Planet Dinosaur Files

Planet Dinosaur Files

Jem Stansfield explores the extraordinary world of Planet Dinosaur.

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1. Planet Dinosaur Files: Deadliest

Jem Stansfield is on a mission is to find the deadliest dinosaur that has ever lived.

Most Powerful

2. Planet Dinosaur Files: Most Powerful

Jem Stansfield compares three powerful prehistoric predators.

Kings of the Waterworld

3. Planet Dinosaur Files: Kings of the Waterworld

Jem recreates the swimming technique of some amazing prehistoric creatures.


4. Planet Dinosaur Files: Biggest

Jem finds out which was the biggest dinosaur of all in the prehistoric world.

Kings of the Skies

5. Planet Dinosaur Files: Kings of the Skies

Jem looks at the four-winged glider microraptor, and the incredibly huge hatzegopteryx.


6. Planet Dinosaur Files: Weirdest

Jem looks at weird dinosaurs such as the nothronychus, a carnivore turned vegetarian.