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Hi, I'm Martin and this is Newsround.


First, American President Donald Trump has accused the newspapers


and TV news of being untruthful over the number of people


Mr Trump said "it looked like" 1.5 million people had been


there when he spoke at the US Capital Washington on Friday.


However photographs appear to show that not as many people attended


as did for Barack Obama back in 2009.


Millions of protestors took to the streets yesterday to march


against the new President Donald Trump.


They were marching to show their support for women's and gay rights,


which protestors think will be under threat from the new President.


We took a look at some of the marches to find out more.


London, Mexico, Australia and America. More than 600 marchers took


place across world yesterday in support of women's rights. It is as


committed more than half and people turned up in America's capital DC


alone. In the past president trumpet said some very rude things about


women which celebrities and many people disagreed about. It is


thought the many people who march will get their messages across. --


it is hoped. Last week everyone was talking


about Brexit, which is when the UK will leave a club of countries


called the European Union. Lots of words were used


which I didn't understand so here's If you've been watching


the news lately you will Brexit.


Control. Immigration.


Article 50. Exiting the EU.


No, it's not the name of a new breakfast cereal.


It's simply two words put together, "Britain" and "exit".


Last year, adults in the UK voted to leave the European Union,


which is a bit like a club, only this club is made up of 28


The UK has been part of it for more than 40 years,


but most people who voted thought it would be better for decisions to be


By activating something called Article 50.


Think of it is a giant red button - once it's been pressed,


the process to leave the European Union


It's not really a red button, though, but it is very important.


Leaving the EU won't happen overnight.


Loads of things need to be discussed, for example how do


we live and work with all the other countries in Europe once


Two of the biggest issues being talked about are immigration


The first one, immigration, that's when people move


to a different country to live and work.


At the moment, people who are from the EU have the right


The Prime Minister says she wants more control over our borders


to limit the number of people coming to live here from overseas.


That means she's made a big decision on Britain's place


At the moment the UK is part of the single market,


which makes it easier for countries in the European Union


There are rules that everyone in the single market


needs to sign up to - one of those is that people


from the European Union have the right to come and live


Theresa May says the voters made it clear they did not want the EU


to make those rules, so Britain will be leaving


That means the UK has to make decisions about how


we buy and sell things not just with Europe,


What better way to finish the programme than with this


week's Strange, Stranger, Strangest...?


We treat you with some horse boarding and since usually cute


ponies. -- some seriously cute ponies.


Check out this massive alligator captured on camera going for a


stroll at a nature reserve in Florida.


Experts think the alligator is over four metres long, about the


Are you a fan of winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding,


These guys in Russia have tied rope to their


horses and used a snowboard to whizz along in the snow at high speeds.


Better leave this to the professionals, though, it is Snow


Finally, an American football game where poppies are the players.


More than 80 pups from animal shelters in America


took part in the game, film as an alternative


There are even rescue rabbits and guinea pigs cheerleaders.


Let's hope it doesn't get a bit too ruff!


Newsround's back tomorrow with Ayshah.


All right, Cockers, I'm a little dog from Wigan.


Can you guess who that was an impression of?


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