20/04/2017 Newsround

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Hello. This is the news you need to know this Thursday morning. Coming


up: What are these baby gets up to? And we have big news on another


... First, the general election is on.


There will be an election on the 8th of June, when adults will vote on


who they want to run the country. The Prime Minister, Theresa May,


surprised everyone on Tuesday by saying that was what she wanted.


Yesterday, in a vote, members of Parliament agreed. The ayes to the


right, 522. The ayes have it. Unlock! General elections are


normally every five years, but they can happen any time as long as two


thirds of MPs agree. There is loads more information online in our guide


to the general election, including what to expect over the next few


weeks. Next, we are the BBC, so it is only


right that we give you tips on how you can help our bee population in


the UK. Let's take a look. I'm Noah, and I love bees, but there are


enough in my garden. So this expert has come to show me how to make a


paradise for our fuzzy friends. Shelby go? Yeah. T-macs aren't


really important because they help make food. Their numbers have fallen


in the UK. You have got loads of lovely flowers here, and bees love


flowers. Why are they important? They give nectar and pollen, both of


which are important in producing food. Pollen is important for


flowers because it means they can grow their seeds and their fruit.


What have compost heaps got to do with bees? There are bumblebees,


honeybees and solitary bees. Some bees love to build their nests on


compost heaps, so they will burrow inside and make their nest. What


else will help bees? Some bees are solitary, so we can create a house


for them. A bee B and B! Get a grown-up to help you stick the wood


together with wood glue. Then fill it with bamboo and other bits of


wood so the bees can live in them. That is it, now we can put it


somewhere sunny. Lets see if we get some guests.


Brilliant! Tennis star Serena Williams is expecting her first


baby. She posted a picture on social media, posing in a mirror, with a


message 20 weeks yesterday, before deleting the post. The world number


two will miss the rest of the season, including the French Open,


Wimbledon and the US open. From one mummy to another.


Archaeologists say they have found an ancient tomb dating back 3500


years. But what was hidden inside? If you want to walk inside this


newly found tomb, you will find a small pathway which leads into a


rectangular hall with a corridor and inner chamber. But what you'll also


see are some mega old Egyptian treasures. Eight mummies have been


found here, along with these colourful tombs. There were also


more than 1000 mini statues carved out of Woodend clay. It is believed


the tomb believed to a noble man who worked as a judge, because a lot of


the statues and artefacts had his initials on them. He will be pretty


chuffed, because his old belongings are still in pretty good nick!


Considering they are over 3000 years old!


Last up, the cutest thing you will see all day. It really is goats


wearing pyjamas. These little Nigerian dwarf goats in the state of


Maine have been dressed up to keep extra warm as they have just been


born. Adorable! I am back in half an hour. We'll have news on the new


squad for the British and Irish lions tour. See you then.


My favourite shows are Horrible Histories,


and they make your heart really beat,