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Hi, I'm Ayshah with your latest Newsround update this


Coming up: We find out how kids are celebrating Chinese New Year.


And the turtle found a long way from home.


First up, people who support refugees, including female rights


campaigner Malala Yousafzai, have criticised President Trump.


It's because of his decision to stop people who have left Syria,


because of the war there, from entering the US.


But his supporters say he's made the right decision


Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th US President last


Friday and after his first week in office says he's stopping


refugees from Syria from coming to America until further notice.


He's also signed an order to stop people from six other


mainly Muslim countries, including Iran and Iraq


in the Middle East and Somalia and Sudan in Africa,


being given permission to travel to America


The President made immigration a big issue in his election.


The things he has said about migrants and refugees


have made him popular with his supporters.


He says the decision he has just made will help keep terrorists out


We want to make sure that we are not admitting into our country the very


threats our soldiers are fighting overseas.


We only want to admit those into our country


who will support our country and love deeply our people.


But other people say banning all refugees from Syria


is not the right decision, and that it will punish


people who have nothing to do with terrorism.


She is the citizens and the innocent people of Syria that were affected


by the war with the terrorist group. Female rights campaigner


Malala Yousafzai says she's She says Trump shouldn't


be 'turning his back on the world's most defenceless


children and families'. And the order has angered many human


rights organisations too who say Trump is closing the door


to children who need help. It's been a record breaking tennis


day down in Australia. As Serena Williams beat her big sis,


not only to take the Australian Open title, but also claim her place


in history, by winning more big tennis tournaments than any other


professional female player. Staying with tennis and these two


certainly know how to celebrate Bethanie Mattek-Sands,


and Lucie Safarova - or Team Bucie as they call


themselves - showed off with this routine after they won


the doubles title. Today the year of the rooster starts


and people around the world will be celebrating by setting off


fireworks, giving gifts of money in red envelopes,


and eating special food. Martin's been to meet some kids


in Manchester getting involved. I just think it is important


because, like, obviously I am Chinese and my parents are from


China, so it is always important to remember our culture. So, when it


comes to the New Year, there is a lot of food and they are all


delicious! Are family come to my house and then, and friends, we have


dinner together and we play with each other. I also like Chinese New


Year because it is a time for me to get together with all my friends.


Chinese New Year. For lots of people from places like America and many


Asian countries get together with your friends and loved ones.


Traditionally in the UK, New Year's Day balsam the 1st of January every


year. However, Chinese New Year is based on the ancient lunar calendar,


which is a little different. This means the date changes every year.


The Chinese calendar also celebrates a different animal each year. There


are 12 in total, and this year it is all about the rooster. There are


celebrations going on all over the country, and these guys are part of


a big parade in Manchester. We are going to dance the chicken dance. We


will be doing Chinese martial arts. I will be doing it with the rest of


my martial arts club. That's not all. Chinatown in Manchester will be


filled with even more dancers and performers, including the


15-year-old gymnast, who has come all the way from China to take part.


I love around Chinese New Year time I get to meet so many new people we


do these performances, like I get to spend time with my friends and


family, but more importantly I get to meet all these amazing people and


a lot of times we end up becoming really good friends and those


friendships last for a lifetime. And if you don't know


what chinese animal you are, and want to find out,


don't worry we've got My mum just text me and said she is


a rooster! Now, zoo staff are helping this rare


sea turtle is on its way to recovery after it got a little bit


lost last year. The turtle, called Menai,


was found washed up on a beach in Wales in November,


and was rescued by wildlife Menai is an Olive Ridley turtle,


which are usually found in much Vets are giving her lots of checks


to make sure she is healthy, That's all from me, Newsround's back


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