Series 3

Series 3

Animated deep sea adventure series. Captain Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun

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1. Octonauts: Series 3, Siphonophore

Kwazii and Dashi become entangled in a strange deep sea creature, a siphonophore.

Water Bears

2. Octonauts: Series 3, Water Bears

The Octonauts venture into a dangerous red-hot lava tube to rescue a tiny water bear.

Cone Snails

3. Octonauts: Series 3, Cone Snails

Only Peso can save the day when a cone snail invades the Octopod.

Artificial Reef

4. Octonauts: Series 3, Artificial Reef

Tweak and her crewmates must convert the Gup-F into an artificial reef.

Humpback Whales

5. Octonauts: Series 3, Humpback Whales

A humpback whale helps Kwazii track down a key swallowed by a sardine.


6. Octonauts: Series 3, Pelicans

A floating garbage patch endangers a flock of pelicans and other sea creatures.

Sea Pigs

7. Octonauts: Series 3, Sea Pigs

The Octonauts must stop a huge herd of sea pigs before they fall into the Mariana Trench.

Yeti Crab

8. Octonauts: Series 3, Yeti Crab

A yeti crab damages the ship, endangering itself and the Octonauts.


9. Octonauts: Series 3, Barracudas

Shellington and the Vegimals' mission to replant a mangrove forest is put in peril.

Duck-Billed Platypus

10. Octonauts: Series 3, Duck-Billed Platypus

While rescuing river creatures after a storm, the Octonauts find a strange egg.

Sea Skaters

11. Octonauts: Series 3, Sea Skaters

When Kwazii gets lost at sea aboard the tiny octo-ski, he meets a flotilla of sea skaters.


12. Octonauts: Series 3, Mudskippers

The Octonauts attempt to keep the peace amongst a trio of mudskippers.

Harbour Seal

13. Octonauts: Series 3, Harbour Seal

The Octonauts enlist a unique undersea detective to find a missing patient.

Lion's Mane Jellyfish

14. Octonauts: Series 3, Lion's Mane Jellyfish

A lion's mane jellyfish gets its long and stingy tentacles tangled in the bubble engine.

Red Rock Crabs

15. Octonauts: Series 3, Red Rock Crabs

Shellington and the crew try to gather some crabs who have drifted away from home.

Sea Sponge

16. Octonauts: Series 3, Sea Sponge

A sea sponge that houses other creatures in its pores suffers from a mysterious illness.

Immortal Jellyfish

17. Octonauts: Series 3, Immortal Jellyfish

Shellington and the Octonauts try to track a jellyfish that can live forever.

Urchin Invasion

18. Octonauts: Series 3, Urchin Invasion

The Octonauts find the kelp forest endangered by an infestation of kelp-eating urchins!

Hammerhead Sharks

19. Octonauts: Series 3, Hammerhead Sharks

The Octonauts study a group of baby hammerhead sharks as they hunt.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

20. Octonauts: Series 3, Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Barnacles seeks guidance from a mysterious sea turtle.