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Jenny here with all the news you need to know this Thursday.


First to Wimbledon, and the news that


defending champion, Andy Murray, is out of the tournament.


Ayshah is live in London for us now, with all the latest.


Ayshah, Murray fans didn't expect him to go out


It was very difficult to watch that match yesterday. Andy Murray was


expected to win against American Sam Querrey, because he is higher up in


the rankings, but it did not go well in the rankings, especially in those


last two Mac sets for Andy. He looked like he was in pain, but


let's not take anything away from Sam, who played very well. Andy is


obviously gutted, and this is what he had to say afterwards.


I was obviously in good enough shape to give myself a chance to go very


deep in the tournament, and, you know, almost managed


Any Slam, I would have taken that compared, you know,


with how I was feeling a few weeks ago before


Really difficult for Andy yesterday, but also difficult for Novak


Djokovic. He is also out, he was injured, but that means that Andy


Murray is still world number one, so a little bit of good news there.


Let's move on to very exciting news for the women. Jo Konta is an action


today against Venus Williams, who knows a thing or two about


Wimbledon. She is a really exciting player to watch, you might have


heard of the Williams sisters. This is how they stack up against each


other. Johanna Konta was born in Australia,


while Venus Williams was born in Konta is 26 years


old, Williams is 37. That is an 11 year difference. Will


those extra years slow Williamstown? Johanna Konta is five foot 11, but


Venus Williams it has the slight upper hand, being 6-foot one. She


has the longer reach and longer legs to get around the court. Konta has


played five champions, but Williams has more experience with these


tournaments, with 19. Johanna Konta is world number seven, four places


ahead of the less. Konta was only four years old when -- was nine


years old when Venus first won Wimbledon. But Konta is having the


best year of her life, and Williams has not won Wimbledon since 2008.


That is the latest from Wimbledon for now, but if you need more


Wimbledon information, Newsround on line is the place to go. We have


seven amazing facts about Jo Konta, and also have a look at the other


British female players that Jo Konta is following in the footsteps of.


See you soon. It is already happening in


the United States, Canada and Japan. And now, at this care


home in South London, they are opening a nursery,


where the children will spend time with the old people who live there


every day as part of the curriculum. September, it will be the first


of the Kent in the UK. So, from singing to sport,


there is something This local nursery


already have weekly visits, and have been getting


to know the residents. We sing and we dance,


and play games. And for most of the residents that


go, they have a great time. As an old person,


it is a great joy to see the new human beings


growing and growing It is hoped this new style


of nursery will benefit young and old, so you never know,


the next time you're younger brother young and old, so you never know,


the next time your younger brother or sister starts nursery and future,


they could have some new playmates. Don't forget to go online for all


the rest of the day's stories. And you can have a crack


at our tricky quiz of the week - Diddy TV's on the way next and later


on today, at 5.30pm, Now, Rhys, there's something


different about Barney