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Hi, I'm Martin with your Friday afternoon Newsround.


A French astronaut takes his first space walk.


Flood warnings for large parts of the east coast.


And what happened after this boy's kitchen nightmare?


First, thousands of people living on the east coast of England have


been told to leave their homes because of bad winter storms.


The Environment Agency thought there would be flooding


It wasn't as bad as expected but it's not over yet.


Here's Kate Sweeting reporting from the Humber Estuary,


one of the places at risk of flooding.


The high wind that was predicted hasn't materialised and that means


that the high tide here has passed without event.


Tidal surges are caused by a mixture of high wind and


high tides, but we are not out of the woods yet because we are told


there is another high tide this evening and that could more severe.


So there are still flood warnings in place along the east coast, which


Council workers are on standby, the police.


In Lincolnshire, the army was called in to help evacuate people.


More than 3000 residents were told to


leave their homes or to move upstairs, and special rest centres


And the wintry weather is affecting lots of other parts of the country


too with heavy snowfall closing some schools and causing


But for some it's been pretty exciting.


You've been getting in touch with your snowy updates.


Kaitlyn, seven, sent this picture of her back garden in Eastbourne.


11-year-old from Worcestershire had to look further to the hills to see


the snow. But in Essex, the snow was right there when they woke up. Jake


from Gloucestershire was really excited to cease no from his bedroom


window. And this was the view for Isabel in Stockton-on-Tees. Isaacs


and Elliott in Yorkshire had a full covering of snow and were looking


forward to the walk to school. But the snow was not just at home. This


class from Bedford prep school were excited to watch the first snowfall


of the year from their classroom. And building a snowman was top of


the list of playtime activities for spring side primary in North


Ayrshire. This nine-year-old had a snowy view from her window. And in


Glasgow, the playground was covered in snow and the kids say they just


want to keep singing, do you want to build a snowman? Rate voice!


Now staying with the snow, seeing an elephant in it isn't


But at Oregon Zoo in the US, all the animals there are having


In fact, so much snow has fallen in the last few days that the zoo


But that hasn't stopped this polar bear and these seals


Now how's this for a bit of extreme DIY?


Right now French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and American


astronaut Shane Kimbrough are on a space walk.


They're working on upgrading the power systems on the


They'll spend about six and a half hours fixing new batteries,


the size of fridges, to the side of the ISS.


Some people in Gwaun Valley in Wales go by a different calendar.


For them, New Year's Day, or Hen Galan, is today.


A group of school kids there told us how they'll be celebrating.


Today, we are celebrating Hen Galan. We are celebrity New Year's Eve 13


days after everybody else because Pope Gregory changed the calendars.


We will be going around singing. And with the -- we will be collecting


sweets and money. I can't wait. This is one of the songs.


Finally, have you ever had a bit of a nightmare in the kitchen?


Nine-year-old British boy Oscar was competing in the Spanish version


of Junior Masterchef and got pretty upset when his fish and chip dish


After being on the show, Oscar was invited to cook


for the British ambassador to Spain and judging by this picture


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