13/05/2017 Newsround

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Good afternoon, hope you're having a good Saturday,


Ayshah here, with the latest news and sports stories.


Epic celebrations, as Chelsea win the Premier League.


Walking in space - just another normal day for super


And who to watch out for in tonight's Eurovision final.


Footie first and the big news that Chelsea have won the Premier League


It's fair to say they were pretty happy about last night's result.


Just look at these celebrations. Jumping, diving and even throwing


the manager into the ear. They seemed more than a little pleased to


be Premier League champions. They needed to win at West Bromwich


Albion to win the title. It was not easy, the chances at both ends. But


with only ten minutes to go, Chelsea scored the only goal of the match.


We started the season with a lot of problems but I think


in the problems we found the right way to be stronger together.


Yeah, to fight in every game and now I think


that they deserved to win the league.


It has been a brilliant comeback for the team after they finished tenth


in the league last season. Over the course of this season, anything we


have been the most consistent team. Having won the Premier League, the


club are going to try and make the double by winning the FA Cup at the


end of the loan -- months. Sticking with footie,


it's the Women's FA Cup final later. Birmingham City take on league


champions Manchester City at Wembley The final will see two close


friends go head-to-head - Manchester City's centre-back


Steph Houghton and Birmingham City are favourites to win and Steph


says playing in the final has You always dream of playing


at Wembley and you always dream of Ever since I've joined this club,


it's about trying to win the FA Cup and we're one step


closer to doing that. This is the third year


that the women's FA Cup Final has been at Wembley so,


yeah, we want to put We're not just going


there to be another team. We show grit and determination


as well and, yeah, we can't wait to go


and play at Wembley. Lots of you in England might have


had a bit of a busy week doing SATS, but now is the time to relax


because they're over. We've been asking how you're


celebrating finishing your exams. Grace, who's 11, is going


to go and see Boss Baby. Owen's going to a water


park and Charlie sent was really hard for me,


but then, the day after, my best friend brought in a massive


cookie for the whole of Year 6. Thanks everyone


for getting involved. Some hospitals and doctors


in England and Scotland were not able to use their computers


after they were targeted by hackers. Hacking is when someone breaks


into a computer system illegally. Some appointments have


had to be cancelled, but the NHS says people should


still go to hospital as normal It's thought the cyber attack


has affected companies American astronaut Peggy Whitson


went outside the International Space Station yesterday


for her ninth spacewalk. She had loads to do,


and six hours to get it done, but then that changed


when the spacewalk had to be abandoned two hours early,


after fellow astronaut Jack Fischer's space


suit sprung a leak. They both returned to the space


station and are safe and well. It's the Eurovision Song


Contest final tonight, so what's is it all about?


Here's Leah. Full of dodgy dances,


creative costumes and, of course, So, what can we look


forward to this year? Well, for the last two years,


Australia has been allowed to take part, even though


they're not in Europe. But the country is a huge fan


of the competition, so why not? They're trying their luck


with this entry... If you fancy watching a more unusual


act, check out Romania. But the big favourite


to win this year is Italy, it's a catchy tune and then an ape


turns up in the middle Former X Factor contestant


Lucie Jones will be flying the flag for the UK with this song called


Never Give Up On You. The UK has won the contest


five times before, # Together we'll dance


through this storm #. That's it for today,


have a lovely afternoon and we'll see you back here tomorrow


at the slightly later time of 10:30. Calling all quizmasters? Do you


know your cakes from your bakes? Could you make it to the Regionals


with The Next Step?