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Martin here with Wednesday's top stories.


Members of Parliament will vote later today


on whether to have a general election - that's where adults vote


It's after Prime Minister Theresa May made the surprise announcement


I have said that there should be no election until 2020.


But now I have concluded that the only way to guarantee


certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold


this election and seek your support for the decisions I must take.


So it's a big day for the whole UK but it starts in London


Yes, I'm at Downing Street in Westminster in London.


Behind that door is where the Prime Minister


Later, she will go around the corner to to the Houses of Parliament


where all the MPs will vote on whether or not to give


the Prime Minister her wish and to have that big vote -


These big votes are supposed to take place every five years


so it was a big surprise to hear Mrs May say she wants one.


Here's our political expert Adam Fleming.


This came as a total surprise to people who watch politics.


Imagine the most surprising thing that's ever happened


to you and multiply it by about 100 and that is why there are so many


journalists from across the UK and around the world reporting


Theresa May says that she wants there to be a general


So in about six or seven weeks' time.


Although she can't just say it, she has got to get Parliament


This is all about Brexit, which is that process of taking


the UK out of the club of 27 other European countries called the EU.


Theresa May is about to start negotiating with lots of other


prime ministers and presidents from around Europe.


She reckons that by having an election year, she could get more


She reckons that by having an election here, she could get more


MPs who are on her side and that will make her job a bit easier.


What happens next is weeks of debates, arguments, leaflets,


adverts and fights about all sorts of things like the police,


the economy, Scotland, health and what happens


It is going to be fascinating to watch.


Members of Parliament are likely to vote later to allow this


It'll take place on 8th of June - so what happens


Well, the UK is divided into 650 areas called constituencies.


Each area has a Member of Parliament, or an MP,


All of them get a seat here, in the Houses of Parliament.


In a general election, adults 18 and over get the chance


to vote for who should be the MP in their area.


On election day, people go to polling stations to vote.


They get a ballot paper with names of all the candidates,


They put a cross next to the person they most want to represent them.


The candidate who gets the most votes becomes MP.


Most MPs are part of groups called political parties.


Usually the political party that gets the most MPs out of the 650


forms the new government, which runs the country.


And that party's leader becomes the Prime Minister and moves


So it's a very busy time for politicians and for voters.


We've got 49 days to wait before the election happens and there'll be


a lot of talking and arguing between now and then as each


side explains why adults should vote for them.


The leader of the winning party will be back in


Thanks, Ayshah, and you can go online to find out more on this


story including exactly what happens during a general election.


Now, sadly it was the end of Leicester City's adventure


Saul Nigez scored first for Atletico Madrid but then


Jamie Vardy scored in the second half to give Leicester a chance


As these matches are decided over two games, Atletico got


through because they won the first match 1-0 meaing the final result


We are disappointed. But the football club can be proud of how we


have conducted ourselves and how we have gone about it. They should want


more of this because ultimately all players want to play at the highest


level and the Champions League is the highest level. But we have to


get back to winning ways in the Premier League now. Unlucky for


Leicester. Good run. And a massive asteroid will zoom


past Planet Earth today. NASA say it will get


very close to the Earth, but it won't make any impact


as it'll still be about I'll be back at 4:20pm


with your afternoon Newsround. Have you been watching Secret Life


of Boys?