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Hello, I'm Jenny and this is your wednesday morning news update.


Johanna Konta is through to the Wimbledon semi finals.


I'm a very special school in Scotland. Keep watching to find out


what school life is like here. First to massive news


from Wimbledon, and Johanna Konta She's gone further in the singles


than any British woman It's hard to think that


Johanna Konta had only won one match Now, after her nail-biting victory


over Simona Halep, she's just two I've always believed in my own


ability, and I've always dreamt big, but I don't give myself


too much time to dream. She lost the first


set on a tie-break. Not playing badly, she just needed


to find a winning combination. Relying on a powerful serve


and a booming backhand seemed It worked, and she came back


to win the second set, so it went to a third set


to decide the match. Inside Centre Court,


they tried to raise the roof. Outside, a little rain wasn't


going to stop the celebrations. She had done it - the first British


woman into the semifinals since The former champion


was in the crowd to watch. Konte is now the favourite to win,


but standing in her way tomorrow is five-time champion


Venus Williams, but first, a quick selfie with new fans


and a few older ones, too. Awesome news, congratulations,


Johanna Konta. And defending champion Andy Murray


will be in action later on today to try and secure his place


in the semi finals. He'll face American player


Sam Querry this afternoon. What's it like to have your whole


school in just one class? Well, on the tiny island of Muck


in Scotland there's only one This is the only school on a tiny


island called Muck, in Scotland. Right, one, two, three,


four, five, six, seven, And there is one teacher


who teaches everyone. Well, it is a bit


different from my school. I remember there being


over 20 people in one class, but here, there's nine,


and this is the whole school. I like being the oldest


because I like helping people out. Like, if somebody was left out


and was sad because they didn't get to play, I make sure


that they are joined in the game. They do lots of lessons outside,


as well as daily chores. Today we will be collecting


the water for the hens and giving them new


water and new food. We're, like, building


a habitat, which is a thing We're just finding it


on the ground, because we are not going to pick any


plants, so they don't die. From Forest School to another


classroom, the beach. We are looking for birds'


footprints in the sand, so we can put Plaster of Paris


mould on it and bring it back to school to look at it and see


the different shape of the foot. What is the best thing


about life on the island? You can jump off the old pier,


that one there, all the way into the sea.


I've done that. I like living on the


island because it is not like a big city where loads


of people know about it, There's more to this


field than meets the eye. Can you solve the mystery


of the maze made from... It's a curious case,


but this field of Leicester has a collection of mysterious pathways


the size of four and a half football pitches, and every year


it has a new design, It might look a bit


corn-fusing up close, but like every good detective,


you need to look at the big picture. Follow the twists and turns


of the case over the three miles of pathways, and see if you can spot


a pattern emerging. Over the summer the plants


will grow even taller, People will be able to take


on the case and solve the mystery themselves when it opens to visitors


in a few weeks' time. And for loads more amazing stories


go online, take a look at some incredible drone photographs,


find out all about the new Lion King live-action film, and,


if you like animals, you can see the whale


and dolphins playing around. That's all from me, Newsround's


back with Ricky at 4.20. Things are getting galactic


in brand-new Little Roy next. Yeah. Do


you remember when I called you, like, "I've just seen a massive