19/04/2017 Newsround

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Hi guys, Martin here with Wednesday's top stories.


First, the breaking news this afternoon, there will be a general


election on 8th June, that's where adults vote to chose


The Prime Minister said yesterday that's what she wanted


to happen and this afternoon, in a vote, Members of


Now, general elections might sound familiar,


They are normally every five years, but they can happen any time,


So, what is a general election, and how does it all happen?


How does a general election work? The UK is divided into 650


constituencies. Each area has a member of Parliament or MP that


represents it. All of them get a seat in the Houses of Parliament. In


a general election, adults 18 and over get the chance to vote for who


should be the MP in their area. On election day, people go to polling


stations to vote. They get a ballot paper with names of all the


candidates, the people running to be MPs. They put a cross next to the


person they most want to represent them. The candidate who gets the


most becomes MP. Most MPs are part of groups called political parties.


Usually the political party that gets the most MPs out of the 650


forms the new government, which runs the country. And, that party's


leader becomes the Prime Minister and moves into Number 10 Downing


Street. And there's loads more


info online in our guide to the general election,


including what to expect Next up, it's an exciting


time for space fans as the Earth is getting a very


special fly-by today. Space, it's a rather big place, but


every so often objects in space get a little bit close to each other.


That's what's going to happen today. An asteroid called 2014 JO-25 is due


to go past our planet in what Nasa is calling a close approach. Fear


not, the asteroid is going to pass is about 1.1 million miles away.


Still, given how massive space is, that still means it gets to be


called a near Earth object. Nasa have said there's no possibility for


the asteroid to crash into our planet, but scientists are very


excited to study it as it goes past. So, what do we know about the space


invader? The asteroid is about 650 metres wide. It's the biggest


asteroid come this close since a 5000 metre asteroid in September


2000 and four. 2014 JO-25 hasn't come this near to us for 400 years.


It doesn't plan on dropping by for another 500 years. Keep your eyes


peeled and let's enjoy the visit! Some rugby now, and Welsh player


Sam Warburton will captain the British and Irish Lions


for their tour of New Warbuton's Lions are made up


of players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland,


but the shock news is that England captain Dylan Hartley


hasn't been picked. Finally, Egyptian archaeologists say


they've found an ancient tomb If you want to walk inside this


newly found tomb you'll find a small pathway that leads into a


rectangular shaped hole with an inner chamber. But, what you'll also


see are some really old Egyptian treasures. Eight mummies have been


found along with these colourful tombs. Also among them were more


than 1000 statues. It's believed the tomb belonged to a


noble man because a lot of the statues and artefacts had his


initials on them. You'll be pleased because his old belongings are still


in pretty good nick, considering they are over 3000 years old.


That's all from me, Newsround's back right here at 7:40am tomorrow.