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Hi guys, Ricky here with your big stories this Friday.


And, Jo Konta waves goodbye to Wimbeldon.


First up to Wimbledon - and Britain's number one


Johanna Konta is out of the competition.


Ayshah's in London now to tell us what happened.


Hi, Ricky. Yes, Jo Konta was on that Centre Court yesterday and went


further than any other British female for almost 40 years and she


was the favourite in that match against Venus Williams, but


unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Here is what happened.


Hopes were sky-high for Johanna Konta but this was the moment her


She was playing against American Venus


Williams who has won this competition five times in the past,


so it was never going to be an easy match.


Venus's powerful serve and years of experience performing at


the top level proved too much for Konta.


She lost the first set and after that never managed


That is the first blow to Venus Williams.


All the credit has to go to Venus and the way she


She really just dictated the match from


the very beginning until the very end.


So I had very few chances to get a good foothold in the match,


and again when I did have those chances she did very well to take


Although she didn't win she's proved she is among the world's best


and we're pretty sure this won't be the last we see of Johanna Konta.


So, disappointment but there's plenty more


action here at Wimbledon - later today is the men's


semi-finals - and I'll be right back


Yes, keep watching Johanna Konta, great things to come.


Next up, to kids at a school in London that


has a new playground, that you can eat!


As part of an eco-project and to encourage healthy eating,


the school has created a vegetable garden that the kids look


Here's what some pupils there think about it.


Usually I used to like eat KFC and all that.


And then now that I joined this gardening team I'm starting to


Some of us, we live in flats or tower blocks and


things like that so it's a great opportunity


for us just to learn, so


when we are later on in life we will know


how to do it and then we will


be like thank you, I'm so glad we had this


gardening in school, I


really did appreciate it, it really did help me.


It makes me want to have more fresh and organic food


than the normal processed, and it's a chance for you to try out


Instead of always buying fruits and stuff you


can plant them and then you get to take them and even yourself.


This gardening experience has helped both of us and our families so it's


really nice and other people who don't get this opportunity should


have this. This is really good. This is one of the best things you can


do. Now, growing things


at school isn't unusual - and we want to hear


from you about what you like growing at school or at home -


plants, vegetables or just flowers? And do you think growing healthy


food is a good idea? Next up, she's big,


blue and a bit boney. The Natural History Museum in London


has a new star resident. DP, you might have spotted him on a


school trip, the diplodocus has been the rock star of the Natural History


Museum for nearly 40 years. -- Dippy. But now it's out with the old


and in with the blue. Meet Hope, the balaenoptera musculus, better known


as a blue whale, the largest animal on Earth, weighing up to 200 tonnes,


almost 30 African elements and measuring in at a lengthy 30 metres,


or two double-decker buses if you prefer. The lower jawbone is the


largest single bone to be grown by any organism on the planet. And they


can live to well over 100 years, that's a whaley long time. They were


hunted almost to extinction in the 1900 but were also one of the first


species humans decided to save, so by introducing Hope the museum wants


visitors to think more about protecting animals and not just


their history. Look at the size of this space, we wanted something


large and impressive and Hope fills that for us and she will inspire


people and looks gorgeous. It's taken the team months to put


together Hope's 221 bones and had to use special technologies like a 3D


printers and work with teams of engineers and conservationists. But,


don't worry if you missed Dippy, he is set for his first UK tour to


visit the fans early next year. It's the Royal International


Air Tattoo this weekend And take a look at this -


this is what it's like to fly inside one of the famous


Red Arrows planes. They have been getting some practice


in ahead of their big show. That's all from me,


Newsround's back at 4:20pm. There's something fishy going


on in the O'Brien pirate barbecue in Little Roy next, and your Fave At


Five today is Millie Inbetween. Yes, Reecey-pips, well done,


cocker. Thanks, man.