Series 1

Series 1

Animated series following the adventures of Tib, Lalloo and Bobble, who live in a big forest and love creating new friends.

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1. Olobob Top: Series 1, Pic-Pic

On a rainy day, the Olobobs create Elesnorter to blow the clouds away with his trunk.


2. Olobob Top: Series 1, Camping

The Olobobs create Sploshy Dropper to help them grow poptato seeds.

Kite Flight

3. Olobob Top: Series 1, Kite Flight

The Olobobs get their kite stuck in a tree, so they create Loopy Longtail to reach it.

Bobble Ball

4. Olobob Top: Series 1, Bobble Ball

The Olobobs invent a new ball game but can't agree on the rules.

Star Catching

5. Olobob Top: Series 1, Star Catching

Bobble spots a lone star in the sky, so the Olobobs create Skyder to carry them up to it.

Bad Luck

6. Olobob Top: Series 1, Bad Luck

Nothing's going right for Tib, so the Olobobs create Gigglegoon to turn their luck around.

Nutty Books

7. Olobob Top: Series 1, Nutty Books

The Olobobs create Book-a-Beep-Beep, who makes books for Crunch's treehouse library.

Leaf Show

8. Olobob Top: Series 1, Leaf Show

With no viewers for their Leaf Show, the Olobobs create Happy Clappy to be their audience.

Lemon Tree

9. Olobob Top: Series 1, Lemon Tree

The Olobobs create Treewheeler, who takes the Leafs on an exciting rocket ride in the sky.

Snoof Nest

10. Olobob Top: Series 1, Snoof Nest

A baby Snoof has fallen from its nest. The Olobobs create Stepasnorus to carry it back up.

Whooshy Wotsit

11. Olobob Top: Series 1, Whooshy Wotsit

When Groan Up tries skating, the Olobobs create King Jelly to give him a soft landing.

Mister Nobody

12. Olobob Top: Series 1, Mister Nobody

Someone is playing tricks on everyone else. Deeno suggests it must be Mister Nobody.

Plip Plup

13. Olobob Top: Series 1, Plip Plup

Norbet is learning to play Squeezy-Box, but the sound means Deeno can't concentrate.

Play Together

14. Olobob Top: Series 1, Play Together

The Olobobs create Sausages, a two-headed dog who involves them in a game of Simon says.

Awards Day

15. Olobob Top: Series 1, Awards Day

It's Awards Day in the forest. When Lalloo wins an award, Bobble and Tib become jealous.

Hotel Bobble

16. Olobob Top: Series 1, Hotel Bobble

Bobble builds a hotel for the Scuttlies. The Olobobs create Scooper Dooper to finish it.

Deeno's Disco

17. Olobob Top: Series 1, Deeno's Disco

Deeno's throwing a fancy dress disco. Lickety Split helps Lalloo make a sparkly costume.


18. Olobob Top: Series 1, Fluff

The Olobobs run out of water, so they create Squishy, who becomes a raincloud.

Little Choo

19. Olobob Top: Series 1, Little Choo

Bobble's lost his train, Little Choo, so the Olobobs create Big Choo to find it.


20. Olobob Top: Series 1, Sleepover

The Olobobs are having a sleepover, but Bobble is scared of the night-time sounds.


21. Olobob Top: Series 1, Legs

The Olobobs are lost in the forest, so they create Higgledy Honk to take them back home.

Big Tidy

22. Olobob Top: Series 1, Big Tidy

Whilst tidying the Olobob Tree, Gurdy squirrels everything away in his shell.

Happy Gurdy Day

23. Olobob Top: Series 1, Happy Gurdy Day

It's Gurdy's lots-of-birthdays birthday! The Olobobs invite everyone for a surprise party.

Goldy Treasure

24. Olobob Top: Series 1, Goldy Treasure

The Olobobs are playing pirates with Deeno and create Ladybaard to help find treasure.

Floaty Boaty

25. Olobob Top: Series 1, Floaty Boaty

Whilst helping Bobble float his boat, Big Fish loses her 'pretty thing' in the pond.


26. Olobob Top: Series 1, Snowbobs

The Olobobs can't wait for it to snow, but those lazy snowclouds are sleeping.