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Martin here with all of Monday's best stories.


How Spike the stag beetle is changing the art world.


And the cows trumping climate change.


Massive news for Whovians - a new Doctor has been revealed.


Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th Time Lord.


She's the first woman to play the character in the show's history,


and will start when the Doctor regenerates in the


We've been asking what you think about it.


I was really happy because I have heard that it has just been male


since it started. It is going to go very good, because I know females


can do the same thing as males. I don't think the woman will be better


than the man because men are better at acting. I'd like to see her


change the spaceship sort looks more up-to-date and she could change the


colour. But now there's a huge row


about the way they've been marked. Two tests with the same question


and the same answer, but one has been marked right


and the other is wrong. That was a real question in a recent


Sats test for 10 to 11-year-olds, but it's the way these questions


have been marked that's got a lot So we've got some examples right


here, and we want these guys to see if they can tell what's right


and what's wrong. I think it's right because


they did put the letters Well, I think the commas


are inserted in the right place So should that matter,


the way it goes? No, because the student knows how


to do it, but they're just being told off for not


doing it right. Although children answered the right


question, some failed to get a mark because of the shape


of their semicolon and commas. Others got marked down for not


putting their answer inside a box, even though it didn't tell


you you would get marked down I think it's unfair


because the person who has written the comma like that could have got


99, which is one mark I think this is the wrong


way to test people. They should have told them then


they could have known If you can see a semicolon,


then you can see a semicolon. It tells you to put it


in the right place, which is what these people have


done, but they've still lost the mark even though they've done


the question as it said. Some teachers have spoken


out on social media, saying they weren't told


about the marking rules. So we got in touch with the people


who come up with the test, as well as the Department for


Education. They're the people in Government


in charge of schools. The Government told Newsround


that they wanted to make sure children were using and forming


punctuation correctly and had given advice to people marking it


to make sure it was fair. And Pearson, the company in charge


of marking your tests, told us that mistakes in marking


are rare but they want teachers who are worried to get in touch


so they can look into it. The Humber Bridge and a block


of public toilets in Hull have both They have been honoured


with a listed status, alongside seven other places


in the city, to celebrate Hull during its year


as the UK City of Culture. But what exactly does


getting listed status mean? Head to Newsround


online for our guide. This beetle is on his way to


becoming a famous artist. Spike shot to fame last week


after his human teacher posted Now one of his paintings has sold


for more than ?1,200. Finally to the cows


helping to save the world. Allow to explain: When cows


release wind they produce something called Methane Gas,


which is harmful to the environment. Now farmers in Kenya think


they have come up with a plan They say a good balanced diet


of healthy grass and plenty of love That's all from the team today,


Newsround's back right Don't forget to go online for all


the rest of the day's stories, including everything you need


to know about the women's Euro 2017. I love Art Ninja! I love The Next