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Tim Peake's plans to go back into space.


And the turtle found a long way from home.


Today, across the world, people will be remembering the Holocaust.


It's a chance for people to take time to think about the millions


of Jewish people and others who were killed by Hitler and his


When World War II broke out in 1939, Germany was run


Hitler thought Jewish people were inferior,


Anti-Jewish laws were passed, Jewish shops had their windows smashed,


and Jewish people were forced out of their homes.


The Nazis rounded up millions of Jews, as well as disabled people,


gay people, and other groups Hitler thought were inferior,


and sent them to prisons called concentration camps.


Families were split up, forced to do hard physical work,


Millions of people were deliberately killed there.


It's thought nearly seven out of every ten Jews


Some children did manage to escape Nazi Germany.


Ruth was one of those who managed to escape.


Street by street Jews were cleared, and any moment


We opened the door to a woman from the British Embassy


She bought the entry visa to Britain, train tickets


to get through Germany, through Holland, and


Heinz also managed to escape the Holocaust.


He tried very hard to get me a trainee post and finally


We managed to get visas for our parents and they came,


thank God, because four days later war broke out.


Every year, people remember those who lost their


It helps teach us about these terrible events, and make sure


they're not forgotten so that they can never happen again.


You can go online to find out more about the Holocaust


Tim Peake is going to be heading back into space!


Tim made the announcement while showing off the capsule


which took him up to the International Space Station, and


And the great news is the European Space Agency and the UK


are going to be involved in that Space Station programme until 2024,


so that gives myself and my other classmates of 2009 a second


opportunity to go back to the Space Station.


Tim made history last year when he became the first person


representing Britain to live on the International Space Station.


During the six months he spent orbiting Earth,


he became the first British astronaut to do a spacewalk.


He ran a marathon up there, he even explained


Take the cap off, turn on the fan, and the airflow keeps everything


And also, for number two, the airflow does the same thing.


I think he's really exciting and quite brave, because he's just


got back and he's not seen his family for ages.


I think it's going to be a chance for him to do whatever he didn't do


So what should he do this time around?


I'd like to see him do the dad challenge.


I want to see him do a bottle flip and land it, because in space,


because of the zero gravity, it might not land, and also it's


Well, we know he's going back, but how will he get there?


We know he won't be using his old space capsule,


that's now sitting in the National Science Museum


in London, so you can go and imagine what going into space


Tennis now, and Venus Williams says it would be "beautiful"


to beat her sister Serena in the Australian Open


It'll be the ninth time the two sisters have gone up against each


other in a big final, and the first time in eight years.


Now, zoo staff are helping this rare sea turtle is on its way to recovery


after it got a little bit lost last year.


The turtle, called Menai, was found washed up on a beach


in Wales in November, and was rescued by wildlife


Menai is a rare Olive Ridley turtle, which are usually found in much


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