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Hi, I'm Ayshah with your top stories this Saturday afternoon.


We find out how kids are celebrating Chinese New Year.


And the turtle found a long way from home.


First up, female rights campaigner Malala Yousafzai has said she's


heartbroken that President Trump is closing the door to children


Her comments came after President Trump said the US


is banning Syrian refugees from entering the US


He's also stopped allowing people from six other mainly Muslim


He says it's the right decision to help protect Americans


from terrorists, but some people say it will punish innocent people.


The things he has said about migrants and refugees have made him


popular with his supporters. Some people do say it will punish


innocent people. Theresa May became the first


foreign leader to meet the new American President


Donald Trump. They talked about the relationship


between the US and the UK. It was also confirmed


that he will be coming to visit It's been a record-breaking


tennis day down in Australia, as Serena Williams beat her big sis,


not only to take the Australia Open title, but also claim her place


in history by winning more big tennis tournaments than any other


professional female player. Today the Year of the Rooster starts


and people around the world will be celebrating by setting off


fireworks, giving gifts of money in red envelopes,


and eating special food. Martin's been to meet some kids


in Manchester getting involved. I just think it's important because,


like, obviously I'm Chinese and my parents are from China,


so it's always important So, when it comes to the New Year,


there's lots of food Our family come to my house


and then we and our friends, we have dinner together


and we play with each other. I also like Chinese New Year,


cos it's a time for me to get Chinese New Year -


when a lot of people from places like America and many Asian


countries get together Traditionally here in the UK


New Year's Day falls on However, Chinese New Year is based


on the ancient lunar calendar, This means the date


changes every year. The Chinese calendar also celebrates


a different animal each year. There are 12 in total, and this year


is all about the Rooster. There are celebrations


going on all over the country, and these guys are part of


a big parade in Manchester. We are going to dance


the chicken dance. Yeah, I'll be doing it with the rest


of martial arts school. But that is not all -


Chinatown in Manchester will be filled with even more dancers


and performers, including this 15-year-old gymnast who's come


all the way from China to take part. I get to meet so many new people


when we do these performances. Like, I get to spend time


with my friends and family, but more importantly I get to meet


all these amazing people, and a lot of times we end up


becoming really good friends, and those friendships just


last for a lifetime. And if you don't know what Chinese


animal you are and want to find out, don't worry, we've got


you covered online. To the story of a


pretty epic journey. This little guy took


a wrong turn and ended up This incredible turtle has been


on a journey like no other. Last November, she was discovered


off the coast of Anglesey in Wales. What's even more amazing is that


Olive Ridley turtles are usually found in warmer waters around Mexico


and southern parts of the US. So, how did she end up


off the coast of Wales, That's what this team


are trying to work out. Menai, as she has been named,


is being cared for at the Royal They've never seen an


Olive Ridley turtle before. She's the first to be spotted


in British waters since records


began almost 270 years ago. Staff caring for her


noticed she was unable but that hasn't stopped her


from munching her way She's a real character,


now we've got to know her. She is eating well, demolishing


a couple of kilos a day. These turtles can swim long


distances, but it's thought that Menai drifted in strong


currents to the UK. She's getting all


the care she needs. A team of carers apply cream to her


shell to stop it from drying out. Menai will be returned to Anglesey,


then she will hopefully be fit enough to be released back


into the wild. Have you ever been so happy


you want to dance? Well, these too showed certainly


know how to celebrate. Bethanie Mattek-Sands,


and Lucie Safarova - or Team Bucie as they call


themselves - showed off with this routine after


they won the doubles title. Remember to go online and find out


what your Chinese zodiac animal is. Secure your place at


the 500 Words Final, BBC Radio 2's writing competition


for kids with our honorary judge her Royal Highness the


Duchess of Cornwall.


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