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Episode 1

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This lot are all going bonkers. Why? Because they're the first ever


Big Friday Wind Up audience. We've got games, prizes and loads of


shocks in store for them, and the best thing is they know nothing


about it. Nobody's safe on this show, and that includes you,


Sugababes, because Sam and Mark's Big Friday Wind Up is the show with


APPLAUSE Ladies and gentlemen. Put your


hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care. It's your


All right! Yeah. Welcome to the weekend and welcome to Sam and


Mark's Big Friday Wind Up. APPLAUSE. Yes, if you're a fan of hidden


camera pranks, massive wind ups, A- list celebrities and all-round good


times, then this might be just be the show for you. So whether you


are sat at home on your sofa, or right here in the Wind Up audience,


you'd better keep on your toes, because this is the show where


anything could happen. For example, on today's show we are going to be


giving two girls in this very audience the surprise of their


lives, involving a piece of clothing, a talking dog and Eamonn


Holmes. Of course. Of course. Brilliant! We've also been all


round the country with our hidden cameras, and let me tell you


something, you are not even safe in your own home when we're about.


Check this out. It's now time for an update on our main story today,


the Barnsley Olympic bid. That's my house. Oh my gosh. Residents in


this street have been offered big money by Olympic officials. They


are going into my house! Oh. As you can see the clear out has started.


That's my picture! I know what you're thinking, what the heck was


going on there? Well, keep watching and you will find out. Yes, and let


me give you another reason to keep watching. You might want to listen


carefully, because what I'm about to say is worth listening to. In


fact, I might request some dramatic music at this stage. Hit it. We're


doing the unthinkable here on Wind Up, giving away what people are


already calling the greatest prize on television, anywhere in the


world. Hey, he ain't kidding, because that prize... Is us!


APPLAUSE Yes, one family will walking home today with either me.


Or me. When we play a game we call Win The Presenter. Stop it. Yeah.


And get this - and get this, the people who are going to be winning


us don't even know about it because it's a surprise. It's a surprise.


That's what we do here on Wind Up. We're surprisers, we're jokers. Sam.


Sam. Yeah. It's pretty exciting stuff, that's what he's trying to


say. Yeah, yeah. And I tell you what else is exciting. The


Sugababes. APPLAUSE. Yes, and the Sugababes are with us all show and


they're going to be performing their latest single right here in


the Wind Up studio, it's going to be great. Nice one, OK. But right


now, it's time for less talk and more action. Remember, no-one is


safe on this show, especially if you're an embarrassing Dad. Hello.


Hello. Hello. OK, let's see what we got. Hello. I reckon - Ian. I


reckon you're an embarrassing Dad, aren't you? What makes you say that.


I'll tell you. We have heard on the grapevine that you like to make up


songs using random words, but you do it in an operatic style. Is this


true? I guess so, yes. Don't worry, I'm not going to make you do it. Is


this your son? It is. What's your name, mate? Matthew. Does this


embarrass you? Yeah, like when we're driving in the car somewhere


he starts singing and dancing and that kind of stuff. Really? I have


to turn left here, that sort of thing? That is pretty embarrassing.


Mark, beat that. Wow, tricky stuff. I tell you what, some Dads are so


embarrassing that they haven't even shown their faces. Isn't that right,


Salman? Yes. Tell us a bit more about your Dad? He once dropped me


off to school wearing Hawaiian shorts, and a smart shirt with a


tie, and he started making fun of me in front of my friends. You are


joking! Yeah, I know. Too right, "Ah". Where is he today? He's at


work. He's very busy, when he's not he's a joker. I bet he is a joker.


Salman, your Dad isn't actually at the office today. No. Er, sorry to


spring this on you, mate, but he's right here in the Wind Up studio.


Ladies and gentlemen, please give That was wicked. I know this is a


bit of a silly question, how did that make you feel Salman?


Embarrassed. It was quite funny. It was funny. It was brilliant dancing.


It was awesome. That's what it was. I have to say, business on the top,


party on the bottom. I dig that, that was awesome. I've got to say


Ijaz, you have done a pretty embarrassing bad act there, so we


are going to give you the chance to redeem yourself in front of the


whole country. OK, Dad, you need to go and get yourself ready. Off you


go over there. And Salman, you need to come with me, because we are


about to play Dad On A Wheel. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. All right


Salman. Are you ready to see your Dad as you've never seen him


before? Definitely. Awesome. Studio audience, are you ready to see


Salman's Dad as you've never seen him before? AUDIENCE: Yes. Well, in


that case everybody in the Wind Up audience please give it up for Dad


On A Wheel! Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Dad, you are looking good. How you


feeling? Great. He's feeling great. He's feeling great, that's what we


want. OK, if you've just tuned in, let me explain what on earth is


going on here. As you can see, we have a Dad On A Wheel. The wheel is


split into six sections, Samski. Thanks Markski. Good. You may have


noticed there are three golden sections. Now if Dad lands on Dad,


he will win a prize for himself. That'd be nice, wouldn't it Dad?


Yes. Awesome. However, if he lands on Audience, he will win a prize


for the entire studio audience. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Oh yeah. He


don't want to give that away, he wants them all for himself. Hey,


but even better still, if Dad lands on Star, he will win a prize for


Salman. Wait, wait. Stop your clapping there. Because he will win,


but only if you can answer the question correctly. Yeah. It's big


ooh. I know. So basically what we're saying is gold is good. Red,


on the other hand, is bad. Yes, if Dad lands on red, he will come face


to face with... The Foaminator! Come on over Foaminator. Come on


over. Wow. All right. That's really scary when you walk towards me like


that. OK, you know the score. No more Mr Nice Chimp, all right. If


Dad land on red you have to relose a furious amount of foam right in


his face, understand? Good. OK. OK. Are we ready? I think we are, in


that case here we go. Loads of prizes, no big deal, come on Sam,


wind up that wheel. Here we go. Where's he going to land? Where's


he going to land? Yay. It's landed on Dad, which means you've just won


yourself a prize. Let's see what it is. It's a sander and work bench.


Your doors in your house are going to be smooth. OK. Right, it's time


for the second spin. Here we go. Audience, don't scream yeah when it


lands on red. Right, so that does mean you going to get foamed by the


Foaminator. Foaminator, get into position. I'll straighten you up,


it's only fair. OK. Foaminator, right in the face in 3, 2, 1, go!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Are you all right? Are you all right, Dad? Yes.


OK. Foaminator, come stand by me, we've got one more spin left. Good


luck. Gold star, gold star. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. It's landed


on Audience. Which means that you have won a prize for our entire


studio audience. Let's see what it is. It's a toffee apple. CHEERING


AND APPLAUSE. OK, so at the end of Dad On A Wheel you won a sander for


yourself, that's pretty good. You got foamed once, but you did win


the entire studio a toffee apple. Thank you Dad, and thank you


Foaminator. OK. That's not all, Salman, because you have also won


the right to play for another special prize. This is very very


exciting, because Salman, we are inviting you to come back later on


in the show and play Win The Presenter. Yeah! I was going to ask


you if you're up for that, but I think the yeah was, you know...


Answer enough. That answered my question. Brilliant. So we now know


the first family that will be taking part in Win The Presenter,


but who will they be playing against? It could be anyone in this


audience here tonight. Any of you. Any of you. Keep watching to find


out, but first please give it up for Salman, and of course Dad On A


Wheel Ijaz. Whatever you do, don't go anywhere because there's still


loads of cracking stuff to come on today's show. Check this out.


You've heard of Britain's Got Talent, but find out what happened


when we launched Barnsley's Got Talent. This is one hidden camera


prank you do not want to miss. Someone in this studio audience is


in for the surprise of their lives. Who is it going to be? And what do


you get if you combine a TV presenter and the Underpants of


Chaos? I suggest you stay tuned to find out. That was the three


reasons why you should watching Wind Up, and here are three more. #


Stand up # Come alive


# Liberate yourself # The freedom starts tonight.


# It's the Sugababes. How you doing girls? How you doing, you all


right? Very well. So ladies, how does it feel to be on our first


ever big Friday Wind Up? We're really honoured you asked us to be


your first guests. Oh, bless you, thank you. It's lovely to have you


here. You are back with an anthem of a track. It's called Freedom.


Tell us a bit about it. It is out September 19th. Nice plug as well.


You got your plug in. Nicely done. What can we expect from the new


album? It is similar sounding to Freedom. Edgy, anthemic, but we are


singers, we are vocalists, so we have grea -, we like them so we


call them great, ballads and stuff. We love a ballad as well.


Especially this lad. You have got brilliant voices, you really have.


How do you choose who sings what? Do you place dibs on your favourite


lines or something? No, we're not precious about who sings what,


and I've got three. That's what we You count them. So it's not like


She's got two lines and I've got three. That's what we do, how many


lines have I got? You count them. So it's not like paper, scissors,


stone, you don't go, yeah, I got the chorus. Wicked. That's as best


as we can. When you're not the studio performing, do you like to


kick back? I'm thinking in my head, slumber party, watching series of


Glee on DVD or is that just me? Sometimes we stay together. We have


our own rooms and stuff, but we sometimes if we get scared. We are


like "Heidi." Me and Jade stay in Heidi's room. They all stay in my


room for some reason. Come in again. Are you in there? Come on in then.


I'm the one in the middle, that's happened a few times. I can't sleep


in the middle, mate. Next time I will. I fall down the gap because


we have to push the two beds together and I'm like... Head to


toe, head to toe. Over the years the Sugababes have had various line


ups and as a result, style-wise, you've had a number of different


looks. Now, Mark Rhodes, he has also had a number of different


looks over the years. Now don't get me wrong, everybody's allowed a


couple of mistakes in life, but, I think it's fair to say that this


hair do is quite frankly unacceptable. Oh bless him. That is


the last time we interviewed you, Heidi, on another one of our hit


shows, Top of the Pops Reloaded. No big deal. I'm not going to lie to


you. We didn't rehearse that. 100 products in that and I'm not lying


to you. It has been lovely catching up with you girls, and stay tuned


because the Sugababes will be performing Freedom very very soon.


Give it up one more time for the lovely Sugababes. Still to come.


You've been Smarked. Find out what happened when an Olympic sized


hidden camera prank got out of hand. You covered the Mayor in gravy.


Sorry! It looks like the mayor's not very happy. Thank you. You told


me to pull it hard. You've been Smarked. Coming up soon. CHEERING


AND APPLAUSE. Now, still to come on Wind Up, two families will be going


head-to-head and trying to win one of the greatest prizes in the


history of television, in our grand finale Win The Presenter. We have


met our first family. Earlier tonight we saw Ijaz become a Dad On


A Wheel. He was spinning round for ages and he got sprayed once, by


the foam nay to, he won a sander, for himself and he won our entire


studio audience a toffee apple. Nice toffee apple guys? Yes? Good.


How you feeling now Ijaz? Good? Great. Great. He's great, great.


He's double great. What a man. You know what I'm saying, I love that


guy. We will be seeing you and your family a little bit later on when


we play Win The Presenter. Now it is time to find our second studio


victim. That means it's time to introduce to you, a friend of ours,


ladies and gentlemen, please, give a big hand for the Finger of Fun.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. The Finger of Fun has one job and one job only.


That is to find us someone so we can have some fun. So Finger of Fun,


find us someone! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Who is it going to be? Is


it going to be you? Who's it going to be? There's a lot of smiling


faces out there. Is it going to be you? I don't think so. Oh, oh! Yes,


the Finger of Fun has found someone. Oh wait a minute. It's found a


second person. Girls, the Finger of Fun seems to have selected both you


have, what are your names? Lily. Catherine. Lily and Catherine, in


that case you girls need to come and join us down here. Bring your


mum with you because it's time to play The Prize Surprise. CHEERING


AND APPLAUSE. Girls, would you like to introduce us to your mum please.


This is our mum Vicky. She is 43. She won't thank you for that. Now


Lily and Catherine, have you any idea why you're here? No. No.


Interesting. Well girls, you're down here because we've heard you


get embarrassed by your mum when she wears a certain rain mac, is


that right? Yes. What is so embarrassing about it? It's massive.


It's so big, and she wears it all the time. Even when it's not


raining. Sunny weather. And she picks us up from school when it's


not raining and it is so embarrassing. In front of my


friends. Well at least she hasn't worn it on the show today. That's


something at least. Now that would be embarrassing, wouldn't it. She


was however wearing it earlier, when she was hanging out with us.


Have a look. Yay! I think it really suits you, to be honest. Think it


looks really nice. Well girls, we've got some news for you. Not


only has she been hanging out with us, but your mum has been wearing


that mac all week on loads of different TV shows. Take a look at


this. You're watching this morning with Eamonn and Ruth. Move over


Lady Gaga, because there is a new style icon in town and we are lucky


enough to have her with us on today's show. Yes, it is Lily and


Catherine's mum. It's Vicky. Vicky. Good morning. Not only Vicky, but


Vicky and your trademark mac. You have gone from being a normal mum


to a global megastar. What do you put it down to? The mac. Vicky,


Vicky, Vicky. Do you like my mac? I love your mac. It's just like mine.


Vicky, it's chucking buckets out there. What I need is a mac like


that. It's on all the front-pages, everybody's talking about it, the


fashionistas are loving it. Is it true that even Simon Cowell has


noticed you and wants you to be on the panel of X Factor? So I've been


told. If he wants my mac, then it's a no from me. More mac-related news


coming up. First, it's time for the weather. Today's weather is going


to be rain, followed by more rain, and even more rain. Vicky, do you


want to go walkies? Yes. Ian, would you like to come? I'd love to. Are


you in possession of a mac? No. Well you can't come. Just to think


that your daughters Lily and Catherine, they actually used to


get embarrassed. Catherine and Lily. Who's laughing now? CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE. How do you feel after watching that girls. That was


horrendous. Did you realise your mum and her mac had become so


famous? No. She lied. She lied. We've got some good news and some


bad news. Tell her the good news. The good news is you now have the


chance to win today's star prize for Lily and Catherine. Take a look


at the star prize. It's a brand-new games console. All good man. Hey


Mark, tell her the bad news. The bad news, and it really is bad news,


is that the Sugababes have stolen your mac. Oh no. It is indeed a mac


napping. Look at them. Right there, you naughty Sugababes. OK. Vicky,


you've got 45 seconds to get your mac back, get to the dressing room


in time, get the mac back and win the star prize. Get there too late


and Jade will be wearing that mac all over town. Tell you something,


the rain in Spain will fall mainly on your head. I don't know what


that means. She's not having it. Are you up for the challenge first?


I'm up for it. Yes. Fantastic, in that case run mum run. Where?


Following the signs. Follow the signs. Go! Come on. Come on! Turn


round! There behind you. Run, run, run. She's going the wrong way.


Push it, push it. Yay! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you. She got there


with about four minutes to spare and she couldn't find where she was


going. Mum, great work, you've got the mac back and you fooled those


dastardly Sugababes and won the star prize. Don't worry girls,


we'll get you your own macs. Don't worry. We will indeed. Girls, are


you still embarrassed by your mum and her mac? Well, we're not quite


done with you yet, just when you thought things couldn't get more


exciting I'm going to drop this bombshell right on you, you have


earned the right to come back at the end of the show and take part


in our brand-new game. It's never been seen before, Win The Presenter.


You up for it girls? Yes. We've just got to check with your mum.


Are you up for playing Win The Presenter? Yeah, go on then. One


more question, are you going to wear your mac? Of course. One lucky


family will be walking away with one of us at the end of today's


show. The question is, what will they do with us when they get us


home? Please give it up for Lily, Catherine, Vicky and most


importantly, the mac. Yes! Winning the presenter, mums in macs,


naughty Sugababes are some of the crazy stuff that happens on Wind Up.


And there's more where that came from. Run network. There's more


where that came from. Here is a taste of some of the hidden camera


pranks coming your way soon. How you doing ladies, what can I get


you? Stop. Stop. Oh my goodness. Ha, ha, ha. BBC. It's a challenge from


me. Good one, yeah. Weirdo! Good times are just around the corner


and you are invited along for the ride. OK, this is the part of the


show where we really need do you go to town and Smark someone if you


will. For this special Wind Up, the town in question was my home town,


Barnsley. Yes. Yes. Calm down. All right. Yes, so we needed to find


three people that were Barnsley through and through, you know, home


town, come on, yes, bring it on, yeah. Lucky for us we knew just the


people. Meet Olivia, Leah and Charlie. They appeared on another


of our hit shows TMI and they were a right laugh. More importantly


they were from a certain town in the north of England. Tell


everybody where you're from, go on. Barnsley! You're from Barnsley.


Give them a big hand, it's Barnsley's number one superfans,


it's Charlie, Leah and Olivia. All right. All right. Bring it, bring


it. Yeah. First of all, all right, how you doing? All right? Yes.


Speak Barnsley back to me. Come on. All right. All right then. We'll


work on that. Let's start at the beginning, shall we? We thought


we'd do a hidden camera prank in Barnsley. Remind us of where you


guys are from again. Barnsley. Of course, yes. So we got in touch


with your parents. We came up with a story about the Barnsley Tourist


Board wanting to film you and after weeks of major planning and secret


conversations we were ready to rock. Yes, we were. So you thought you


were turning up to help with a special project for the Barnsley


Tourist Board, yeah, did you suspect anything fishy? No. I


thought they were going to take pictures. Just take pictures. Or


pitch our ideas. Or pitch your ideas. You got a lot of ideas


Charlie in that brain. A fair few, yeah. OK, well, why don't we find


out what happened next, when the special project turned out to be a


pretty big deal. Charlie, you know what to say. Run VT. So here come


Olivia Charlie and Leah for a day they're not likely to forget. Over


to our Wind Up actor Barry to explain more. Do you know why


you're here? Not really. I'll start at the beginning right. On behalf


of the Barnsley Tourist Board, and on behalf of the ee by gum Barnsley


is best campaign, thank you for doing this, because today we are


here to big up Barnsley. Do you know why we're bigging up Barnsley?


No. Because no-one's coming. Because it's got a Primark. It's


got a Primark? No. We're bigging up Barnsley because in 2028 we are


putting Barnsley forward to host the next Olympic Games. Cool. For


those of you who don't know, Barnsley's a lovely little town in


South Yorkshire, it's got a lot going for it, including a Primark


but unlike previous Olympic cities, it's not really big enough to host


the greatest sporting event in the world. But let's not let that get


in the way of a Wind Up. This is our logo. Three Yorkshire puddings.


Excellent. Why do you think we've chosen that? Yorkshire puddings?


Because people in Barnsley like Yorkshire pudding? We're in


Yorkshire. Excellent, because it's Yorkshire. So we're going to build


a stadium in the shape of the Yorkshire pudding. We're going to


push the Yorkshire pudding logo all the time. We've got some press


coming, some TV and stuff like that, we're going to do live things


throughout the day. We're on TV, Barnsley Barnsley Barnsley all day.


We're going to help the Lord Mayor, he's coming in about an hour, hour-


and-a-half, something like that, and on the roof of this building,


is going to launch the bid, officially on the TV. Are you


behind this? Yes. Yes. It's a good idea. You're going to big up


Barnsley. Yes. You're going to sell Barnsley today? Yes, it's one of my


life's dreams. Yeah, that is what the Olympics is about, fulfilling


your ambitions right. Barnsley, Barnsley, 2028. Games that are


going to be oh so great. Barnsley Olympics all right. Brilliant. They


seem to be totally buying our fake Olympic story. Let's see if they


help big up Barnsley's bid by recording some promotional messages.


Right, I've put you on the grass so it looks like the Yorkshire Dales.


Try not to look cold because we have to make it look like Barnsley


is a hot summery place. Which it isn't. We need to capitalise on our


strengths. Which is being Yorkshire. So let's be Yorkshire. Everybody do


this. Yorkshire. Yorkshire. Yorkshire. Yorkshire. Come on let's


do Yorkshire. 3, 2, 1. Barnsley 2028. Stop it. Barnsley. Barnsley.


Barnsley. Barnsley. Barnsley. Barnsley. Pretend you're like your


Dad. Sorry my Dad does not speak like that. Like your granDad then.


Ee by gum. Barnsley. Barnsley. Sounds like a sheep. Think of a big


butch sheep. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1. Barnsley. 2028 it has a certain


ring to it. An Olympic ring to it. Barnsley. 2028 games, that could be


great. All right. Excellent. Very very good. That's better, isn't it.


You got all that. They sounded Barnsley. 2028 They've really


fallen for us, so it's time for us to wind things up even more. Next


challenge, can we persuade them to record some ridiculous made up


facts about the Royal Family. The Queen, or as we know her round here,


Lizzie, has a house here in Barnsley. She often comes to stay


for the weekend with her corgis. Prince William and Princess Kate


came to Barnsley for their honeymoon. They love the place.


Buckingham Palace is situated just a stone's throw from Barnsley. In


fact, they're thinking of changing its name to Barnsley Palace. Do you


think we can get away with that? Yes. Doesn't matter, does it.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. That's not fair. I thought you liked us. So


Charlie, when you were told you were going to be part of the


Barnsley 2028 Olympic bid, what was going through your head, it could


happen? I was excited and pretty honoured they had chosen me, and I


thought we might get tickets like to see Olympics, like when I'm 28


though. Wow, you really thought about this. And Leah, possibly the


best thing that's ever been said on television when Barry asked you


what was so good about Barnsley, you said it had a Primark. Is that


why you're so proud of Barnsley? Er... Er, one of the reasons. It's


good Primark. I've been. It's a big one. Time to wind things up a notch


now and see how far we could push this thing. Olivia, say the magic


words. Run VT. Of course you can't hold the Olympic Games without a


opening ceremony full of local talent. Over to you Barry. You've


heard of Britain's Got Talent. You've seen the show. This is


Barnsley's Got Talent. We're going to send some acts in, we want you


to judge them. We need one winner overall today. We have been using


these all week. If you like them at the end, you can give them a tick.


If you don't like them, you can give them a soggy Yorkshire pudding.


All right. Now our judging panel are ready and raring to go, it's


time to bring in our first act. Ooh, and it is worth mentioning we have


put together the worst bunch of talent you are ever likely to see.


Up first, an escapologist. Start when you're ready. It's coming.


This isn't my jacket. I think your time's up. Do you want to stand on


your spot? You can lay on your spot if you prefer. Nice one. After that


shambolic performance will the guys realise this is a wind up or will


they believe it and offer our rubbish acts some constructive


criticism? The problem was you tried... You tried to undo it, but


you couldn't, and you just rolled on the floor. You showed no actual


effort to get out. No effort. I can honestly say I've never seen


anything like it before. That's in a bad way, by the way, so I'm going


to have to say no. It's a no from me. A no from me. No way. That is


three nos from the judges, but at least they think this is a real


talent show. Will they believe the rest of our performers are genuine


or will they suspect foul play? Bring on the tea gargler. In


Yorkshire we like tea, don't we, so I thought I could do a bit of


Sorry I swallowed that bit, it's nice tea. Hang on. I think most


people would be able to do that, and possibly a bit better, so it's


No. It's a no. I found that very disturbing. It's down to one final


act to win the kids over, and we know just the guys FOR the job, so


we are just about to go inside and perfomr on Barnsley's Got Talent.


That's Sam in there by the way. Hiya. Come on, let's do it. They


don't seem to have spotted us so far, but surely with moves and


costumes this bad, it's ony a matter of time before they smell a


rat. Yeah, a big tutu wearing ballet rat. Yes. That's enough.


Sorry. Well, it was funny in a strange kind of way. Sorry, but


it's a no from me. The tutu falling off had to be the funniest bit.


Because of your mistake it's a yes. So very lucky about the mistake. I


loved the brown one, you are fantastic at ballet I have to say.


The white one, you were a bit naff but it was funny with the tutu, so


I'm going to go with yes because it was so funny. Well done. That is


two yeses out of three. Result! So that concludes the talent show, but


instead of suspecting this might be a wind up, the judges thinks one of


the acts deserves the chance to represent Barnsley. Thank you. I


think it's the mice. I just love them. Me for mice. I don't want the


mice though. But while they argue over their decision, the town's


Olympic bid has been gathering pace. Let's interrupt the judges with a


totally fake live news bulletin. Someone's in for a shock when they


discover the world's biggest event will literally be taking place on


their doorstep. Apparently there's a news link now. It's time for an


update on the main story today. The Barnsley Olympic bid. We've already


seen in our earlier live links how the bid is gathering momentum, and


it's now thought to be the favourite to host the the 2028


games. Cool. We can go live to our reporter who has found a street


where locals are cashing in on the Olympics. Olympic fever has


certainly taken hold of Barnsley. That's my house. Oh my gosh.


Residents have been offered big money by Olympic officials to move


out of their houses so work can begin on a new Olympic site. They


are going into my house. Even though Barnsley's bid may come to


nothing, a deal has been done for one house, with the owner agreeing


to sell up and move out. As you can see, the clear out has started.


That's my picture! I have the owner here with me now. So Caroline, what


prompted you to move? Definitely the money. So I can take it you're


behind the Barnsley Olympic bid then. Yes, it'll be great for the


community and Barnsley itself. Rachel Bullen, reporting on the


main story of the day. Barnsley 2028, games that could be great,


all right? That was my flat. I know my house, they were taking my Union


Jack and my TMI stuff out of my room. Did you hear what the woman


said, that she sold the house? My mum is not selling our house. This


is a con. This is a con. This has to be a con. I don't believe this.


Why? My mum would not say that, that is my house. Your mum left


earlier. Yes, to look after the dog. Maybe she left to sell the house?


Don't worry about it, it's not Leah, I have to say you were great


there, you were properly sticking up for your house, what was going


through your head at that point? How dare they! LAUGHTER. Charlie,


how did you find being a judge on Barnsley's Got Talent? Was it fun?


I took it seriously, and I really enjoyed it, but I thought when all


the acts started, I thought does Barnsley even have talent? OK. Just


to clarify, that wasn't actually the finest talent Barnsley had to


offer. Was it not? No, it was a load of our mates and people we


dragged off the streets. It's pretty bad. We still had our grand


finale in store and that involved making you look right silly. And


let's say, right silly puddings actually. Yorkshire puddings. Leah,


want to do the honours? Run VT. So everything is in place for the


grand launch of Barnsley's 2028 Olympic bid. There's the town mayor,


making his way on to the stage for the big announcement. There's the


BBC News reporter about to go live to the whole of the UK. There's our


Olympic mascot dressed to impress as Yorkshire puddings. And finally,


the Barnsley bid logo brought to life. A giant Yorkshire pudding


filled with real gravy. All the guys have to do is pull the cord to


open the curtains and reveal the mayor. What could possibly go


wrong? In 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5... I'm Keiron Higginson, reporting live


for the BBC. As you can see, I'm on a rooftop in the centre of Barnsley


on what is a very special day for this town. And I've just been told


that the Mayor of Barnsley is ready to address the public and to


officially launch Barnsley's Olympic bid. So without further ado,


I give you the Mayor of Barnsley. Argh! The mayor's in the - you


covered the mayor in gravy! Sorry. What do you have to say, kids? I


only did what I was told to do. It looks like the mayor's not very


happy. Thank you. You told me to pull it hard. Any comment? Barnsley


Olympics, all right. It's time to put these guys out of their misery,


let them know there's no Olympic bid and reveal the whole day's been


one complete wind up. Guys, you were on our brand-new show and can


I tell you you have been well and truly Smarked. I hate you. Barnsley


will not be the Olympic town/city of the 2028 games. This is


pointless! It's not pointless. It's good entertainment. Sorry, anybody


got any gravy for this? CHEERING Brilliant. Absolutely legend. One


last thing guys, Barnsley Olympics? All right. Yay. Fantastic. Give it


up for great sports and Barnsley's finest ambassadors, Leah, Olivia


and Charlie! So good. I tell you something I think Barnsley might be


in a chance to get the Olympic bid after that. Need a lie down after


that. OK, now it's time to find out which one of us is going to be


today's star prize. Because it's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.


Million Pound Drop. Deal or No Deal. They've all given away huge amounts


of money. Let me ask you this, are they really successful shows? Yes.


The thing is, when you're giving away a presenter as a prize it's


going to cause a stir. Well, it's never been done before, has it, you


know, winning the presenter. It's insane. The thing is, when we


thought about it we realised that encouraging families to do whatever


they wanted with us probably wasn't our best idea. So I went right in


there and I told the BBC boss, no, I'm not doing it. But it was too


late. They'd already made the graphics. Too late. We done, yeah?


Yeah. Well done, worst idea you've ever had. Brilliant. Welcome to Win


The Presenter! And let's find out which presenter they are playing


for today. He's got absolutely no idea what lies in store for him.


It's Sam. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Which means it's time to meet your


host Mr Mark Thomas Rhodes. Yes, welcome to Win The Presenter, the


part of the show where two families goes head-to-head to win today's


star prize, Mr Sam Nixon. Hi. Oh yeah. Today one of these two lucky


families will get to take Sam home and do anything they want with him.


When I say anything, I mean anything. You looking forward to


that, Sam? Ah, now he shuts up doesn't he. Interesting. Let's meet


the families who could be winning you. Now Ijaz, we saw you earlier,


strapped on to a wheel, have you fully recovered mate? I am. Do you


want to introduce the rest of the family please. My son Salman, my


wife Amna and my sister-in-law Sarah. Fantastic, please give it up


for the Ahmeds. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. OK. Well to get your


hands on Sam you're going to have to beat the Johnson family. Vicky,


Catherine and Lily, we met you earlier on in the show. Girls, have


you recovered from the shock of discovering that your mum and her


mac are pretty famous? Almost. This is surreal for you, I would imagine.


Rather. Vicky, would you like to introduce the final member of your


team please. This is Catherine and Lily's Dad Pete. How you doing,


Pete? You all right, mate? Very well, mate. Ready for this? Yes. OK,


please give it up for the Johnsons. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Trepidation.


I love it. The rules state who whoever wins Sam can take him home


and do whatever you want with him. Ahmeds, got any horrible jobs for


Sam to do? Yes, he has to be our private comedian, he has to do


comedy shows all day, every day. If he isn't good, he has to do all my


homework. Looks like you're doing a lot of homework Sam. OK, what about


the Johnson family, have you got any jobs for him? Yes we want him


to tidy my room, which is particularly messy, pick up the dog


poo from the garden. Lovely. And generally do chores around the


house. This is going to be good, this. It doesn't matter whoever


wins, it's going to be good. It's the best of three rounds, and


because Sam is the star prize, all the questions are about him. So


let's get things cracking with OK families, let me introduce you


to this week's wind up line up. Ah. Look. Now... As you can see,


already four dogs in the line up, and one of these dogs is Sam's


actual real dog. To win the round, all you have to do is identify


Sam's dog. Is it number one. Big big doggie big big dog/horse?


Second, number two, we have a medium sized dog. Beautiful face,


beautiful face, and number three, we've got a smaller dog, pretty


small with a pink ribbon in his hair. OK. And finally number four,


a phantom dog, which means that Sam has got no dogs. No doggie at all.


OK. Johnson family and Ahmed family, could you please write down your


OK. It's one, big dog. Two, medium nice faced dog. Three, smaller dog


with pink ribbon dog, or four, no dog, no dog at all, please. Ahmeds,


please could you reveal which one of the dogs you think is his.


You're going for number two. OK. OK. The Johnsons, could you please do


the same. Let's have a look. You're going for number two as well.


Interesting. Well, let's see if you're right. Could Sam's real dog


please step forward. Whoa! Oh. Guys you did get it wrong. I know what


you're thinking out there. How do we know that Sam's dog? Well I


suppose we could prove it by maybe showing you this. Or maybe this. Or


even this. Please, give it up for our doggie line up. Come on Sam,


come and give her a kiss. Come on. Ellie. Hello. Who put that stupid


bow on your head? Hello. Hello. All right, please give it up one more


time for our doggie line up. APPLAUSE. So after round one the


scores are level. You both still yet to get off the mark, but now


it's time to really wind things up, or more importantly really wind Sam


up. Sam, you need to get ready mate. Because it's time to put presenter


under pressure. Right. The eagle eyed among you may have noticed


that since the last round Sam is now wearing one extra item of


clothing. A pair of pants. Now, unfortunately for Sam, these are no


ordinary pants. Oh no. They are the Underpants of Chaos. And very


shortly I will be asking Sam ten questions about a subject he thinks


he claims to know everything about. Cooking. However, every time he


answers a question incorrectly or takes too long, we will be sending


a shock right through these pants just like this. Ooh! LAUGHTER. Stop


it, stop it! Or like this. Argh. Stop. All right. It's a good job,


this. And that is all thanks to a clever little device we have


attached to the back of those splendid y-fronts. Families, all


you have to do is guess how many questions Sam will get right. Could


you please write down your answers All right. Sam, how are you


feeling? My bum is sweating. Lovely. Didn't really want to know that.


We're going to be adding some more pressure with tense music and


dramatic lighting. Viewers of a nervous disposition may choose to


look away because Sam, your ten questions start now. What is the


main ingredient in an omelette? Egg. Correct, name five times of pasta


beginning with P. Pappardelle. That's it, isn't it? Argh! Next


question. Jamie Oliver is also known as the naked what? Chef.


Correct. Gas mark seven is what temperature degrees Celsius. 250?


218. Cumberland, Toulouse and hotdog are all types of what?


Sausage. What do you get if you cross basil leaves, garlic, pine


nuts, olive oil and parmesan? Pesto. Correct. What is the fastest cake


in the world? Er... Too late. Argh. Provelone, pecorino, and romane are


all examples of what Italian food? Pasta? It's wrong, cheese. OK. Dave


Myers and Simon King are also known as what? What? Say that again?


That's wrong. No, sorry. Finally, what is a shepherd's pie called


when made with beef? A cottage pie. I'll give you that. All right.


That's the end. Thanks. That is your ten questions, Sam. I can tell


you I enjoyed that immensely and you also got five right. Not bad.


OK. But the one remaining question is how did our families do? Ahmed,


how many did you think Sam would get right? Six out of ten, very


close. The Johnsons, what about you? Five! All right. I tell you


what, that is amazing. One point goes to the Johnson family, right.


OK. Guys, it's time to ask the big Very exciting. So, if the Johnsons


win this round they will be taking Sam home with them. Now, Sam, he's


not a bad looking chap, I don't think, but, he's also got a bit of


a big head, yeah. Mr Nixon reckons he is better looking than Hollywood


bad boy and megamovie star Colin Farrell. Have a look at this guy.


Wow. Tell you what, that is some claim. But what I want to know is,


what percentage of this Wind Up studio audience agreed with Sam?


Can you please write down your answers, families. OK. So to recap,


what percentage of this audience thought that Sam Nixon was better


looking than Colin Farrell. And it wasn't a bad picture of Colin


Farrell. Let's be honest, that's one good looking dude right there.


Time up guys. Ahmeds, could you please reveal your answer. 15%.


That is pretty harsh, actually. Pretty low. Right. Johnsons, please


reveal your answer. 45%. OK. Interesting. Let's see who is


nearest. The actual percentage of the studio audience who thought Sam


was better looking than Colin Farrell is... 40%, which means the


Johnsons are the winners. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. You Win The Presenter.


Come on Sam. Come on Sam. Come on, over here. Come over here mate.


Amazing. You have to be happy with 40%. I was expecting a lot lower.


He's a beautiful looking man. Come over here, you're property of the


Johnson family right now. OK, so I've got to say a massive thank you


to all the stars of the show, to the Johnson family, congratulations


to them. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. And also, give it up for the Ahmed


family. Enjoyed yourselves? Yes. You have been fantastic. You really


have. Right now on the show with # I like the lights


# When they hit your face # You're good as blind


# It blackens out your gaze # And we're on fire


# But I'm too caught in you to care # Let's walk away


# Into the night # It's getting late


# But we're right on time # And I wanna be nameless


# For a little while # So raise your hand


# One fist in the air # For freedom


# For being alive # Not having a care


# For freedom # Cos tonight, is the night


# That we break the speed of light # So stand up


# Come alive # Liberate yourself, cos freedom


starts tonight! # Stand up


# I love the night # The way it covers us


# You're acting shy # But you're curious


# Let's play with fire # Cos we're too deep in this to


care # So raise your hand


# One fist in the air # For freedom


# For being alive # Not having a care


# For freedom # Cos tonight is the night


# That we break the speed of light # So stand up


# Come alive # Liberate yourself cos freedom


starts tonight! # Stand up


# Freedom # Tonight's the night we're gonna


live our life # Tonight's the night we're gonna


live our life # Sing freedom


# Freedom # So raise your hand


# Freedom # So raise your hand


# One fist in the air # For freedom


# For being alive # Not having a care


# For freedom # Cos tonight, is the night


# That we break the speed of light # So stand up


# Come alive # Liberate yourself, cos freedom


starts tonight! # Freedom


Massive thank you to the Sugababes, what way to end the show. OK,


Johnson family, you know what to do. Go on. Go on Sam. Off you go. OK,


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