20/04/2017 Newsround

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But first - to a discovery that's got space scientists very excited.


Have they found another planet where life exists?


Good afternoon, you are watching news road, I'm Martin and we live


for the five minutes. Coming up, meet the man who has hatched a plan,


and find out what these guys are waiting for.


In this observatory in South America, scientists are very excited


as a special telescope has helped to find a very exciting new planet. And


this is it... Its name is... Not very catchy, but scientists believe


this planet, called a super Earth, could be a game changer in their


search for life in outer space. This is because of the distance the


planet is from the star that it orbits. The super Earth is actually


ten times nearer to its star than we are to our son, but this planet's


star is much smaller and cooler and experts think there could be water


on its surface, which would be needed for life to exist. Which is


why everyone is pretty excited. The planet is 40 light-years away. That


is a long way. A really long way. Yet, still travelling. Are we there


yet? Ack, there we are, but is there life here? Well, we will just have


to leave the scientists to do more studies to find out more. Watch this


space. 27 baby tortoises have been


rescued by police in Peru. The Galapagos tortoises


were in cardboard boxes on a bus heading for the capital,


Lima, where they were about to be They're so rare that this


rescue is big news. Imagine winning a big competition


to design a mascot for two of the biggest athletics events


on the planet and having Blue Peter's Radzi turn up at


your door? Well, that's exactly what happened


to seven-year-old Ellie. Meet hero the hedgehog and we is


believed to be. They are the mascots for this summer's world athletics


and ParAthletics in champion and they have been designed by


seven-year-old Ellie. Why a be an hedgehog? They both need help to


survive because people are destroying their homes. Tamil


happened when you heard you had won? Somebody ten of my doorstep and


there was this man... What happened next question mark we told Ellie she


was the Peter mascot when after 4,000 entries. And we believe that


Wizbee is the very first mascot with a prosthesis, and my grandad lost


his leg in the Second World War and we have a mascot with a prosthetic


leg, courtesy of Ellie, and it is awesome. And you can see those


mascots tonight at 5:30pm on CBBC. Staying with bees, now,


and their numbers have fallen in the UK over recent years


and that's got conservationists But experts say there's lots we can


do to help in our own gardens - with bee-friendly flowers or even


making a bee hotel. And here's beekeeper


Noah to show you how. To make up bee B, you will need


three pieces of wood for the site and two pieces of wood for the top


and bottom. Some bamboo cane to fit in the box, some would blue and a


grown-up. Get a grown-up to stick all of the sides together with wood


glue, leaving one side open and then stick on the top and bottom of the


box. Put bamboo cane and other hollow materials into the box. Cut


it down to size if necessary. The bees will nest and lay eggs in these


tubes and there you have the bee B


This is EGGS-actly the type of story I love.


This French artist has been sitting on some chickens eggs


for the past three weeks to test if they would hatch.


The first eggs have started to hatch and the wee chicks are looking good.


Last up - it's just not Newsround without some extreme


Lets take a look at the moment a baby polar bear was shown


to crowds for the first time at Ohio Zoo in the US.


At six months old, she still hasn't got a name so the zoo


are asking the public to vote on what they'd call her.


Well, that's all your news for today.


We will be back tomorrow morning at 7:40 a.m..