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Hello, welcome to a rainy Washington DC.


Leah here, coming to you live from America's capital city.


Today is the day that Donald Trump becomes the US President -


the man who promises to "make America great again".


Just to be a bit overblown, it is very busy here. The helicopters


buzzing around and military trucks blocking the road to the White


House. That is just behind me. We saw some police cars speeding by, we


think the President elect and Barack Obama were in those cars. It has


been busy for Donald Trump already, he has enjoyed a copy with Iraq


Obama already. Any next half hour he will be sworn in as the next


President of America. It will be a busy day for him.


Here's a quick rundown of what's in store for him.


The president lives in the White House,


but the important bit today happens in the capital.


That's where Trump will be sworn in as


president and take an oath promising to do the best job he can.


Then he will make his speech called the inaugural address.


At the same time, movers will have a few hours


to move the Obama family's possessions out and move in Trump's.


After Trump's speech, Obama will then leave.


He should go out in style, though, with the past few presidents


There's a feast that will include food from Trump's home


Next up is the parade, this includes high


It is probably nice to stretch your legs


In the evening, there's lots of balls hosted over the city.


The President tries to attend as many as possible.


It's a bit exhausting, but you only become


Then it's time for a good night's sleep for the


first day in office for President Trump.


Well, you can see the crowds that have already turned up


for the parade and it will pass through this street next to me


On every street corner there is some and selling Trump and I is.


Now, while Trump has his fans, he's hugely unpopular


Several politicians have even skipped today's inauguration,


and this weekend there are many protests planned across the country,


They have mostly been small and if you clash is with pleas, but not big


ones. Hi, I'm Jack, I'm from


Atlanta, Georgia and I'm I'm from Washington DC,


and I am not a Trump supporter. Can you tell me how you feel


about Donald Trump? I'm excited for his presidency, I'm


excited for his different view of how our government


works, and I'm excited to have a new person


in the President Barack Obama was our first


black president, it was bittersweet Donald Trump coming into office,


I think, you know, I'm Do you think Donald Trump has


what it takes to unite America? As long as he, you know,


watches what he says, because some of the things he says,


people can While he did win the election,


there is a large proportion of Democrats in our country


who don't agree with him. If we are going to bridge this


divide, we need to be able to reach out to the other party,


work with them to solve our issues. Follow-through on your campaign


promises, because if you don't, Because the people are


expecting a lot from you. Keep your promises,


because it's a lot of doubts If he doesn't go through with it,


there will be lots I hope our country can heal


from this election and come together to be one nation,


not a divided nation. So, as we count down


to Trump becoming President, let's hear from some kids


in his home city of New York. They gave us their messages to


the Newsround Donald Trump puppet. When you become President,


I want you to build a wall. Make sure to be nice


to everyone, and treat people Better stick to your promises


about school tests, man. Accept others for who


they are and don't kick out people just


because of their ethnicity. When you become President,


I want you to keep your promises and to stop


screaming out mean things. I think you should have


some more perspective. What I want you to do


is not mess up. President Barack Obama who spent his


last night in the White House has just come on stage, but we're


waiting to see when Donald Trump will come out. This is a new era of


politics for America and the rest of the world will be waiting to find


out what Donald Trump 's America really looks like.


At Newsround online you can watch my report on who Donald Trump is,


as well as hear what kids in Pennsylvania, a state


which voted for Trump, like about him and hope he'll do.


What was Donald Trump like as a kid, who were his friends?


That's all from Washington DC for now.


Newsround's back tomorrow with the latest on the brand


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