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You're watching Newsround - Charlotte in the studio


A nursery school with big ideas. Ariana Grande gets a special award,


and some special news from Antarctica... First, two tennis, and


some shocking breaking news for you in the last half-hour, as Andy


Murray has been knocked out of Wimbledon in the quarterfinals. He


was the defending champion but appeared to be suffering an injury


as he was being beaten by the American player Sam Querrey on


Centre Court. Bad luck, Andy. Staying with the tennis, but this


time some news to celebrate, with Johanna Konta smashing your way into


the quarterfinals. Here's what happened yesterday. It is hard to


think Johanna Konta had only won one match at Wimbledon before this year.


Now after her win against Simona Halep she is just two wins away from


the title. I have always dreamt big, but I don't give myself too much


time to dream. I am more focused on the work. And it wasn't easy. She


lost the first set on a tie-break. Not playing badly, but she just


needed to find the winning combination. Relying on a powerful


serve and a booming backhand seemed as good a plan as any.


It worked and she came back to win the second set, so it went to a


third to decide the match. Inside Centre Court, they tried to


raise the roof. Outside, a little rain was not going to stop the


celebrations. She had done it! The first British woman into the


semifinals since Virginia Wade. And the former champion was in the crowd


to watch. Konta is now the favourite to win, but standing in a way


tomorrow is five-time champion Venus Williams. But first, a quick selfie


with new fans, and a few older ones as well!


STUDIO: All eyes are on her tomorrow. Next, to a nursery school


with a difference, here is Jenny to tell us more. It is ready happening


in the United States, Canada and Japan. And now at this care home in


south London, they are opening a nursery, with the children will


spend time with all people who live there every day as part of the


curriculum. When it officially opens in September it will be the first of


its kind in the UK. From singing to sport, there is something everyone


can be involved with. This local nursery already have weekly visits


and have been getting to know the residents. 97-year-old Fay is


definitely a fan. The singing, the dancing, the games. It is fabulous.


And for most of the residents that go, they have a great time. As an


old person, it is great to see the new human being is growing and


growing slowly into people, and to maturity. It is a wonderful thing.


Very privileged. It is hoped this new style of nursery will benefit


young and old, so you never know - the next time you're younger brother


or sister starts nursery in the future, they could have some new


playmates. That looks fun, doesn't it? Singer Ariana Grande is to


become an honorary citizen of the city of Manchester. It is a thank


you from the city for the way she responded to the arena attack in


May. Ariana organised the One Love concept which raised ?3 million for


victims of the attack. Next, if you think you know your way around a


maze, you might need to think again. Check out this field with a bit of a


difference. This maze is in the shape of Sherlock Holmes, no less!


How cool is that? Amazing. Finally, one of the biggest icebergs ever


recorded has just broken away from Antarctica and the South Pole.


Scientists were expecting it, having studied a large crack and ice for


more than ten years. It is estimated to cover an area of roughly 6000


square kilometres, about a quarter of the size of Wales! And if you


want to know more about that huge iceberg, check out our website where


you will find out all the details. That is it for me. Newsround is