Series 6

Series 6

Pre-school stop frame animation. Meet Pingu, a charming and cheeky young penguin who is always up to mischief, getting himself into comical situations in the snowy world in which he lives

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Pingi's Valentine Card

1. Pingu: Series 6, Pingi's Valentine Card

Pingu gets a Valentine from Pingi but has trouble reciprocating when glue gets everywhere.

Pinga Sleepwalks

2. Pingu: Series 6, Pinga Sleepwalks

Pingu follows Pinga when she starts sleepwalking at night, to keep her out of trouble.

Pingu's Bouncy Fun

3. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Bouncy Fun

Pingu bounces on everything in the igloo. Father helps him build a trampoline.

Pinga's Lost Rabbit

4. Pingu: Series 6, Pinga's Lost Rabbit

Pinga's favourite toy rabbit tumbles out of the window.

Pingu's Windy Day

5. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Windy Day

It is a very windy day and Mother asks Pingu and Pinga to hang out the washing.

Pingu Wants to Fly

6. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu Wants to Fly

Seeing a seagull makes Pingu want to fly, but a scary flight shows that the ground is best

Pingu Digs a Hole

7. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu Digs a Hole

Pingu and Robby the seal cause chaos when they start tunnelling.

Robby the Snowboarder

9. Pingu: Series 6, Robby the Snowboarder

Pingu goes snowboarding with Robby and wishes he was as good at jumps as his friend is.

Pingu's Moon Adventure

10. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Moon Adventure

Pingu wants to visit the moon, so he makes a rocket out of an old barrel and some tin foil

Pingu and Pinga Go Camping

11. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu and Pinga Go Camping

Pingu and Pinga put up a tent and Mother allows them to sleep in it overnight.

Pinga Has Hiccups

12. Pingu: Series 6, Pinga Has Hiccups

Pingu is trying to read his book but Pinga develops the hiccups and he cannot concentrate.

Like Father Like Pingu

13. Pingu: Series 6, Like Father Like Pingu

Father and Pingu go on a fishing expedition.

Pingu's Ice Sculpture

14. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Ice Sculpture

Pingu and Robby work on a weird ice sculpture which takes first prize in a contest.

Pinga's Balloon

15. Pingu: Series 6, Pinga's Balloon

Pingu and Father find that blowing up balloons is harder than they thought.

Pingu and the Band

16. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu and the Band

Pingu, Pinga and their grandfather form a band.

Pingu's Bedtime Shadows

18. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Bedtime Shadows

Pingu, Pinga and their father have fun making shadows on the bedroom wall.

Pingu's Stick Up

19. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Stick Up

Pingu and Pinga find some stickers in their cereal box, and begin to label things.

Pingu and the Doorbell

20. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu and the Doorbell

Pingu knows that he's in trouble when he breaks the igloo's doorbell.

Pingu's Balancing Act

21. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Balancing Act

Robby is extremely good at balancing a fish on his nose, and Pingu wants to have a go too.

Pingu Gets Lost

22. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu Gets Lost

Pingu gets lost on his way home with some milk for his sister Pinga.

Pingu's Pancakes

23. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu's Pancakes

Pingu learns to flip pancakes properly and serves up a feast for the family.

Stinky Pingu

25. Pingu: Series 6, Stinky Pingu

Mother serves fish porridge for dinner and Pingu does not like the smell of it one bit.

Pingu and the Snowball

25. Pingu: Series 6, Pingu and the Snowball

Pingu discovers that the further he rolls his snowballs, the bigger they become.