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Hi, I'm Jenny and this is your Saturday morning Newsround.


Find out what record Ed Sheeran has broken.


And the thieving animals sneaking into our shops.


Towns and villages along the east coast of England mostly escaped


the heavy flooding that have been predicted for last night.


Hundreds of people were moved from their homes in Norfolk


and Essex worried there might be a storm surge - where strong winds


and high tides combine to bring more water on land and cause flooding.


Some places did have some flooding but a change in wind direction


at the right time prevented most of the damage.


Ed Sheeran is back and already breaking records


with his new singles Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill.


They have entered the UK singles chart at number one and number two.


The Official Charts Company says it is the first time in history


an artist has taken the top two chart positions


Ed said he was incredibly chuffed by the success.


Next, it's time to take a look at some very cheeky animals -


This week we heard about a squirrel who stole chocolate so we decided


to bring together some of the animal world's biggest thieves.


This sneaky squirm has developed a sweet tooth. It was caught stealing


a chocolate bar and the shop owners say the animals have stolen more


than 30 in all. Is this the ultimate cat burglar? She has stolen 11 pairs


of underpants and more than 50 socks from her neighbours.


Who stole all the pies? A bear climbed through the window of a


bakery in Colorado in the USA and helped himself to 38 wise before


escaping into the woods. Apparently cherry and apple were his favourite


but he wasn't keen on the strawberry and rhubarb. Monkies seem to be the


worst offenders. Check out this one stealing money from a jewellery


shop. The monkey later dropped the cash in a dash for freedom and it


was returned to the shop owner. Finally, meet Bert.


He is no ordinary tortoise. The 22-year-old was fitted


with wheels to help him get about, The African spurred


tortoise is now trundling happily around his home


at the Dinosaur Adventure Newsround's back right


here just before midday. You can go online for all the rest


of the top stories. Bye!


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