare?


And why these guys are celebrating new year today.


First up many of you might be waking up to some pretty extreme


There are severe weather warnings for much of the UK and snow and ice


And in some places along the east coast high tides and strong winds


could cause flooding, as I've been finding out.


Along the east coast of the country, flood gates have been closed


That's when strong winds and high tides happen at the same time


causing big problems for coastal areas.


In the village of Jaywick, in the southeast of England,


Emergency services are getting ready and evacuation centres,


We've got exceptionally strong winds, between 40


and 50 miles an hour, potentially gusts stronger


than that, are going to coincide with the high tide just


after lunchtime so that's why we've put in place this


operation to evacuate safely the people of Jaywick.


In Skegness, in the east of England, soldiers have been


And businesses along the seaside are doing all they can to prepare.


More wintry weather is expected today with nearly all of the UK


with weather warnings for snow, ice, or both.


And keep your weather pics or videos coming in, go online now.


This video was snow in Glasgow! Look like it was pretty chilly! Thank you


for all of those. Keep them coming in.


We use energy for all sorts of things in our houses,


But in the future we could be getting our power


from a brand new energy source - the sea.


Martin's being looking into how it works.


From giant wind turbines to solar panels, renewable energy is one


of the many ways we can use the environment to


And now experts say that government should support big plans to build


the world's first tidal lagoons here in the UK.


Tidal lagoons use the movement of the sea to create power.


This would involve building a huge wall in the sea,


around five miles long, to create a pool in the middle.


Then large machines called turbines would be placed


When the sea level is high, and the pool level is low,


water will get sucked through the turbine


into the pool, creating power as it moves through it.


And when the water in the pool is high but the sea level is low,


the water will flow back out in the reverse direction,


Well, some people are concerned about how it could affect the fish.


We're very worried about tidal lagoons because they have


the potential to chop up lots of fish.


And the positioning of lots of lagoons near the mouth


If you look at the cost spread over the entire lifetime,


120 years of the project, it comes out at about 30p


The first lagoon would be built in Swansea, but the aim could be


to build five more off the coasts of Cardiff, Newport, Bridgwater Bay,


It looks like the tide is turning on the way we will see our homes


If you think I'm two weeks late, you'd be wrong.


Some people in Gwaun Valley in Wales go by a different calendar.


For them, New Year's Day or Hen Galan is today.


A group of school kids there told us how they'll be celebrating.


In Gwaun Valley, we're celebrating Hen Galan.


We're celebrating New Year's Eve 13 days after everybody else.


Because Pope Gregory changed the calendar.


We will be going round everybody's houses singing.


This is, these, this is one of the songs.


To all of you celebrating today, happy New Year!


Now, check this out for a cool winter sport.


This is the Great Odyssey dog sled race across the Alps in France.


Hundreds of sleigh-teams take place and loads of fans come


Hang on, I think this dog has got the wrong idea!


Finally have you ever had a bit of a nightmare in the kitchen?


Nine-year-old British boy Oscar was competing in the Spanish version


of Junior Masterchef and got pretty upset when his fish and chip dish


After being on the show, Oscar was invited to cook


for the British ambassador to Spain and judging by this picture


That's all from me, Newsround's back right


here at 4.20pm with all the latest on the wintry weather.


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