14/07/2017 Newsround

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Hello! On Centre Court it was Mannone territory who has defeated


Sam Querrey, it was quite a match -- Marin Cilic. He goes through to the


final on Sunday, the next match taking place there is Roger Federer


against Tomas Berdych, so the winner will also go through to the final on


Sunday. You know what? There's one thing that could not go ahead, which


is the final, without this guy... At the start of every tennis match,


someone has a really important job to do. I went to meet them. Look,


can you tell us what you're doing this weekend? This weekend I will


stand on Centre Court and walk out there with a Queen cawing and toss


the coin in the men's finals. How do you feel ahead of it? I'm so excited


I cannot focus on my nerves. Getting to toss the coin at the Wimbledon


men's final on Centre Court is amazing! Can you tell me a little


bit about this coin that you will be flicking? A normal 10p coin is this


big... A queen coin is about that big. It is massive. You don't have


to catch it. Good! That would put pressure on. We don't want that.


What will be the best bet? Probably stepping onto Centre Court. And,


taking the picture with the two finalists. That will be amazing.


That leaves one thing left for us to do. Let's see if I can get first


serve! Take it away... Heads or tails? Let's go heads... It is


tails. I am so unlucky. Looks like I'm not serving first... He's very


lucky. We also have loads of tennis coming up. Venus Williams and Bobby


Muguruza is in the women's finals. You can catch up with everything


online over the weekend with news round, but from me and the rest of


the team that is all for now. Next up, to a new school playground


in London that you can actually eat! As part of an eco-project


and to encourage healthy eating, the school has created a vegetable


garden that the kids look So what do the pupils


think about it? I used to eat KFC and all of that.


Now I've joined the gardening team, I'm starting to get more healthy.


Some of us live in flats or Tarbox, things like that. It is a great


opportunity for us to learn so later in life, we know how to do it so we


can be glad we've got the garden in school. I really appreciate it, it


told me a lot. It makes me want to have more fresh and organic food.


It's a chance for you to try different foods as well. Instead of


buying fruits and stuff, you can plant them and then you get to eat


them yourselves. Now my mum is making healthier food. The gardening


experience has helped both of us and our families. It is really nice and


other people who do not get this opportunity should get it. It's


really good. This is one of the best things that you can do. We asked you


to get in touch with what you That's awesome. Thank you for all of


your comments. Last up, how do you keep a panda


cool when the weather is boiling? This panda sanctuary in China


have given the bears They're meant to be to keep food


cool, but the pandas just love chilling out,


and sliding around on them. Hat's all from the team today,


Newsround's back tomorrow - My favourite TV programme on CBBC


is Whoops I Missed The Bus because it's such a funny TV show


and I love all the vloggers