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Hi guys, I'm Jenny, live with your Wednesday


We take a look at the Oscar nominations.


And why this trick is breaking records.


First up sport, and Usain Bolt will have to give back one


of his gold medals after one of his teammates was found guilty


The International Olympic committee has made the decision to strip


the Jamaican team of the medal they won in the 4x100


Bolt's teammate Nesta Carter failed a drugs test after a sample


from the 2008 Games was looked at again.


In the world of film, Oscar nominations are out


and everyone will be hoping to win one of these.


Here's Radio 1's entertainment reporter Chi Chi with more.


It's the 89th Oscars, and for the first time


And we get find out who is nominated for what, so let's start off


Which animations made it into the best animated film category?


It's not every day you have a chance to meet your hero.


Another notable nomination in the songs category comes


He's been nominated for his song for the movie Trolls,


which wasn't nominated the Best Film category, but his song


Can't Stop The Feeling has been nominated for an Oscar.


It's pretty strange that we keep running into each other.


La La Land has swept the board with 14 nominations,


making it the most nominated musical of all time.


La La Land has got nominations for Best Director for Damien Chazelle,


Best Actress for Emma Stone and Best Actor for Ryan Gosling.


Are you celebrating Robert Burns' birthday today?


The famous 18th century poet is remembered every year


for his contribution to Scottish culture.


You've been telling us what it's all about.


We celebrate his birthday because the Scottish are very proud


of him and what he achieved in his life.


Burns wrote most of his poems in Scots, but his work has been


He wrote the tune for Auld Lang Syne and the poem the Selkirk Grace.


A traditional Burns supper consists of haggis,


Robert Burns wrote a special poem called Address To A Haggis


which is sometimes read before the start of your supper.


And there will be also lots of Scottish country dancing


I love a bit of Scottish country dancing.


Finally you may have seen someone black flip off diving boards,


on trampolines or perhaps the occasional footballer


celebrating with a back flip, but just wait until you see this.


Dare devil Swedish freestyler Daniel Bodin has pulled off


The snowmobile he's using weighs a whopping 204 kilograms.


And to give him enough time to make the two rotations he had to fly


People have been trying pull off this trick since 2009,


but he's the first person to ever manage it


I am the first in the world to have done a


I have been working on this for so many years.


Go on then, let's have one more look at it!


That's all from the team today, Newsround's back


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