Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes

Animated series about a group of potatoes who sing songs in different genres

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Episodes List

Imagination (Give It a Try)

1. Small Potatoes: Imagination (Give It a Try)

The potatoes go on an imaginary hippy journey and sing about the great things one can do.

Chip's Theme

2. Small Potatoes: Chip's Theme

Chip sings a heartfelt song about being a potato.

Small Potato Rock

3. Small Potatoes: Small Potato Rock

The Small Potatoes introduce themselves and sing about their unique personalities.


4. Small Potatoes: Seasons

The Potatoes celebrate the four seasons.

On a Farm

5. Small Potatoes: On a Farm

The Small Potatoes meet their favourite farm animals.

I'm a Little Raindrop

6. Small Potatoes: I'm a Little Raindrop

Ruby sings a techno song, where she imagines what it's like to be a raindrop.

Potato Train

7. Small Potatoes: Potato Train

The Small Potatoes hop on board the Potato Train and chug through town.

Small Potatoes' Waltz Dancing

8. Small Potatoes: Small Potatoes' Waltz Dancing

The Small Potatoes travel to Victorian-era Vienna.

Musical Show

9. Small Potatoes: Musical Show

The Small Potatoes sing and dance their way across the stage.


10. Small Potatoes: Art

The Potatoes enter famous paintings and celebrate different ways art is created.


11. Small Potatoes: Feelings

The Small Potatoes sing a guitar-driven rock 'n' roll anthem celebrating their feelings.

Moon Baby

12. Small Potatoes: Moon Baby

Moon Baby observes the galaxy from up on the moon before floating back home.

This Is My Family

13. Small Potatoes: This Is My Family

The Small Potatoes sing about the importance of family and friends.

Marching Band

14. Small Potatoes: Marching Band

The Small Potatoes lead a parade of musical instruments in a rousing anthem.

Dress Up

15. Small Potatoes: Dress Up

The potatoes dress up for a party and try on silly costumes.


16. Small Potatoes: Science

The Potatoes explore science in a new wave music video.


17. Small Potatoes: Conga

The Small Potatoes conga their way through a fantastical world filled with fruit.

I Love to Dance the Flamenco

18. Small Potatoes: I Love to Dance the Flamenco

The Small Potatoes visit Spain for a flamenco dancing fiesta.


19. Small Potatoes: Playtime

The Small Potatoes enjoy playtime after school.

I Just Want to Be Me

20. Small Potatoes: I Just Want to Be Me

The Small Potatoes sing a punk rock anthem about how wonderful it is to just be yourself.

We're All Potatoes at Heart

21. Small Potatoes: We're All Potatoes at Heart

Potatoes from around the world celebrate the similarities and differences we all share.

You Can Be What You Want To Be

22. Small Potatoes: You Can Be What You Want To Be

The Small Potatoes have a disco pageant and explore different jobs.

I Love School

23. Small Potatoes: I Love School

Ruby sings a diva-style ballad about the thing she loves more than anything else - school.

Today's The Perfect Day

24. Small Potatoes: Today's The Perfect Day

Ruby and her friends head off to the barbershop to get their hair styled.

Yes Sir

25. Small Potatoes: Yes Sir

The Small Potatoes sing about how they are no average spuds.

Potato Love

26. Small Potatoes: Potato Love

The Small Potatoes sing about how wonderful it is to be alive and feel the Potato Love.