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Previously on Glee Club, 15 acts battled it out across the heats. Our


expert judges selected the top five. That was a perfect performance. You


deserved to be here - that was awesome. I was not blown away! I was


smashed away! Today, they will perform once again. Only three acts


can make it to the next stage. It is down to you to decide who you want


to see in the final. Coming live, from Glasgow, this is Sport Relief


does Glee Club, 2014. So, yes, live from Glasgow, it is


time for the semi-final of Sport Relief does Glee Club. Who better


than to guide us through the choppy waters of two people who are the


human equivalent of bangers and mash. Welcome your hosts, Sam and




Hi, love that. Thank you for the intro Mr D. Who is bangers and who


is miss? The banger and the gourmet one - but I am simple mash. No more


of that, or we will take the vouchers off you. Not the vouchers.


They are the only reason I am here. We have to introduce a woman who is


smart, funny and gorgeous. Not you, Mark - I am talking about the


fabulous Naomi Wilkinson. Whofrgets is your mate? This is


actually the Sport Relief does Glee Club trophy! It is impressive, isn't


it? I was not very complimentary about the trophy in previous shows.


I tell you what, it is a beauty. What it lacks for in style, it makes


up with stature. You won't get that in your hand luggage. Take it


backstage. The lovely Naomi Wilkinson,en everybody. Work on the


biceps! Now, let's get down to business. You


will decide the fate of our act. The top five made it this far by


impressing the judges. The stakes are high. Earlier today, our acts


recorded their performances for you. The group with the most vote will go


to the final, where one will become the winners of Sport Relief does


Glee Club. One Direction have their numbers on


speed dial - let's meet our judges. They are the top coaches in the


industry and have worked with Madonna and Take That - it is the


judges. Carrie and David areful vocal -- are vocal coaches to the


stars. It was absolutely fantastic!


John has worked behind the scenes on top shows like The X Factor and the


Voice. With JLS and Leona #1k5 Lewis.


Sisco has worked with Alexandra Burke and Kylie, to name but two.


I love the way you guys performed. It was a pleasure to watch. Well


done. It is the judges! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


And here they are in the flesh. Carrie, David, John and Sisco!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Looking good, guys. Carrie, are you


ready? This is the bit of the series where it all starts to happen. Do


you think the people at home will have a tough decision today? Yes,


they are. I am glad we don't have to do that now. It is up to you now.


You sit there and look good. It is our judges. As Sisco just said, it


is your votes that count. However, we are asking our judges to vote in


the event of the results being tied. First a group from Brighton, who are


currently fifth in the leaderboard. Carrie said she loved their style


and performance. Let's go to Naomi and Abstract.


You guys have made it to the semi-final. Can you believe it? I


can not believe we have made it here. It has been crazy and happened


so quickly. You didn't win your studio heat. Was it a surprise to


get to the semi-final? We didn't think we would get through it. It is


amazing. Are you excited to perform. We are about to see you. Before they


perform though, let's see Abstract's journey through to the semi-finals.


We are Abstract! # Walk out the door


# They hoped their unique style would im impress and it did. If that


was your style, you interest me. You fascinate me. Would they be able to


mirror their previous performance? Your verse was brilliant! I loved


the way you play the harmonies and changed the melody. You have changed


it and make it yours. The girls wanted to hang in on there with


their Survival song. If you get through you stro give


more of that Sister Sledge. There are pretenders and contenders


and you are definitely contenders. Abstract's overall score earned them


fifth place on the leaderboard and a spot here in the semi-final.


# And there ain't nothing I can do about it


# They are first up and hoping to be


the belles of Brighton. Sing Singing first it is Abstract.


# Remember those walls I built # Well, baby they're tumbling down


And they didn't even put up a fight # They didn't efb make a sound


# I foinld a way to let you in # But I never really had a doubt


# Standing in the light of your hall low


# I got my angel now # It's like I ae been a-- it's like


I've been awakened # Every rule I had you breaking


# It's the risk that I'm taking # I p apartment never go that shut


you out # Everywhere I look now


# I'm surrounded by your embrace # Baby, I can see your halo


# You know you're my saving grace # You're everything


# I need more # It's written all over your face


# Baby, I can feel your halo #


Bell done, girls. What a way to -- well done, girls. What a way to


start the show. What did you think of Abstract's performance? It is


hard. This is where the nerves kick in when we get to semi-final stage.


I felt you did the song justice in the sense you made it your own. I


loved the vocals. The soloists were nervous. You need to use that


support in your voice to get those notes kicked out. John, what do you


like about Abstract? My colleagues are very hard to please today. The


reality is this is the semi-final. As a show opener, you guys have


really set the mark. You have set the mark. That was excellent. Very


well done. What is your name young lady in the back? Charlotte.


Incredible control on the lower note. Wow! Good job. Sisco, as the


choreographer on the panel, were you impressed? You guys can move. I are


agree with Carrie for once. It was a little too distracting. The song is


so beautiful and Beyonce - what a force, even to tackle. When she's a


head voice it is stronger. Wh when she's ad-libbing going for gold,


bronze and silver. It was pitchy and not as secure and as solid as I need


it at this stage. It sounded, especially that last soloist -


sounded like a whisper. A cute whisper. Got too lost. If you get


through I need you to let your hair down, whip it back and forth and


say, I am here to win. I am still not seeing that. It is to your votes


at home. That is what counts today. If they are your favourite all-round


entertainment - you need to vote for them, but only when the phone lines


open and all five have performed. Do not vote now. Your vote will not be


counted and you will still be charged.


The next to perform are one of two groups in Port Talbot in Wales.


Let's meet M T13. How happy are you guys to be back?


You can tell she's excited, can't you? What are your strengths? How


will you use them? Because we are all best friends and get on, we lift


up the spirit in our performance. What has been the best part of being


on Glee Club so far? Coming here and being part of the performance. Let's


take at look at MT13's story. They really gave it their all.


Soloists were fabulous. I love that you are all individuals and you


bring your own thing to the piece. You have got swagger! I love that!


They were determined not to go home. # I don't want to lose you now


# Loved the attitude. Love the look.


The attitude - you have got it spot on. MT13 had one more chance to keep


on impressing the judges. # Show me that I love you


# Back in your heart #


Just for that performance alone, you deserve to be here. That was


awesome. You guys need to be in the final. Impress the judges they did.


With those incredible comments MT13 won their heat and their place in


today's semi-final. They are the Welsh girl group with


bags of attitude. Singing for you and Sports Relief, it is MT13.


# We're a thousand miles from comfort


# We have travelled land and sea # But as long as you are with me


# There's no place I'd rather be # With every step we take


# Kyoto to the bay # Strolling so casually


# We're different and the same # Gave you another name


# Switch up the batteries # If you gave me a chance I would


take it # It's a shot in the dark


# But I'll make it # Know with all of your heart


# You can't shame me # When I am with you


# There's no place, I'd rather be # No, no, no


# No place I'd rather be # No, no no,


# No place I'd rather be # Yeah, yeah


# No, no, no # No place I'd rather be


# No, no, no # No place I'd rather be


# No, no, no # No place I'd rather be


# When I am with you There's no place I'd rather be.




Listen, I love what you are about, I love the way you dance, I love the


energy. You tend to pick the key, so it's out of chewing with the backing


track. I have to say, I'm disappointed because your star


player, why didn't she have a solo, I don't know? You about all these


amazing comments, why not play to your strengths in the semifinal? I


do love what you are about and I love the way you perform. I have to


agree with carry on that, you remain the most adorable, cutest act on the


show, you energy level is ten out of ten, your performance is ten out of


ten. It is the vocals, unfortunately, that let you down a


bit, but it's not up to us today, let's see what the public say. Are


you glad that MT13 made it to the semifinals? I am, and I can't


believe you're being so harsh to them, they are wonderful! I mean,


look you guys! Cute! Carrie, I get it, that harmony, that was a bit...


But you guys were living the dream. Pick a lower key, something more


comfortable. Play to your strengths, first soloist, lift your


tone. And Keegan, you have got to sing, girl! You guys are dangerous!


You have swapped roles! Thank you, judges, but it's not up to them,


it's up to you. If MT13 are your favourite all-round entertainment


performance, you want to see them in the final, boat for them. Do not


phone now as you may still be charged and your boat when it began


to. -- your vote may not be counted. The next act to perform are


currently fourth on the leaderboard, they came second in


their studio heat but they still made it through to the semifinals.


Let's see how Naomi is getting on backstage. How have you been since


we saw you last? Just been rehearsing and hanging out together


as a group. Have you been practising hard? Yes! This one is a bit


different, so just to show our versatility. Good luck with your


performance. Let's see how # Boom made it to be semifinals! # Boom


exploded onto the stage with their performance receiving great comments


from the judges. You guys are sensational! It's like you ruled the


law. If you get through, you have to do so much work between now and then


to tighten everything up. They made it through to the studio heat but


have they worked hard enough? It wasn't the complete performance


that I am sure you can deliver. And I am looking for that in the next


round. After David's advice to give it some more, they were determined


to come back and get noticed. That is a huge sum, I don't know many


people your age you could deliver it the way you did, so that was


excellent -- huge song. They didn't win the heat but they received a


great score from the judges, securing fourth place on the


leaderboard. Hoping their urban viable get them


through to the final, singing and dusting for you and Sport Relief, it


is # Boom! # When I look into your eyes, it's


like watching the night sky. Because even the stars they burn.


# Some even fall to the Earth. Visit macro we have got a lot to learn.


Visit macro God knows where worth it.


# I don't want to be someone who walks away so easily, I'm here to


stay and make a difference that I can make.


# We had to learn how to bend without a world caving in. Visit


macro I had to learn what I've got and what I'm not, and who I am.


# I won't give up on us. # I know I'm enough.


# We have got a lot to learn. # God knows we're worth it.


You look like you enjoyed that! Let's see what the judges thought of


that. Cisco, what makes them special? Where did that come from!


That was so much better, and I'm only going to be honest because I


love you guys. It was pitch perfect! Until the last soloist, you were so


nervous. But other than that, it was perfection. David, didn't have


enough urban flavour? It is like urban but with a tuxedo on, I didn't


expect that, that was so sophisticated, so classy! You have


taken a massive step up and you are contenders. Remember, the power is


now in your hands, it is up to you to decide who goes through to the


final. If you want to see # Boom in the final, you need to vote for


them. The next group to grace the stage


are currently second on the leaderboard. Cisco said their


routine was the most polished in rehearsal. Let's join Naomi and see


what A-List have in store. I am here with the polished performers A-List,


what can we expect today? Tonnes of energy and excitement, we want the


energy up and dancing with us. What kind of support of your family and


friends been giving you? They are always there for us, whenever we


need them, they are such a huge support, they are out there today.


Just before you perform, let's remind ourselves of how A-List made


it to the semifinal. A-List wanted their performance to be right on the


money. I love the choreography that you had. You just needed a bit more


punch. The me it lacks energy but vocally, beautiful. Their


performance was good enough to make it to the studio heat and eight


received a positive reaction to their round one song. I felt like I


just watched a stage show. A well oiled machine. And that their round


to performance, they reached out to be judges. -- their round two


performance. I remember you in the first auditions, can't believe this


is the same group! If you get through, you will need to step up


again. They secured second spot and a place in today's semifinal.


Singing and dancing for you, it is A-List.


Ms macro we are going to rock this club, go all


# Ongoing to take it all, I'm going to be the last one standing.


# Higher overall, I'm going to be the last one standing.


# I, I want it all. I just want it all.


# Put your hands in the air. # Put your hands in the air.


# I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, God to let go.


# I want to celebrate and live my life. Maybe let's go.


# We going to rock this club, we going to go all night, we're going


to light it up like it's dynamite. # I told you once, I told you twice,


light it up like it's dynamite. # Rockers club, going to go all


night, going to light it up like it's dynamite.


# I told you once, told you twice, light it up like it's dynamite.


Well done, dies! You have got the audience clapping! Let's go over to


our judges. What do you like about A-List? I feel secure, I feel that I


know you guys are going to deliver a really in tune, beautiful vocal


performance. And that is exactly what you did. It did feel in places


like a soft tennis ball rather than dynamite, it doesn't have that


punch. If you could have had the punch, you would have had the whole


performance, but vocally, very beautiful. John, your thoughts? I


think David said you are a well built machine, it's very true. You


are a very well oiled machine. In fact, you vocal blend is dynamite.


It's like listening to a record! So, smooth. Just start believing in


yourself and get out there, be in peoples faces, are that good! David,


was that a complete performance? The movement, great, the vocals, great,


you guys can sing and dance at the same time as being in June but I had


to agree, all that was lacking was the energy that comes from complete


commitment and confidence. It is up to you at home now. Who do you want


to go through? If A-List your favourite performance, and you want


them in the final, you need to vote for them.


OK, it's now time for the fifth and final act, who are currently top of


the leaderboard with an amazing 194 points. So no pressure, then! Let's


go backstage to Naomi and Musicality. Here they are, third


time on the programme, and in the semifinals. I am hoping it is third


time lucky, it is a massive big deal for us that we have made it this


far. Are you feeling comfy, having been here before? You could say


that, but it's a whole new experience, being in the semifinals,


it's down to the public now. What did your friends and family say?


They are also proud of us, especially as it's such a great


cause. Let's remind ourselves how they made it to this point. We are


Musicality! They brought a bit of sunshine to be judges audition.


Fantastic choreography. Lovely vocal. With a ticket to the studio


heat, they were raring to do it all over again. I don't know what it is


about the Welsh, music just comes out of you! With their round one


song in the bag, they brought it right down. It was absolutely


fantastic. I am going to disagree, I wasn't blown away. I was smashed


away! So they showed to the -- shot to the top of the leaderboard.


Hoping to finish with a strong performance, singing and dancing for


you and for Sport Relief, its Musicality!


# Excuse me for a while, I am wide-eyed and caught in the middle.


# I've excused you for a while # While I'm wide-eyed


# And I'm so down caught in the middle


# A lion roars # #w0u8d you not listen?


# If a child cries # Would you not listen


# Yeah and man seems so strong # Yeah, man speaks so long


# Man never been so wrong # Yeah, I might seem so strong


# Might speak so long # I've never been so wrong


# Excuse me for a while # While I'm wide-eyed


# And I'm so down caught in the middle


Well down. That was great Musicality. Carrie, was that the


standard you were expecting? This was one of my favourite tracks of


the last few months T pressure pressure is on you. You have to


bring great performances to retain anything like those scores.


Brilliant vocals. Lovely inner life. No weak point on any part of the


stage. Everywhere I look it is like you have lived 60 years!


David Duke of Yorks you think Musicality are the ones -- David, do


you think Musicality are the ones to beat? Even at the beginning you were


breathing in time. You were locked, slowed down on top. This is


rehearsed, rehearsed and then you delivered. Sisco, what did you


think? It is so polished. You even breathe at the same time. Harmonies


were so clear. I could see them. How can you see sound? That is how good


you were! I hope that the public understand you guys, because it was


such a haunting performance. I hope I do don't just go for the i bit


that beats -- like the Ibiza Beats, like the other ones.


Deciding who goes to the final is up to you guys at home. If you want to


see them in the final, you need to vote for them, but only when the


phone lines open. Do not vote now. You your vote will not be counted


and you may still be charged. Give it up for Musicality!


This is the ex-siting bit. All five acts have performed. Who better to


open the phone lines - he has lunched with Brad Pitt and Beyonce


calls him for advice. Yes, I do wish Beyonce would stop calling me!


The phone lines are now open! Phone lines will stay open for


approximately 15 minutes. Of phones are free from a BT and lines. And


most land lines. Some networks and mobile operators will charge for


these calls. Remember remember to ask the bill payer's permission.


Here is a reminder of the performances and the all-important


numbers you need to call. # You're everything and more


# It's written all over your face # Baby I can see your halo


# If you gave me a chance I'd take it


# It's a shot in the dark, but I'll make it


# We're going to rock this club # We're going to go all night


# We're going to light it up, like it 's dynamite


# We're going to wind it up like it's dynamite.


# Never been so wrong Excuse me for a while


# While I'm wide-eyed and so caught in the middle


So, those were today's acts and the number you need to call is:


Good luck to everyone! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Yes. Good luck. While you decide who to vote for, let's hear from the


judges and their thoughts on today's performances. David, how much credit


would you give our acts for today's performances? Loads. 32 young


voices. Semi-finals are full of nerves. Nobody wants to go out in a


semi-final. The groups who performed the best were those who coped best


with the nerves. John, what surprised you the most today? Was


the unbelievable support and energy and sheer magic of this live studio


audience. Listen to this... CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


They are good! That is why we paid you on the big bucks!


Sisco, were you impressed? I was. I am especially with two, but I will


not say who. There were two in particular that I was like, yes,


you've listened and come out like weapons. That's what I want to see -


weapons of Glee destruction! Like these weapons here! He works


it! I think I just heard a rip in my


suit! Carrie, how would you sum up the


semi-final? When children enter it is a distant dream. The next round,


I just want to stay in. This is the stage they get to when they think,


we could win. That means the atmosphere in here changes. Their


performances are different. Some raise their game. Some lost a


little. Overall it has been an amazing show. What do you think they


have to do to raise the game for the final? They have to think, I want to


win. That have to imagine that is ahead of them. Practise day and


night. They have 24 hours of practicing. Wow! It is a tough


decision for you guys at home. It is a nervous wait for some friends and


family of the acts who are with us in the studio today. Naomi has


tracked down some supporters in the audience. Who have you got with you?


Family and friends of all of the Glee Clubs. Give us a cheer. Can you


tell who this lot are supporting? Who are you supporting? MT13. I


think they'll be landed with Sisco's comments. If you are a parent of


someone from Glee Club give us a cheer and a wave. Lots of support.


Who are you supporting? #Boom. Have cheer and a wave. Lots of support.


Who are you supporting? #Boom. how have you found it? Emotional. Whose


parent are you? Lily's. I can see how proud you are. They


did brilliantly today. Hello. Who are you supported? A-List. Who are


you? Sandy Bailey. Are you a parent? Yes, Rebecca. How are your nerves


coping? Ba-ba! Honestly - not bad. How many times have you heard her


rehearse that song at home? 24 hours a day!


I saw you mouthing your -- the words yourself. How have you enjoyed the


journ sni? So proud. They have been so true to their identity. Thank you


- come on Sussex. Come on Brighton! Get behind them. Hello, you are


supporting of? Musicality. It is their first time in the semi-final.


How do you think they did? Got a bit emotional. I usually don't. I've got


a giant banner as well. We are proud. Crossed fingers we can go all


the way this time. There is an overwhelming sense of pride up here.


You have eight minutes left to vote for your favourite Glee Club. Here


is a reminder of the numbers you need to call:


# It's written all over your face # Baby I can feel your


# If you gave me a chance I'd take it


# It's a shot in the dark # But I'll make it


# Know with all of your heart # I'm not giving up


# I'm done # We're going to rock this club


# We're going to go all night # Going to light it up


# Like it's dynamite # Man seems so strong


# Never been so # Excuse me for a while


# While of I'm wide-eyed and so down caught in the middle


All of the acts have supported Sport Relief. You can by taking part in


the swim ma thon, cycle or -- swimathon or cycle.


Recently we have been to Easterhouse, Glasgow, to see how the


money raised by Sport Relief We are here in the East end of


Glasgow in an area called Easterhouse. It is a project helped


by Sport Relief It is an opportunity for the


children and the people who come here to build confidence, learn new


skills and take inspiration from Dean and the other youth workers as


well as having fun. So you have met kids from other schools? That's


good. You all get on? Sometimes! Show me what you have got! He has


got that! He has got that! I had to ask, did I! They have been receiving


funding for 11 years and have come a long way. Through the hard work


they've put in, young communities are mixing, and it has had a massive


impact on reducing gang violence in the area. I can tell you the last


impact on reducing gang violence in time I heard of anything like that,


there is no comparison. We are really proud of ourselves,


whatever happens today. How are you feeling now? Great, we can all relax


finally. Who have you had voting feel at home? Everyone. We so we are


here. Fingers crossed everyone has had you on speed dial. They said you


were so in sync with each other, you were even breathing together. How


much have you rehearsed? So much, in the weirdest places, I am not even


joking, kitchens... Bedrooms, against the wall, car parks, you


name it. You have put the working and it's paid off. Thank you so much


for entertaining us, you have done everything you can you should be


proud of yourselves! That hand back. We now have a musical treat for you.


She won a Grammy this year and she's helping us celebrate Sport Relief


installed. # Fell from the sky, fell from the


sky and started walking. # Leaving footprints on the ground.


# It might be a prayer, or maybe a piece of conversation.


# Call your name, the only thing I know, I need you here.


All that I know is we are here today.


# Hand over your life and be strong. # Let go of your love.


# Let it go, let it go. # Let it go, let it go.


# Let go of your love baby. # I want to drive into the open,


looking for reasons I can't find. # So I call your name, the only


thing I know. # I need you here, here we go for


river. # All that I know is we are here


tonight. # Let go for tonight baby.


# Hand over your love and be strong. # Let go for tonight baby.


# Who needs sleep tonight. # Let it go, let it go.


# Let it go, let it go, turn off the lights.


# Who needs sleep tonight. # Let it go, let it go.


# Let go, let it go. # Let go, let it go.


# Before we go. # Call your name, the only thing I


know, I need you here, will be gone forever.


# All that I know is we are here tonight.


# Here tonight. # Turn off the lights.


# Turn off the lights, let's go for tonight baby.


# Hand over your love and be strong. # Let go for tonight baby, let it


go. # Let it go, let it go.


# Let it go, let it go. If you want to get involved, grab


iPhone and visit, Seaview can... We are moments away from revealing


the three acts going through to the final. You have all done amazingly


well. Give them another round of applause.


final. You have all done amazingly well. Give them The results have


been checked well. Give them The results have


been Musicality... The second act is... MT13.


Finally, I can reveal the third act going through to the final is...


A-List. Congratulations! Absolutely a


massive applause for #Boom and Abstract. Give a massive round of


applause for our runners up. Come and join us, Naomi. What an


awesome show. Tomorrow's final will be so excited! It is the end of


today's show. A big thank you to our judges, Carrie, David, John and


Sisco. Join us live tomorrow where our finalists will battle it out


once more time to be crowned winners of Sports Relief duz Sports Relief


Does Glee Club. It will be a good one.


See you dorm. Goodbye!


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