18/03/2017 Newsround

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Hi, I'm Ricky and this is Newsround live on CBBC this


Coming up, we'll hear from a camera operator who had a lucky escape


I was part of a BBC team caught up Mount Etna during a volcanic


explosion. The unusual kites flying


high in China... And the stars of Beauty


and the Beast tell us But first to the BBC film makers


who dodged burning rocks and boiling steam when a volcano


erupted in Europe. The team were filming


Mount Etna on the island The camera operator who filmed this


footage has told Newsround My name is Rachel Brice, and I am a


camerawoman. I was part of a BBC team caught up Mount Etna during a


volcanic explosion. In the footage, you can see that I managed to


capture this explosion happening and realised quickly we had to get off


the mountain. Quickly and safely. As you can see in the footage, I fall


over and as I have done so, there were rocks which came up and fell


down. At that moment, I thought we really


need to get off of here. At that point, I had a rock or through one


of my big jackets, and it went right down into my back, caught into


another jacket. It has caused a big hole in the middle.


Rugby now and it's the last day of the Six Nations today.


Scotland and Italy are battling it out at the moment.


A sweet strike, straight in between the posts!


This early penalty from Scotland's Stuart Hogg set the tone


and the team are in the lead 15-0 at the moment.


England face Ireland later this afternoon and will set a new world


Next to the 'tale as old as time' which is being told again.


The remake of Beauty and the Beast is finally out in cinemas.


Jenny went to meet the stars of the movie...


# Certain as the sun # It was exciting living out one of my


favourite fairy tales. It is living in your childhood fantasy, it


doesn't get much better! But in still for him, anyway! It is


definitely important to your character, but why do you think that


reading is so important? It allowed me to form my own ideas, and at


times it has been a friend to me, and an escape. We must remember that


their parts of this world where girls are not allowed to go to


school because they are girls. And books are these sacred things that


not everybody can get their hands on. They are a luxury. What are your


favourite childhood books? Matilda. Roald Dahl. I was a big fan. And I


loved Philip Pullman, his dark materials, and obviously Harry


Potter! There have been quite a lot of live-action remakes, what would


you say to people who think they should be left as they are? The


technology, what CGI can do, it is a way of blowing open the stories in a


whole different way. I think it is great, it is iconic. It's a story


that has been told for generations. Disney has taken it and allowed it


to exist in a number of incarnations. That is wonderful. And


finally, what do you hope they take from the film and your betrayals of


the characters? This idea and beam of never judging a book by its cover


is so important. Now more than ever. People fear what is different. The


Beast is different. You might have a different colour skin or be covered


in fur, but beneath it, that is way more important.


Next, there's some weird and wonderful sights in the sky


Gliding through the sky above China's Sichaun Province...


The annual kite festival there has started in style.


Butterflies, horses, wolves and wheels are just some


of the wacky designs soaring through the sky.


But it's this kite that has attracted the most attention.


The huge Chinese dragon is 48 meters long and took around


And could it be this kite be the wackiest?


The man is riding the bicycle and the wind makes the mans legs


Lots of people have travelled to the area to watch these


It's a fitness tracker for cats and dogs that's becoming


popular in Hong Kong, in South East Asia.


It's put on their collar and then the owner looks on their phone


to see how active their pets have been.


And if that isn't enough news for you today go online for loads


of stories including: the newly discovered frogs


The baby hippo saying hello to the public for the first time.


And why this golfer is saying see you later alligator.


That's all from me, Newsround's back tomorrow just before ten.