Tee and Mo

Tee and Mo

Animated adventures of a baby monkey and his mum as they face the challenges of daily life together.

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Episodes List

Musical Garden

1. Tee and Mo: Musical Garden

Tee is playing with his music box in the garden, but Mo wants to plant flowers.

Sandwich Stacker

2. Tee and Mo: Sandwich Stacker

Tee is playing with his building blocks, but Mo thinks it's time for lunch.

Jungle Trolley Dash

3. Tee and Mo: Jungle Trolley Dash

Mo needs to go to the shop, but Tee is more interested in racing about on his scooter.

Squirrel Flyer

4. Tee and Mo: Squirrel Flyer

Tee is having a snack with his friend Fly, but it looks like they've run out of fruit!

Hide and Seek

5. Tee and Mo: Hide and Seek

Tee is busy playing with his music box, but Mo has lost her handbag.

Bungee Vine

6. Tee and Mo: Bungee Vine

Tee and Mo are meant to be helping Mr Sloth paint his tree house.

Guava Ball

7. Tee and Mo: Guava Ball

Tee and Mo are busy playing catch under the guava tree.

Face Painter

8. Tee and Mo: Face Painter

Mo is having difficulty finding costumes to wear to a birthday party.

Bungee Vine

9. Tee and Mo: Bungee Vine

Tee seems to be too busy playing with his ball to help Mo with her jigsaw.

Flower Grabber

10. Tee and Mo: Flower Grabber

Tee and Mo are off to do some fishing, but on the way they spot some lovely flowers.