Series 1

Dr Sorcha Knowles and Professor Mike McCork answer children's most pressing science questions - from the weird and wonderful to the downright silly

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1. Science Fiction: Series 1, Is Snot a Sign That Your Brain is Melting?

Dennis from Ennis asks if snot is a sign that your brain is melting.

2. Science Fiction: Series 1, Can You Cure a Jellyfish Sting by Peeing On It?

Anna from Buncrana asks if you can cure a jellyfish sting by peeing on it.

3. Science Fiction: Series 1, Are Waves Caused by Monsters in the Sea?

Miley from Killiney asks if waves are caused by monsters in the sea.

4. Science Fiction: Series 1, Can Breaking Wind Be Heard in Space?

Marvin from Dungarvan asks if breaking wind can be heard in space.

5. Science Fiction: Series 1, When Your Ears Pop is it the Sound of an Earwig Exploding?

Kevin from Glasnevin asks if when your ears pop, it is the sound of a bug exploding.

6. Science Fiction: Series 1, If You Threw a Coin Off a Skyscraper Would it Split Someone in Two?

Benny from Letterkenny asks what would happen if you threw a coin off a skyscraper.

7. Science Fiction: Series 1, Can You Cure Hiccups By Standing on Your Head?

Julie from Belgooly asks if you can cure hiccups by standing on your head.

8. Science Fiction: Series 1, Why Does Lightning Never Strike in the Same Place Twice?

Serena from Reenascreena asks 'why does lightning never strike in the same place twice?'.