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Hi, I'm Ricky, and this is Newsround live on CBBC


Coming up, we'll hear from a camera operator who had a lucky escape.


It was part of BBC Two and I was caught at Mount Etna during a


volcanic explosion. The fitness tracker for pets, plus... The stars


of beauty and the beast tell as their favourite books.


But first to the BBC film makers who dodged burning rocks and boiling


steam when a volcano erupted in Europe.


The team were filming Mount Etna on the island


The camera operator who filmed this footage has told Newsround


My name is Rachel Price and I am. I was part of the BBC team got up at


Mount Etna you're doing a volcanic explosion. As you see in the footage


I managed to catch the explosion happening and then realised quite


quickly that we had to get off the mountain pretty quick and safely.


You can see in the 50s I fall over and that I have fallen there was


Roxette is, from the volcano Vattenfall down. At that moment I


was thinking we really need to get off, we need to get off here. During


that point I had a rock go through one of my jackets, it went down into


my back and called on to another jacket, this caused a big hole in


the middle. What a lucky escape! It's the final day of


the Six Nations rugby union. England have already won


the championship AND they get the chance to set a new world record


later but there's still loads for the other teams to play


for too as Martin explains. Six teams came to the turn and with


high hopes, but then one by one they saw the chances of victory saw the


way. All except reigning champions England. Over the last six weeks we


have seen some amazing tries. As shocking files. But with four teams


looking to tie up second place in Italy still searching for their


first win expects Saturday's games to be as for as ever. Unbeaten


England visit Ireland in the final match, a 19th straight victory for


the team will not only give them a second grand slam in two years but


also break the record for the most wins in a role by an international


team. Ever. It record currently held by none other than the all Blacks.


Ireland will do everything in their power to stop their fiercest rivals


from making history. And who were the team who brought New Zealand's


winning streak to an end? England opponents on Saturday, Ireland.


Next, the long awaited and much talked about remake of Beauty


and the Beast is finally out in cinemas.


Jenny went to meet the stars of the movie to find out


It was pretty exciting getting to let out one of my favourite fairy


tales. It is like getting to live your childhood fantasy, it doesn't


get much better. But on stilts. It is something important to your


character but why do you think reading is so important? Reading is


what allowed me to form my own ideas and at times it has been a friend to


me, it has been an escape for me, we have to remember that are part of


the world where girls are not allowed to go to school because the


girls and books are these sacred things that not everyone can get


their hands on. The luxury. And your favourite books? Roll style.


Matilda. I was a big role style fan, and I was a big fan of Philip


Pullman and Harry Potter obviously. Have been a lot of live-action


remix, what do you say to people who think they should be left as they


are? The technology editor now that CGI can do, to blow the study


opening a whole different way. It is great. It is iconic in the story


that has been told for generation to generation. Disney has taken it and


allowed it to exist in a number of incarnations and I think that is


wonderful. Audio people take from the film? The idea, the theme of


never judging a book by its cover is so important. Now more than ever.


People fear that which is different and the beast is different. You


might be a different colour scheme are covered in fur but what is


beneath it is far more important. It's a fitness tracker


for cats and dogs that's becoming popular in Hong Kong,


in South East Asia. It's put on their collar and then


the owner looks on their phone That's all from me, Newsround's back


right here just before two o'clock. Hacker T Dog here. Join me in my


brand-new Nosey Adventure game for Comic Relief.


I get up to all sorts of stuff. I like to make


a mess and cause mischief.