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It's Thursday morning, you're live with Newsround, with me Ayshah.


Why these little goats are dressed up.


A whole new life for five brown bears.


This is a bee B, being used to help boost the number of bees in the


UK. Watch this. Hi, I'm Noah, and I love bees


but there aren't enough So expert Ness has come to show me


how to make a paradise Bees are really important


because they help make But their numbers have


fallen in the UK. You've got loads of lovely flowers


here and bees love flowers. They give nectar and they give


pollen, both of which are really Pollen is also important for


flowers, because it means they can Ness, what have compost heaps


got to do with bees? Compost heaps are


really good for bees. There are honeybees,


bumblebees and solitary bees. Some types of bumblebees love to


build their nests in compost heaps. So they will burrow


deep inside and make So what we can do is create


a bee house for them. What we will need is wood and bamboo


canes and wood glue. Get a grown-up to help


you stick the wood together Then fill it with bamboo cane


and other hollow bits of wood We've made our bee B and now


we can put it somewhere. You might remember last month that


a BBC crew were caught up Well, they all returned safe and now


we can tell you why they were there. The news is a UK-led team


of scientists will be watching every There are 1,500


volcanoes to keep an eye on and scientists will be


using the satellites to look for signs of an eruption so they can


warn people living nearby. And those satellites might


have caught a glimpse of a massive asteroid


zooming past our planet The not very catchily


named 2014 Jo25 thundered past the Earth over


one million miles away from us. If you space fans want


to know more about it, There will be a general


election on 8th June - that's when adults will vote


on who they want to run the country. The Prime Minister Theresa May


surprised everyone on Tuesday by saying that's what she wanted


to happen, and, yesterday - in a vote - Members


of Parliament agreed. There's loads more info online


in our guide to the general election including what to expect over


the next few weeks. Yes, it really is


goats wearing pyjamas. These little Nigerian dwarf goats


in the US state of Maine have been dressed up to keep extra warm


as they've just been born. Now all they need is matching


slippers! Another GOAT now - and that stands


for Greatest Of All Time. American tennis star Serena Williams


is expecting her first baby. The 35-year-old put a picture


of herself on social media posing in a mirror with the message


"20 weeks" before The world number two will miss


the rest of the season. Rugby union news now -


and the squad for the British and Irish Lions tour


has been announced. The British and Irish Lions are made


up of the best players that can line Any players from these four nations


can be picked to play in the team. either heading to Australia,


New Zealand or South Africa. This summer's destination


is New Zealand, with So what do we know


about this year's team? Warren Gatland is the head


coach of the Lions. Welsh Forward Sam Warburton


will captain the team. I found out last Thursday. I was in


a car park. My wife was getting some bread, I did not want to go in.


England and Wales have the most players selected but England's


captain Dylan Hartley will miss out - that's a bit of a shocker.


Ireland's captain Rory Best will be there and there are two Scots


selected, including Six Nations hero Stuart Hogg.


So will the newly unveiled Lions team be victorious in New Zealand?


They beat Australia on their last tour.


But the All Blacks will be a tough challenge -


the last time the Lions won there was more than 40 years ago.


These guys have got a chance at a better life


after they were rescued from circuses and restaurants


in Ukraine, where they were being treated very badly.


The five brown bears get the best fresh


fish for dinner at their new home run by animal charity Four Paws.


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