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Oh, Mark, did you remember to switch off the hair straighteners?


Yeah, course I did. Good. Hey, dude, are you exited?


It's the final of Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2014.


Come on, we need to get to the studio. We're going to be late.


MUSIC: "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall Oates


# And it might be hard to handle... #


# Like the flame... # How are you doing?


# Of thoughts and dreams that scatter


# Oh, yeah you make my dreams come true


# On a night when bad dreams become a screamer


# When they're messin' with the dreamer


# You-ooh, you, ooh-ooh-ooh You-ooh, you, ooh-ooh-ooh. #


our search for the ultimate glee club


Last time, we saw the top five acts battling it out


for a coveted place in today's final.


The three acts going through to the final...




Now, the three finalists must perform once more.


And it's up to you at home to vote for your winner.


Only one act can take home the trophy.


This is Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2014: The Final.


Live from Glasgow, it's time for the Sport Relief Does Glee Club Final.


And guiding us through proceedings are two people so famous,


they've joined a long list of stars, known only by their first names.


Please, welcome your hosts, Sam and Mark.


MUSIC: "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall Oates


# Well, cos you Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh


as our choreographer, did you like that?


Next year it's going to be you, me and... Just you and me!


THEY LAUGH I messed up the top bit.


I'm sorry about that. Please, give a massive round of applause


to our fantastic dancers helping us out on Sport Relief.


I'm shattered. I'm glad I've been working out.


Welcome to the final of Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2014.


At the end of today's show, one act takes home a magnificent trophy and


Yes, indeed. And there is only one person who could possibly


do the honours and bring telly's most desired trophy into the studio.


Yeah, she's been working out for the last few days


so she can carry it without doing herself an injury.


Please, welcome our talented and glamorous co-host.


Did you like that? Yeah. You look lovely, as always.


Oh, red for Sport Relief, see? That's right.


Now, Naomi, you have been spending all of this time backstage


with our lovely groups, keeping them calm, telling them


all the good things before they come out on stage.


Do you reckon you could reverse roles and be a judge one year?


I reckon so. No way. I would not want to judge them.


It's just been lovely hanging out backstage with them


All right then, well, for the last time this series,


could you take yourself backstage and look after our groups?


It's the lovely Naomi Wilkinson. SHE GROANS


Earlier today, each of our three finalists recorded


a brand-new performance especially for you.


Once again the success of our acts is up to you.


You have to vote for your favourite all-round entertainment performance.


And that's not all. As well as our three acts, you'll be treated


to a fantastic performance by girl group Neon Jungle! Yeah! Yeah!


It's very exciting. But before all that, it's time to get to know


Yes, our judges have been professional,


constructive and offered their valued opinion over the last two weeks.


I'm tired of seeing them like that. I want them fooling around, Sam.


They are the top coaches in the industry and have worked


with massive acts like Madonna and Take That. Sounds exciting!


CHANTING: Sisco! Sisco! Sisco! Sisco! Sisco! Sisco! Sisco! Sisco!


It's good to see they know how to have fun as well as being serious.


For the last time this series, please, go wild for our judges!


Nice to see you, guys. Looking awesome.


Now, David, are you ready for this big final?


Yeah, the months of auditions and the last nine shows


have all led to today. This is what it is about. We are all ready.


Absolutely. You scrub up well as well. You do. You look great.


John, what are you hoping for in the finals?


I think what I want to see is three groups of kids, singing,


and giving us 110% and doing the best they can.


Excellent. I'm sure we will see that.


You can relax. Put your feet up today.


You ain't got a job to do. You're all right. You can chill out.


However, we are asking the judges to score in the event that


phone votes are tied or there is a technical problem.


So, you've got to do a little bit of work. But just a little bit.


OK, it's time to meet the first of our finalists.


They've impressed us with their energy and attitude


and you wanted them in the final. Let's join Naomi and MT13.


You have made it to the Glee Club final!


Can you believe it? What does it feel like to be here, Cody?


We're so proud that we've got to the final. We just wish for the best.


Yeah, fingers crossed. Who do you think is the glee club to beat?


I think both of them cos otherwise they wouldn't be in the final.


They've got their own individual styles.


That is very diplomatic but you do want to win, don't you? Yeah.


Yeah, course they do. Just before MT13 blow your Sport Relief socks


clean off your feet with their performance,


let's have a look to see how they made it to the final.


# If you gave me a chance I would take it


# It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it


# Know with all of your heart you can't shame me. #


I do love what you are about and I love the way you perform.


You guys remain the most adorable, cutest act we have on the show.


You are fantastic. Your energy level is ten out of ten.


I mean, look at you guys. You are so cute.


Play with your strengths, cos you guys are dangerous!


We didn't expect it. We literally didn't expect it.


# When I am with you there's no place I'd rather be. #


They have gone for a disco vibe for the final performance.


Singing and dancing for you and for Sport Relief, it's MT13.


MUSIC: "Lost In Music" by Sister Sledge


Carrie, what did you think of that performance?


I want to be ten years old and I want to be in your group.


And for the first time in a few shows,


it was the same backing track and the same key singing.


David, why do you think people voted for MT13 into the final?


Their energy, their vibe, their swagger, their cuteness.


The way everything is... WELSH ACCENT: ..amazing.


I think they just connected with people.


for them to give 100% in all aspects of their performance?


You guys definitely understand how important it is to give 100%


cos that's all you've done. You guys have definitely woken me up


throughout the whole time I've seen you.


Every single time, whether you are pitchy, or forget this move


or that move, you always give 110%. This is the first time, actually,


where your vocals and the choreography matched together.


This is the best you have been as a group. So congratulations.


Everything they've said, it's absolutely true.


This was an awesome opening to start our show.


Well done. Thank you very much, judges.


You've heard what they think but it is your vote that counts.


If MT13 are your favourite all-round entertainment performance


and you want them to win, you need to vote for them, but only when


the phone lines open and all three acts have performed.


Do not call now as your vote will not be counted


and you may still be charged. Opening up the final, it's MT13!


Bless 'em. Next up to perform are the second of our finalists.


They were praised for their vocal blend and the judges described them


as a well-oiled machine. Let's join Naomi and A-List.


on getting through to the Glee Club final.


I heard you lot rehearsing earlier on and you have got


How are you feeling about those, Anna?


We do have big solos but... We are nervous but we're just excited


so it's good nerves that we've got and we are going to do our best


and hope that the judges like it and the public vote.


Well, I hope it goes as well as you planned. What would you say to


anybody thinking of joining or forming a new glee club?


I'd say, "Go for it." Why? It's such an amazing experience.


You get a chance to bond with your group. It's just fab.


What a good answer. You're in for a treat. You're about to hear A-List


sing but, before that, let's take a look back at what happened


I can reveal the third act going through to the final is...


# I throw my hands up in the air sometimes


# You got to let go You got to let go


# I want to celebrate and live my life


I always feel really secure in your hands, actually, as a judge.


I know that you guys are going to deliver a really in-tune,


The movement, great. The vocals, great.


You can actually sing and jump and dance.


I was so surprised when they actually called out our name


cos all the other groups were just amazing.


# I've told you once Now I've told you twice


# We gon' light it up like it's dynamite. #


Hoping to live up to their name, singing and dancing for you


MUSIC: "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri


# I would find you I would find you


# I'll love you for a thousand more. #


Well done, guys. They love it in here.


John, are you happy to see A-List here in the final?


Do you know, I've got to be honest, I was a little worried last round?


Then it's so obvious, after that performance, you are sheer class.


Sisco, give us an idea of how difficult it is to learn


two different routines and perform them in such a short space of time?


It is very difficult but I think one thing in common we all have


with the glee clubs, this is what we do in the business.


Sometimes it's two songs, sometimes it's six.


I think you guys don't struggle with that. I don't think


you struggle with the singing, moving, I think it's all great.


Was it a finale-worthy performance? No.


I just need you to either move me, smash me, do something


where I'm like, "Yes, guys." Whether it's a club banger


or a lovely, melodic song you give us, I need to feel you want this.


I feel like you do it all by the book but you don't make me go,


Interesting. Carrie, what are your thoughts?


My thoughts are that Sisco has had something weird for his lunch!


I felt that it was... You chose a song that's really within your


comfort zone because you are lacking punch and that's still there, that


still is an issue, but, actually, in the context of this song,


that was beautifully sung. It was gentle, delivered note perfectly.


Just beautiful. You should be so proud of yourselves


from a technical point of view. It was beautiful.


Thank you, judges. But it's not up to them to decide


who'll be our winner, it's up to you.


Yes, if A-List are your favourite al-round entertainment performance


and you want them to win, you need to vote for them,


but only when the phone lines open and all three acts have performed.


Do not call now as your vote will not be counted


Its time for the last of our finalists. According to the judges,


they had no weak links and they even breathed in time with each other.


Impressive. Let's go over to Naomi and Musicality.


I am here with the Glee Club finalists Musicality!


How did your family react when they heard the news you were through?


They're so proud of how far we've got in the competition right now


we win or not but winning would be the cherry on the top of the cake.


She was proud of us all and misses us so much.


Are you nervous about this final performance?


We are nervous but we love this song so much


so we just forget about it and enjoy, really.


You're so in sync. Let's have a deep breath just before you perform.


Nice timing. Let's remind ourselves how Musicality made it


I can reveal the first act going through to the final is...


No weak point on any part of the stage.


Everywhere I look, there's lots of inner life. Like you've lived for


60 years and you're squashing it into how many you've lived.


The harmonies were so clear, I could even see them.


How can you see sound? That's how good you are!


and friends are going to say to you about this? I want to say


thank you to them for voting, so thank you and I love you all.


# And I'm so down caught in the middle. #


They are hoping they can deliver one more show-stopping performance.


Singing and dancing for you and for Sport Relief,


# You have gone and so effortlessly


# You have won, you can go ahead Tell them


# And if you're done with embarrassing me


David, was that a good song choice for these guys?


but, by the end, they'd convinced me.


tension and release. You build and build


then you have that moment where it's like "Yeah! Wow!"


I thought, "We're not going to get that moment,"


and then, at the end, they gave us that moment.


Your unison when you sing is so locked. You swoop, you glide.


Your harmonies are translucent and, more than that, you perform.


You're living that moment and you know what?


Carrie, what did you like about the performance?


I think that you... That cost you to sing.


Every person on that stage, it cost you and you really moved me.


I think when an audience gets swept into what you are doing,


where I have been absolutely entranced by a performance.


John, it is the final performance of the show.


These kids should be so proud. In fact,


should be very, very proud of the performance that you guys did.


In fact, I am considering moving to Wales,


just so I can learn how to really sing. Wow!


He would, you know. He would. He'd move. He would.


Brilliant. Thank you very much, judges. But the power is no longer


in their hands. It is over to you at home.


Yes, if Musicality are your favourite all-round entertainment


performance and you want them to win, you need to vote for them


Do not call now as your vote will not be counted


All three finalists have now performed.


So the only thing left to do is open the phone lines.


We feel that it's only right that we ask someone


who knows a thing or two about show business to do it.


so, Mr D, would you like to do the honours?


Well, really! The phone lines are now open!


Yeah, we're sticking it to the phone lines. We're sticking it to them.


The phone lines will stay open for approximately 15 minutes.


Calls are free from BT and most landlines.


Some networks and mobile operators will charge for these calls.


Please remember to ask the bill-payer's permission.


For full terms and conditions, please visit the CBBC website.


Our three acts have given it their all but only one act can win.


and those all-important numbers that you need to call.


# I'll love you for a thousand more. #


And the number you need to call to vote is...


we tackle the big questions of the day, like what's Sisco wearing?


And how does Carrie cope with being the only woman on the panel?


For the final time this series, let's chat to our judges.


Carrie, how do you keep these three under control?


Oh, it's easy. I just say, "Here, boys!"


Well, that didn't happen in rehearsal!


Do you think it'll be difficult to find a winner? I think it is


cos I think when people watch these different groups,


they're all looking for different things. Some will like that song,


some the energy of a group, some will like the vocals.


I know who I would go for, but I'm not telling you. OK. Fair enough.


David, how would you sum up the standard this year?


is uniformly higher than any previous year.


Let me explain. There are always a couple of groups you go,


"They're going to be in the final, definitely,


"and of the one of them will be the winner."


And we're always right. I felt, this year, picking them for the heats


was hard. Any one of the five semifinalists could have gotten


the three finalists could win cos the standard has all gone up.


John, you have been here from the very beginning.


Are you happy with our three finalists?


Yeah, Mark, I'm absolutely over the moon with all three finalists.


The reality is whoever wins this today deserves it.


It doesn't matter - they were all excellent, excellent, excellent.




Well, I think I'll get up. Give us a twirl. Oh, I like that.


We're in Scotland, so I am giving you a tartan clash.


Hey, if it clashes, it matches. You know what I'm saying? Say it!


Yeah, sister! What have you enjoyed most about this year's Glee Club?


I love that kids are contributing to our industry and television.


I think it's important, especially in this day and age when kids


are growing up so fast, that they have a direction and a purpose.


And for us to be viewing kids doing this is amazing.


Cos one of these kids, or all of them, could be the future.


It could be the next artist, the next Britney, Lemar,


whoever, and it's great to witness their stage from the very beginning.


Now, somewhere out there in the audience


is Naomi with the groups' supporters.


Who have you managed to find there, Naomi?


Yes, Mark, I'm up here with some of proudest people in the


whole wide world - it's the family and friends of our glee clubs.


So, let me come down and talk to you. This is MT13's group.


Give it a wave. Let's have a little look. Now, who are you?


I'm Tiegan's mum. Tiegan has had some lovely comments this series.


So how does that feel, hearing those? Absolutely...


Well, in Tiegan's words, "Absolutely amazing."


Amazing! And how does it feel, as a mum, watching your daughter


Absolutely so proud and blessed. She just...


Any message for the people voting at home?


Please, carry on doing what you're doing.


Because you're making these little girls' dreams come true.


Nicely said. Let's come over here to A-List's supporters.


Hello. What did you think of their performance today?


Oh, it was brilliant. I don't think people realise how hard it is to do


a four-part harmony with contemporary ballet and solos and everything,


That's well said. Who are you over here?


I'm Rachel's mum. Rachel's mum. How are your nerves bearing up?


Yeah, it's quite nerve-racking but they've worked so hard and


they always work hard. I'm really hoping that people vote for them.


Excellent. And quickly to a very talented leader of Musicality,


as the judges said. How did it feel watching


that very emotionally-charged performance?


It was hard to keep it together. I kind of went to pieces a little bit.


And they're going to tease me for that later.


I may regret that but they just...they felt every word and I was


really proud of them. I couldn't have asked for more


in this kind of high-pressure scenario.


I'm not surprised. Thank you so much to our supporters.


Time is running out for you to vote for your favourite glee club.


Here is a reminder of the numbers you need to call.


# I'll love you for a thousand more. #


and the numbers you need to call to vote is...


Well, it's been an amazing couple of weeks for us here on


We really have been blown away by our acts.


Shall we take a look at some of the highlights? Oh, let's.


Fantastic. Your energy level is ten out of ten.


The harmonies were so clear. I could even see them.


It was absolute perfection. That was so classy.


# Yeah! Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh


I'm here in Uganda at the Kadama Widows Project.


Thanks to Sport Relief money, this organisation is able to help children


If you'd like to get involved and help raise money for children


like him then go to the CBBC website, click on the link for Sport Relief


and sign up for the Sport Relief Games on Sunday 23rd March.


All of today's acts have been supporting Sport Relief.


You can too, by taking part in the Sport Relief Mile,


make a difference to lives in the world's poorest countries


Recently we visited a charity that benefits from the money


We have come to the north-west of England to meet one of the many


The Dwarf Sports Association is a charity which was set up to enable


people with dwarfism in the UK to participate in sporting activities.


Dwarfism is something that people are born with that results in them


being shorter than average in height, along with other symptoms.


Arthur and Penny are the founders of the DSA


so we had a chat with them about how it all began.


Well, it all started way back in '93, when my daughter was


But in ordinary competition, she wasn't swimming on an equal footing.


Then we heard about the World Dwarf Games.


we ought to have something like that the UK.


we got together with a couple of other guys


and formed the Dwarf Sports Association.


The Dwarf Sports Association has over 500 members, not including


participants' families, and runs in eight regions around the UK,


One of those members is Matt, who has been part of


the DSA for practically his whole life.


Hello, how are you doing? I'm guessing you're Matt?


Matt is 13 and lives in Bury with his mum, dad


Approximately 6,000 people in the UK have dwarfism


and Matt has the most common type - achondroplasia.


Achondroplasia affect how people's bones develop, which means that


their arms and legs are shorter than they would have been otherwise.


How has your dwarfism affected your life, then, for all these 13 years?


It's been a bit restricting but then, when I went to the DSA,


it's been a lot easier because I know other people the same height,


rather than every day I'm with tall people. Yeah.


It's like another world. It's easier to cope with.


Alongside his school work, Matt trains every day in a variety of


different sports, including athletics, swimming, badminton


Over the years, Matt has taken part in hundreds of events


and competitions as part of the Dwarf Sports Association,


including competing at the World Dwarf Games in America in 2013.


And here's the evidence - a massive pile of medals.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're pretty good at sport!


I can't even imagine how many medals you've got. That's incredible.


Out of all of the sports you are obviously brilliant at,


Discus, probably. And swimming's my second best.


But discus would probably be my best so, yeah,


I'll probably aim to go to the 2020 Paralympics, hopefully, for discus.


That's a bit of a good one, isn't it? Ellie Simmonds, yeah.


So I just thought I might as well win all of this stuff!


We are here at Matt's regular Friday night athletics training.


Let's see exactly what they get up to


and hopefully they'll let us join in.


Matt's training is run by a disability athletics club


in Liverpool, which the DSA has a great relationship with.


The Dwarf Sports Association gives its members the opportunity to


attend training sessions in lots of different sports in their local area


Jamie is Matt's coach here at training.


Jamie, how does it actually differ, coaching somebody with dwarfism?


Well, with any disability, you've got to be aware of what


people can and can't do but, in fairness, that's the same as


an able-bodied person as well. So there isn't that much difference.


You've just got to know what their strengths and the weaknesses are


and all you need to do, really, is just alter slightly what you do


Have you got room for two more? Can we have a go as well?


I think so. Yeah? Nice one. Let's do it.


One of the big problems with the condition that Matt's got


So it's important to keep the weight down,


and, through sport, that's a way of achieving those,


rather than just sticking him on a diet.


It's pretty intense, isn't it? Yeah, very tiring.


'Especially the boxing. You nearly took my hand off. Clean off.'


You've got a right right hand, you have!


It's all about not feeling alone and it's all about friendships,


as well as the families and the siblings meeting one another


and talking over stuff of how they feel and everything.


So sport is the tool to do that with.


I understand that we might be doing a bit of discus next. Oh, yeah.


That is your game, that, isn't it? That is your game, Matt!


Sport Relief funding will help to enable the DSA to help its members


to run a residential weekend for its members and their families.


Sport Relief money gives Matt and his friends fantastic opportunities


to participate in lots of different activities


and support not just those with dwarfism but their families too.


We can't underestimate the impact that the DSA has had in our lives.


We can never repay that gratitude that we have towards the DSA.


It gives them a sense of achievement.


When you see that happen then you know you've done your job.


It's given me all of these on the table


and it's given me a fair chance in sport.


for letting us hang out with you today. It's been great


to see how awesome the Dwarf Sports Association is.


The Dwarf Sports Association is just one of the many projects


working with children and young people


With your generosity, the people we met have hope for a brighter future,


Right, Mr D, it's that time in the show


for you to put your famous voice to good use.


Stop voting, folks! The phone lines are now closed.


We will now count and verify your votes.


If you do call now, your vote will not be counted


They have a nervous wait for the results backstage,


but offering her support is the unflappable Naomi.


It is going well. Big sigh of relief, glee clubs.


You have done everything that you can.


MT13, are you glad that this is almost all over?


No, because it's been an awesome experience being here.


So you're going to miss it, are you? Yeah.


Oh. What did you think of the other glee club performances?


After hearing the other glee clubs' performances, we think that we just


have to hope for the best. And, if not, it's amazing that we've got to


the last three out of hundreds of people.


And over to A-List. What would it mean to you if you won?


I mean, our families would be so proud and our friends and everything,


and it would mean so much to us as well.


Do you think there is more that you could have done?


No, I think we went out there and we just gave it our all


and we just have to hope that people liked it.


Musicality, it was a very emotional performance to watch.


Yeah, definitely, because, you know, we're here in the final and


we'd worked so hard to get here and I just think we're kind of


all proud of each other and we felt, "This is it, this is our last song


"and we've just go to go for it." Gave it your all.


What is the best part of being involved in Glee Club?


Coming up to Glasgow, performing in front of the judges


You've really enjoyed it. Well, thank you all so much.


I wish you all the very best of luck. Now, here at


Sport Relief Does Glee Club, we are very professional.


We always read our notes and set a good example to everyone.


And if you believe that, you'll believe anything!


Welcome to another series of Sport Relief Does Glee Club!


Let's remind ourselves why we're here...


BOTH: Hello! What a welcome. Thank you very much.


What are they meant to be? I don't even know.


So, with all of that in mind... Do that again. I weren't ready.


Yeah, my feet are absolutely freezing.


Come on, you bring that trophy home to Yorkshire, all right?!


That's enough of that. You're supposed to be impartial.


I don't look like Michael McIntyre, do I?


Hello. And how are you coping with the nerves?


Love that Sam and Mark. They're my favourite!


Tell us about the challenge, will you?


Don't ever touch me. OK. Sorry. LAUGHTER


Are you all ready to do your first song? Yeah.


Good glasses. Eh-up, good man.


Let's have a look at React and how they got to the studio heats.


They're the hottest new girl group around and they're here helping us


Singing Welcome To The Jungle, it's the brilliant Neon Jungle!


MUSIC: "Welcome To The Jungle" by Neon Jungle


# Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Welcome to the jungle


# Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Welcome to the jungle


# Jungle, jungle, jungle jungle, jungle


# La-di-da-di Hands on my body


# La-di-da-di Hands on my body


# Ask one time and I'll make you my star


# Must roughen up Give me that jungle love


# Only one winner One bad man, tough


# Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Welcome to the jungle


# Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Welcome to the jungle


# Jungle, jungle, jungle jungle, jungle


# La-di-da-di Hands on my body


# La-di-da-di Hands on my body


# When you're hungry then I'll be your cat


# Top of the food chain Top of the world


# One-on-one, done Down and move


# Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Welcome to the jungle


If you want to get involved, grab a grown-up


and that's from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March.


Visit the CBBC website to find out more. Thank you!


Now, please welcome our three finalists back onto the stage.


We are moments away from revealing the act


you've chosen as the winners of Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2014.


Our three finalists have entertained us throughout the series


and they've all done amazingly well. So, one more time, give a massive


round of applause for our acts. They've been brilliant.


Best of luck. The results have been checked and verified


I can reveal that the winner of Sport Relief Does Glee Club, 2014


Commiserations. Please, give a massive round of applause


to our two brilliant runners-up, MT13 and A-List.


Congratulations, guys. Off you go. Well done. Well done, guys. Wow.


Come over here, Musicality! Come over here.


Congratulations. You're the winners! Come over here.


Amazing. And...and, this is the first time...


Hold it, hold it! THEY SCREAM


We've got to take it off you because I've got to ask you a question.


How amazing is it that you got to the final


and you hadn't even got to the semifinal?


I can't say anything. I'm just so happy.


Thank you very much! You're welcome. Guys, get yourselves in position.


What a brilliant final. Musicality are the winners of


We have loved it, haven't we? It's been brilliant.


Thank you to the amazing judges, Carrie, John, David and Sisco.


A big thank-you to you for watching at home.


and thank you for supporting Sport Relief.


I hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.


It's been brilliant. We'll leave you with our winners. Musicality!


Hi, I'm Ayshah with your Sunday lunch time Newsround. Coming up:


Goal of the season? Wayne Rooney's wonderstrike tops off a goal-fest in


the Premier League. And a baby gorilla makes a


remarkable recovery, after a tough


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