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First up there's been some exciting news about this guy.


Tim Peake is going to be heading back into space!


But not just yet - he's only been back for six months.


Tim made the announcement while showing off the capsule


which took him up to the International Space Station.


And the great news is that the European Space Agency and the UK


will be involved in the space station programme out till 2024.


That gives us a second opportunity to go back to the space station. Tim


made history last year when he became the first person representing


Britain to live on the International Space Station. During the six months


he spent orbiting he became the first British astronaut to do a


spacewalk. He ran a marathon at that and even explain what happens to


Peru in space. Take the cap off, turn on the ban and the FO keeps


everything going down the pipe and also with number to, the airflow


does the same thing. And he is pretty inspirational. How would I


describe Tim Peake? Interesting. Awesome. Amazing. Courageous. Out of


this world. How excited I knew about him going back to space? I think it


is really exciting. He has only just got back and hasn't seen his family


for ages. I think it would be quite fun. I think it would be a chance


him to do he didn't do last time last time this time. So, what should


he do this time around? I want to see him sing and upload it all over


you tube. I would like to see him do the dab challenged to see how many


he can do. I want to see him do a flip and land it. In space it might


not land and it is really hard to do it. I want to see him learn at least


one new skill when he is in space. We know he is going back but how


will he get there? You can imagine what going into space would really


be like in the national science Museum in London.


Did you know that right now, across the country,


there are hundreds of thousands of you looking after a parent,


These children are called young carers, and while many of them


are happy looking after a disabled - or sick - relative, they also


face many difficulties, as Jenny's been been finding out.


Hi, I'm Morgan, and I'm a young carer.


I unload the dishwasher and I help out with jobs


Morgan's mum has a condition which causes her muscles


It means she gets tired very easily and can't stand or


What do you think are the best bits about being a young carer?


To put a smile on someone else's face gives me joy.


Not only am I doing something to help someone, at least they don't


There are lots of children like Morgan in the UK.


It's thought around 700,000 young people are caring for a


A survey by the Carers Trust Charity found it difficult for


some young carers to achieve what they want to in school and in


One of the reasons is they have to spend time looking after the


Do you ever feel like you're missing out?


There are some times where, if we plan to do something,


by the end of the day and she's got too tired, we have to maybe cancel


it, but my mum always tries to get me there.


Sometimes it's hard because I've got a lot of stuff to do.


Do you ever worry about the future and that he might have


Sometimes I wonder if I will get good grades because people are


saying practise makes perfect, you must revise.


I want to have good grades for the future.


What advice do you have for other young carers who are


If you do have a worry, don't keep it in.


If you are finding things hard, you should ask


for help because she had shouldn't have to deal with


Go to your teacher or whoever you are caring for and say, "Can you


help me with this because it's getting a bit too much for me?"


There's more about young carers online, including animations of some


That's also where you can get help and advice if anything


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