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Hi, I'm Ayshah with all the top stories this Sunday.


Princes William and Harry announce plans for a statue of their mum.


And find out why granny orcas are really important.


British athlete, Sir Mo Farah has said new rules about who is allowed


into America come from a 'place of ignorance and prejudice'.


President Donald Trump has banned people from seven,


mainly Muslim countries, from entering the US,


Farah and his family live in America, but he says he's worried


he could be affected by the ban and might not be welcome


The rules brought in on Friday have been very controversial,


and there have been big protests against them.


Mr Trump said the move is to take back control over America's borders,


and keep people safe but lots of people


And if you want to find out more about that ban, then go online.


Prince William and Prince Harry have announced plans to create


a statue of their mum, Diana Princess of Wales,


on the 20th anniversary of her death.


The statue will be made for Kensignton Palace,


The princes say they hope the statue will recognise Diana's positive


impact in the UK and around the world, because they say


Next up, this is Alice, she's 15 and has trouble seeing


but now her life has been transformed by Billy,


Alice is one of the youngest people in the country


The pair go everywhere together including school.


It's a new term and there is a new face at this high school in


Billy the labrador is just one of 50 expert pups helping to guide blind


children or those who have problems with their sight in England.


I think it is good because I do not have to


constantly have to have people watching me.


In the past, guide dogs were not paired with children.


The amount of work you have to do with him and


If you put the work in, you get good results at the end of it.


These two have been together since October and


Having Billy in school allows her to gain independence, build resilience,


confidence and go through her school life as any other child would.


The school have had to create a quiet area


for Billy to rest in and somewhere for him to walk.


He has been a big hit with the rest of the pupils,


The novelty will wear off but everybody still loves him.


Roger Federer Peter Murphy on the dial to claim the title. The match


went to five sets but they're directed the final one. He is the


oldest grand slam winner since 1972. He is the oldest grand


slam winner since 1972. Footie now, and there were plenty


of shocks in the fourth round of the FA Cup with Wolves


claiming the biggest victory, knocking Liverpool out


of the tournament 2-1. Meanwhile, non-League


Lincoln reached the fifth in 115 years, thanks to a win


against leaders Brighton. And over at White Heart Lane this


stoppage-time goal helped Spurs beat Finally, the underwater pool that


NASA trains astronauts in, is now going to be open


for businesses to use. With fewer astronauts needing to use


it for training, NASA say that the pool can be rented out


to other people, including pilots Orcas, or killer whales,


have fascinated scientists for a long time, and experts


in the US say that they could help The BBC's Victoria Gill has


been finding out how. They are the magnificent


mammals of the sea known as their intelligence


and close family bonds. Researchers here in the USA


have been studying the lives of orcas for the past 40


years and what they found could help to explain something that orcas


and humans have in common. Just like humans, orcas


stop having babies It makes us different because nearly


all other animals carry on Scientists have long wondered why


we evolve like this and by recording the births and deaths


of every orca family here, the researchers found


that there is a very important role of female


orcas after they stop having babies, Leading the pod and


helping the family to survive makes granny


orcas very important. It is tough for babies surviving


and feeding themselves in the wild and there is lots


of competition within families. This study shows that once grandma


orcas stop having the babies grandmothers can put


their time and effort into helping the rest


of the This could help explain


why humans still keep living long


after having babies. It backs up what lot of you might


already think, grannies That's all from me, Newsround's back


at 7:40am tomorrow morning. Don't forget to check out


the website for all the rest


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